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Lexie and Rob appreciation page

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  • Lexie and Rob appreciation page

    Lexie and Rob appreciation

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    Thank you Lexie and Rob for presenting this season to us.


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      I second that. Thanks for all you both do for us.


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        I third it. I appreciate everything you two do to keep this site up and running, I know it is hard to continue when life gets in the way, but we are still here. You both work so hard so we can have a little fun,


        • Ms. Charlie
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          Wish there was a way to get a physical thank you for you both! Be it a small gift card for a free pizza or something like that. You both deserve so much more for keeping our favorite site up and running.

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        I just made an appreciation donation! Join me, won't you?

        Rob and Lexie, Master and Mistress of BBU, thank you so much! Mods and Posters the bestest kharma to all of you for what you have witnessed this season on behalf of those of us without feeds!


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        Oh my gosh ... this is so special. 💕

        I seriously can't thank you guys enough. You have graciously put up with my erratic live feed updates this season and with the times that I haven't been able to update at all.

        You guys are like my second family and you all mean so very much to me.

        I'd like to add, if I can, my special thanks to the BBU Moderators, they are the backbone of BBU and I absolutely could not do this without them. They are like the unsung heroes, who just keep their heads down and pushing along, especially when seasons are rough. Also, I want to send special thanks out to those members who have jumped in time and again to do live feed updates... Sherik, Ladycop, pburnsie, Lynette - when I couldn't be here or I couldn't type one more sentence, thank you! And, again to Purrwing, Sdkego, Shan and Kenny ( although he hates to do it ) you guys have jumped in there too, so many, many thanks to ALL of you for your help and support.

        To every BBU member, you are special and I'm so blessed to have "met" you and to continue to have each of you back here with us, season after season 💕


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          I absolutely adore my BBU family!! ❤️❤️


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            I'll chime in with my thanks to *everyone* who keeps this place humming.


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              You guys ROCK!!!


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