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CBB3 - Live Feed Discussion AND Updates 2/5

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Discussion AND Updates 2/5

    For this season of Celebrity Big Brother ...

    We will be combining the Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates into one single daily thread.

    If you're watching the Live Feeds - please feel free to help "update" anytime!

    Please drop your comments/thoughts below...

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    Chris Kirkpatrick is the new Head of Household


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      Nominations will take place sometime today ( Saturday )

      For Live Feed Updates - that's it for me tonight

      leaving you with them ... @ 11 PM BBT
      Most everyone just sitting around the kitchen ... casual talk ...
      Lamar wondering when they will be able to go outside ..
      Shanna and Todrick are thrilled that C hris Kirkpatrick ( C Kirk ) won


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        I'll catch us up on a few of the possible nomination discussions....

        Late last night Shanna and Todrick speculated on what HoH Chris Kirkpatrick might do ...

        Shanna saying that she thinks might put up Todd and Cynthia..... because he knows that Todd was gunning for him ....
        She also says that she doesn't think that he ( HoH Chris) will take out Chris Kattan

        Todrick wonders if he would take a shot at Carson
        Shanna says maybe if he ( HoH Chris ) listens to Miesha


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          HoH Chris Kirk talked to Todd .. asking him if he thinks that Carson is a threat
          Todd tells him definitely.

          HoH Chris Kirk asks Todd if the thinks that Cynthia is a threat
          Todd tells him yes....


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            HoH Chris Kirk asked Todd, about Todrick, is he a threat
            Todd told him that he doesn't know where Todrick stands, but hopes he stands with them

            Chris asked if Todd thinks that if the "house shifted" would Todrick "shift " too ?
            Todd told him no


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              Chris Kirk and Todd continued to talk
              They talk about Lamar
              Todd tells Chris that Lamar doesn't need to go anywhere right now .. and asks Chris not to put him ( Lamar ) in a position where he gets in trouble... and that might happen
              Chris told him that he doesn't want to do that..
              He tells him that he really likes Lamar


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                Todd told Chris Kirk that he thinks that Chris Kattan is gunning for them ...
                They both agree that Shanna is on their side


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                  HoH Chris Kirkpatrick tells Todd that he wants to go with "whoever most people want out"
                  Chris Kirkpatrick - I don't want to make any giant move...... I have zero problems with anybody in the house


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                    HoH Chris Kirk talked to Cynthia .. he told her that he can't give her his word ( that he wouldn't nominate her ) ... but that thinks the world of her and Carson


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                      Chris Kirkpatrick talked to Miesha ...
                      He told her he might put up Lamar and Mirai.....

                      Miesha talks about how she thinks that Carson is a huge threat ...

                      Chris Kirk tells her that he isn't worried about Cynthia or Carson


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                        Chris Kirk talked to Cynthia and Carson and tells them that Mirai is his target... and that if she wins veto and comes down .. that he will put up Chris Kattan as the replacement nominee


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                          Chris Kirk also told Lamar that Mirai is his target this week
                          Lamar says he's cool with that


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                            Currently ... @ 1:28 PM BBT
                            Chris Kirk is talking to Carson, ensuring him that he's safe, and talking about how he ( Chris Kirk ) can't play in the next HoH competition

                            Chris Kirk to Carson the plan is still going forward. .. I can't put you guys (Carson/Cynthia ) up..... cause they're going to vote to get you guys out.....
                            it's too early to make any big moves...... I would rather just kind of lay low

                            Chris Kirk - just know that I'm aligning myself with Shanna more .. and I want to help you guys ... and I want to help you as much as I can


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