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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/7 - Day 13

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/7 - Day 13

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    Good morning, folks!

    Tonight on the live show the POV Competition & Ceremony will take place and the 2nd Eviction of the season will take place!


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      Just going to update a little bit from last night here on this thread .. since Kenny was nice enough to get it started for us!

      Last night ... Cynthia/Carson/Shanna

      Cynthia tells them that if she wins HoH .. that Miesha will be "outta here".

      Cynthia to Carson and Shanna - I will happily walk out of the door then and be like my work here is done


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        Last Night ( after her talk with Chris Kirkpatrick .. in which Todrick left and she continued to "let" Chris talk )

        Miesha tells Todrick that Chris Kirk feels like he's a 3rd wheel ......

        Miesha - I felt like he started to allude to me being a threat

        Todrick tells her that he's frustrated with Chris Kirkpatrick


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          Quick Catch Up from the Live Feeds this morning ...

          Chris Kirkpatrick told Shanna about how Miesha & Todrick talked to him last night and how they were both trying to push him to put up Carson ( as the replacement nominee, if Mirai wins veto )

          Chris Kirk to Shanna - I went down this morning and talked to her ( Miesha ) and I was like... this is my game... I'm going to put up Lamar

          He tells Shanna that if he ( himself ) wins the veto ... then he could go to Chris Kattan and tell him that he will pull him off the block IF he votes with him

          Shanna to Chris Kirk - you're going to put one of them up?

          Chris Kirk - not Miesha

          Shanna - that will be epic


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            Chris Kirkpatrick tells Shanna that he's not going to talk to Chris Kattan yet.... he's going to wait to see what happens with the veto ...

            He tells her that he feels bad that he's been telling Todrick that he's "got him" ...

            Shanna - but he doesn't have you ...

            Chris Kirk agrees with her ...

            Shanna - he ( Todrick ) is very smart and very convincing


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              Shanna tells Chris Kirkpatrick that "the things that he ( Todrick) was saying about Teddi ... were " gross... not true .. and unnecessary

              Chris Kirk agrees and says - that's s another thing.... he ( Todrick ) is saying all of those things about Teddi ......then talking about buying a $250,000 piece of memorabilia


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                Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna talk about how they cannot trust Todrick.. at all ..

                Chris Kirkpatrick to Shanna - you're okay with me jeopardizing our whole entire game here?

                Shanna tells him she is ....

                Chris Kirk to Shanna - if we do this ... we're definitely going on the block together next .... she ( Miesha ) is probably going to win ( HoH ) and be pissed at me.

                Shanna - we'll still have the house


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                  Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna continue to talk about how mad Miesha will be ..

                  Chris Kirk - can you imagine if this veto falls into my lap and we try this ?? we have to swing

                  Shanna - we have to ...

                  Chris Kirk - and THIS .. is a swing


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                    Shanna talks to Cynthia and tells her that if Chris Kirkpatrick wins Veto .. he wants to take down Chris Kattan and put up Todrick

                    Shanna to Cynthia - you, me, Carson will vote for Todrick to go,.. and he ( Chris Kirk ) wants to get Chris Kattan's vote

                    Cynthia - oh ... wow


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                      Cynthia asks Shanna why Todrick and not Miesha?
                      Shanna- - he's ( Chris Kirk ) is too loyal to her ... I can't get him away from her... he's obsessed with her.....

                      Shanna - if we won Hoh .. one of us could put her up


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                        Chris Kirkpatrick and Mirai talk

                        She tells him that she feels really badly for Chris Kattan .. that he always is feeling attacked .. and she hopes he will watch out for him ..

                        Chris Kirk tells her that he will .. and that he will look out for her too ..

                        Chris to Mirai - if youy don't win ( veto ) ... it doesn't mean that you are not safe.

                        She thanks him ...

                        Chris Kirk - I want you to trust in me


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                          Chris Kirk talks to Cynthia and tells her that he's not playing their game.. he's not going to do what they ( Miesha and Todrick ) want and put up Carson and take him out

                          She asks who is going up
                          He tells her he's going to wait and see how things go


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                            Chris Kirkpatrick to Chris Kattan - if I win the veto today.. I'm taking you down.... I'm saving you.

                            Chris Kattan - why ?

                            Chris Kirkpatrick - cause I trust you and I want you to trust me.

                            Chris Kattan - I trust you but I think Mirai deserves to stay here..... that's just my opinion

                            Chris Kirkpatrick tells him "they will talk"


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                              Chris Kirkpatrick to Chris Kattan - if I pull you off,.....I need you to vote for me
                              Chris Kattan- I need to vote for you???
                              Chris Kirkpatrick - just trust me. ... let's wait and see what happens...

                              Chris Kirkpatrick told Chris Kattan that he knows that he wants to go home... but he's going to need him to stay


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