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Celebrity Big Brother 3- Discuss Episode 14- February 21, 2022

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  • Celebrity Big Brother 3- Discuss Episode 14- February 21, 2022

    Episode 14- 2-hour Live Episode airs Monday, February 21, 2022, starting @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    It's a Double Eviction night!

    First we'll have the POV Competition & Ceremony, the Live vote & Eviction ending with a celebrity houseguest leaving the house!

    Then we'll have another HOH Competition, Nominations for Eviction, POV Competition & Ceremony followed by another live vote & Eviction ending with a 2nd houseguest leaving!

    This will put us down to the Final 3!

    Current HOH: Todrick Hall
    Currently Nominated for Eviction: Lamar Odom & Todd Bridges

    Please do NOT post spoilers! Thanks!

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    Remaining episode for this season (time is Eastern Time Zone):

    โ€”Wednesday, February 23: 8:00-9:00 p.m.- Finale (The jury returns to vote for the winner of Big Brother that will receive $250,000; America's Favorite Houseguest is revealed and wins $25,000)


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      Good evening, everyone!

      Here we go!!


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        HI Kenny and all who are are here with us!! I'm psyched for a double eviction~


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          Hi Helen! Yes!! Woot!

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        Which two houseguests will be sent home and who will be our Final 3? We'll find out tonight!


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          They're showing Todd realizing he's been duked by Miesha & Todrick.


          • helenb
            helenb commented
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            I love how he says "cold" several times and they don't have to bleep him out...

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          Lamar was asking about Miesha's man. She says he's in the business (fighting) too. He asks if he has cauliflower ear. She shakes her head yes. They say most male fighters end up with it.


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            I have a cauliflower ear, but i was born with it. I held my ear before and after birth instead of sucking my thumb. They said they would take one hand away from my left ear and I'd replace it with the other hand. I'm sure it was super cute. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜Ž

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          Todrick says Lamar needs to go at some point but Todd is 100% his target.


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            Next... the POV is up for grabs!



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                Time for the POV Competition!

                Lamar says Todd has "booty-do" meaning your stomach sticks out further than your booty do! LOL


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                  Celebrity Luge is the name of the POV Competition.

                  2 go against each other. Get on the luge. Slide yourself down the path and try to get as close to the target time as possible.


                  • #13
                    Round 1:

                    Miesha vs Cynthia.

                    Target time: 10.0 seconds

                    Miesha wins. Cynthia is out!


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                      Round 2:

                      Todrick vs Todd.

                      Target time is 14.0 seconds.

                      Todd wins! Todrick is eliminated from the competition.


                      • bazbaz65
                        bazbaz65 commented
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                        Was surprised she didn't pick Todd and Lamar to go against each other - to knock one of them out right away.

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                      Round 3:

                      Miesha vs Lamar!

                      Target time is 8.0 seconds.

                      Miesha wins! Lamar is eliminated!


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