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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion 2/9 - Day 15

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion 2/9 - Day 15

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    Just a little from last night after I left off on the Day 14 thread.

    Carson and Shanna talked some more about the nominations, about her chance of going up, if he or Cynthia win the veto.
    Carson tells Shanna that he's worried about Chris Kirkpatrick and his closeness to Miesha ...

    Cynthia, Carson and Shanna also talked ...
    After Lamar told Shanna that if he won HoH, that he would nominate Miesha and Todrick, they all agree that if Lamar would get involved in the "actual game" ... it could really change things up in the house.

    Carson thinks that Lamar and some of the others, took too long to "catch on" to what needs to be done ( as far as alliances/evictions/etc.)

    Carson says he knows he's in trouble this week and that he feels like his time in the house is coming to an end.
    Cynthia telling him again, not to give up.


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      Shanna won the Power of Veto!


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        Shanna, Cynthia and Chris Kirkpatrick

        Shanna asking if they think that Miesha will put Todd up ( as the replacement if she uses the veto )
        Chris says that Lamar thinks he will go up

        Chris - either Lamar or she might put me up ...

        Cynthia -Lamar thinks it's Todd.

        Cynthia goes on to tell Chris Kirkpatrick that thee relationship he has with Miesha looks a little one sided to everyone but him

        Chris Kirkpatrick - that's why we're going to change it up

        Cynthia - to be completely transparent ... right now .... you've been over there this the whole time...... and that's where your loyalty is ... so now .. to come over here... now we have a sliver of power.... you're coming to us.... if they get the power .. are you going back over there ... and abandon us ?

        Chris Kirkpatrick - listen .....I want to be loyal.... right .. and the deal is .. we've always had a deal .. that we will be loyal to each other ... as far as we can go... right ? ... for me .. this is as far as I can go ...

        Cynthia- I mean ..I get that's what it looks like for you ... but for everybody else.... it looks like you just get the best of both worlds... and that's not right ... you don't get to run over there when she has power and run back over here when we have some power .. and get protected ...

        Chris Kirkpatrick - listen.... I see that .. but that's not how I'm playing the game... she ( Shanna ) can make this move .. and I could go home.. and I'm fine with that ...

        Cynthia - so am I .. if that happens...

        Chris Kirkpatrick - if something happens and me and you ( Cynthia ) go on the block .. I'm campaigning for you .. ok?

        Cynthia - ok

        Chris Kirkpatrick - listen..... if I go up, you have to vote me out.... and it's going to kill you ( Shanna ) ... but is a move that I'm willing to make.... as far as loyalty,.....if I'm here, we have to win the HOH....... if not .. they will be gunning for me.... I'll put them both up (Todrick/Miesha)

        Shanna - this is going to be a line in the sand.


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          Chris Kirkpatrick goes on and on to Cynthia and Shanna saying that he's playing straight up .. and that he's been nothing but loyal to them ...


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            Lamar is fishing to see if he would be going up as the replacement nominee
            Todrick tells him no .. because he's not coming after Miesha

            Todrick tells Lamar that he wants to make a deal with him .. that if he ( Todrick ) is ever on the block.. that he won't vote him out .. no matter what someone says to try to convince him otherwise ...

            Lamar turns and walks ... kinda throws his hand up as to say "yeah" ...

            Todrick to Lamar - can you do that ??

            Lamar says something like he's not ??? with that .. and then says he's committed to himself .. as he walks out ...


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              Lamar ends up with Cynthia, Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna in the bedroom ..

              He tells them that "doomsday is coming: ... it's just a matter of when

              He says "you gotta win" ...

              Shanna to Lamar - if you were to win HoH on Friday ... who would you put up?

              Lamar-I'm going to flip it...... and put Miesha and Todrick up


              • #8
                Shanna and Chris Kirkpatrick talk ....

                Shanna ttells him that it's good that he and Cynthia talked...

                Chris says that he's willing to throw his game out the window.... he says he breaks his heart that she doesn't see that

                Shanna tells him that she ( Cynthia ) doesn't understand the game,,,,


                • #9
                  Chris Kirkpatrick to Shanna - I'm willing to do this.... I'm willing to throw my game away

                  Shanna- - the only person who cannot win on Friday is Todrick....

                  Chris Kirkpatrick - Todrick is ready to eat us alive. .....

                  He says again that Cynthia not trusting him ... breaks his heart ....


                  • #10
                    Cynthia joins Chris Kirkpartick and Shanna again

                    Chris tells her that he's sorry that he didn't tell her that she was going up ....
                    He tells her that he couldn't change it ..
                    He tells her that him not saying anything to her .. doesn't mean that he's not loyal to her


                    • #11
                      Chris to Cynthia and Shanna - with Kattan leaving.... that is one less person...... we're now getting down to it

                      Shanna -Kattan leaving.... is making everyone bat**** crazy

                      Chris Kirkpatrick - if I go up....., then you have to vote me out,,, but ... either way, I'm trying to keep Carson and flip this house.


                      • #12
                        Shanna talked to Lamar ...

                        She tells him she's not voting to evict Cynthia

                        She tells him that she can take Carson down ...

                        She tells him that if she does that .. Miesha would probably put Todd or Chris Kirkpatrick up.

                        Shanna - that's where it's going to get really tricky. .....I need you and Todd...if you can get Todd off Miesha's jockstrap...., that would be great


                        • #13
                          Shanna to Lamar - it's going to be you, Todd or Chris Kirkpatrick.

                          She tells him she knows this .. and she knows that Carson, Cynthia and Chris Kirkpatrick will work with her .. and him ( Lamar ) ...

                          Shanna - Todd has told me repeatedly that he is a soldier for her (Miesha).


                          • #14
                            Shanna to Lamar - if you want me to keep Carson on the block and take off Cynthia...... I'm 100% with that.... but ... I need you, Todd and Chris to have my back


                            • #15
                              Chris Kirkpatrick tells Carson that if Shanna takes him down .. that Miesha will put up Todd
                              Then he says that he is willing to take that chance that he ( Chris ) could go up ...


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