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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/8 - Day 14

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/8 - Day 14

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    @ 1:48 AM BBT

    Meisha to Todrick - do you think it was bad for me though? to win this one?
    Todrick - I think that you just put a big target on your back .. but I think everyone likes you.... you know?
    Miesha - yeah
    Todrick - I mean it is what it is ... you already had a target on your back

    Miesha is the new Head of Household


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      I really don't like her, I don't know why but something about her is just ugh I don't know. I want Todrick out too.


      • bazbaz65
        bazbaz65 commented
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        Completely agree!

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      Yeah .. this game needs a good blindside to shake it up


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        I have a few minutes .. so I'm rolling back a little to catch some of the covnos after the feeds came back with Miesha's win

        Chris Kirkpatrick talks to Cynthia

        He tells her that if he had made the move ( getting Todrick out ) that Miesha would have put him and Shanna up this week

        He says he would have "been okay" with that ... because the house would have been "more balanced" ... but .. he couldn't do that to Todrick this time ,

        Chris Kirkpartick tells her that if Carson goes up beside Chris Kattan .. that everyone would vote out Chris Kattan ...

        Cynthia tells him that they just need to relax for now ... and let things fall where they fall ....

        She talks about how Miesha is a strong competitor, as well as Todrick ( sounds like he was in 2nd place )

        Carson joins ....

        Chris Kirkpatrick telling Cynthia and Carson about how Miesha wanted him to put Carson up as the replacement nominee, if Mirai won veto and took herself down

        Carson - I'm flattered .. but what's the reason?

        Chris Kirkpatrick - well I was like I want to get out Chris Kattan and she was like, you know who, if Carson wins this next HoH .. who he's going to put up .. and she was like me and you ... meaning me ( Chris Kirk ) and her ( Miesha )


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          Feeds were cut for a bit ... once back

          Shanna has joined them

          Shanna- they are going to take us out
          Chris Kirkpatrick - I want them to take me out
          Shanna- no .. we need you
          Chris Kirkpatrick - I know .. I'm just tired.. I'm tired of this ... but I can handle it

          Carson to Chris - stay strong
          Shanna- yeah .. we really need you ...
          Chris Kirk - I know .. and that's what keeps me going

          Shanna - on Friday, if we are all still here .. we have the chance to make some really cool moves.. and really play this game.. you know?


          • #7
            Shanna- they ( Miesha and Todrick ) just had a conversation in the bathroom .. about who would vote for them to win .. if they were the Final 2 ... it was gross.... and then .. they realized I was standing there... and they were like " oh.. you could be there too .. you just never know" and I was like "it's okay"

            Shanna- Miesha was like well.. you know that Teddi isn't going to vote for me.. and Todrick was like.. well I haven't won any comps .. so you know there's not going to vote for me.. and I don't want to go out not winning any comps ...

            Cythina- what's comps?

            Shanna - you know Competitions ...


            • #8
              Carson - anyway .. can we not talk about game anymore?
              others- yeah


              • #9
                Chris Kirkpatrick talks about playing in the live veto competition ...

                Chris - it was like.. everyone got it right .. except for Chris ... everyone got it right .. except for Chris ... everyone got that right ... except for Chris

                Shanna laughing

                Chris - I was like where are these things at ?? I just kept hitting B .. I was like .. ummmm... B ?

                Everyone laughing

                Chris - I guess that's funny though ... they were like .. the HoH has Zero

                Shanna- I was like .. is he doing this on purpose?

                Carson -yeah . that's what I was beginning to wonder

                Chris - yeah I was kinda like trying to play it off ...

                Shanna- I was like... "what is he doing over there? "

                Todrick comes in

                Chris to Todrick - we were talking about how I did in the veto competition .. they thought I was throwing it
                Todrick - I kinda thought that too .. for a second

                Chris -welp . yeah .. that's what I wanted everyone to believe too.. I was like I can't win this .. I don't want the pressure on me...

                Feeds cut ...

                ( I have to go .. but at least that gives you a little bit )


                • #10
                  So .. not much to catch us up on just yet ...

                  But ...

                  Miesha did let Chris Kattan use the HoH room last night, so that he could get a good night's sleep

                  There's been cleaning, cooking and complaining throughout the morning


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                    Nominations are today


                    • #12
                      Currently @ 2:01 PM BBT
                      HoH room with Todrick and Miesha

                      Todrick - let me just tell you something .. and I'm going to use the most Michele Obama words that I can .. because I usually go with the mantra that " they go low, we go high" .. BUT .. I don't **** with Mr. Kirkpatrick anymore

                      Miesha -really ... ? why ?

                      Todrick - I was just up all night fuming about him .. just don't repeat this .. but Todd basically told that he ( Chris Kirk ) came up to him ( Todd ) and was like he ( Todrick ) can't be trusted .. and all this stuff..


                      • #13
                        Todrick to Miesha - I feel like he ( Chris Kirk ) doesn't respect me ,, ,and he hasn't any of the times.. and he was the one that called me in here today to talk to you .. he asked me where I stood and I said . I'm going to vote her ( guessing Mirai ) out ... I didn't lie to him .. I never wavered from that .. I've never been disloyal to him .. I feel like he is being super disrespectful to me


                        • #14
                          Todrick to Miesha - I feel like I have been bullied by so many people that look like him (Chris Kirkpatrick) ,.. and I've tried my hardest to see eye to eye to him.,,, my gut instinct is telling me that he is plotting against me


                          • #15

                            Todrick to Miesha- - after Carson is out of this house .. it does not .. benefit me to be loyal to him (Chris Kirkpatrick)... if I get power .. I would probably do everything to get Chris Kirkpatrick out of this house before I would worry about someone like Cynthia


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