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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/10 - Day 16

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/10 - Day 16

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    Just to recap

    Chris Kattan left the Big Brother house and the game.

    Shanna won the Power of Veto


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      There's a whole dynamic going on regarding if Shanna will use the veto to save Carson, or to save Cynthia because of the uncertainty of who Miesha will name as the replacement nominee.

      Shanna worries that she might target Chris Kirkpatrick, if she pulls Carson down. ( last time i'm typing his last name, now that there is only one Chris just note that ... lol )

      Meanwhile..... Carson and Cynthia are worried that Chris is more loyal to Miesha than he is to them ( and Shanna )

      On the other side of the house, Todrick and Miesha are concerned about who Chris would vote out, if she names Todd as the replacement nominee, if Shanna uses it to save Cynthia.

      Todrick is continuing to push for Carson to go this week and if not Carson, then he thinks that Miesha should name Chris as the replacement nominee and get him out now.

      Miesha told Todrick that she would face to face with Chris and ask him who he would vote out .. Todd or Carson and depending on his answer or any hesitation in answering, that she would consider putting him on the block as the replacement.

      Miesha did talk to Chris .. asking him what he would do .. would he vote out Carson or Todd ...
      Chris danced around the answers as best he could ....

      She tells him that she's not sure what Shanna will do ... but if she does use the veto on Cynthia ... she needs to make sure of where he's voting ... because he would be the swing vote ... and that she needs to make sure that he would vote Carson out ...

      Chris - you're not going to put me up?
      Miesha - no

      Miesha - you're going to vote out Carson out...right?
      Chris - if Carson is there... that's what we are doing ...

      Miesha - ok.... just wanted to make sure ... cause if I put Todd up ... .. we take one of our votes away and they gain one ...

      Chris turns to convo to why is Todrick acting so weird to him ...

      She tells him that they ( he and Todrick ) just have miscommunicated things....

      Chris tells Miesha that she knows that he's "got her" ....
      He goes on to say that he knows that if Todrick wins HoH ..that he ( Chris ) would be on the block ...
      He tells her that if that happens... he's fine with it ...
      He tells her that "all he's ever down .. has been for her ( Miesha )

      She tells him that she trusts him... and that is why she wanted to have this convo with him... in case Shanna does take down Cynthia ... and she has to put someone up from there team.. where does he stand ..

      Chris - who would you put up?
      Miesha - I already talked to Todd about it

      Miesha to Chris - I need your commitment to vote Carson out ..if we have to put up one of our people... YOU are the deciding factor.

      Christ - makes no sense.. what would I do .. I would be on an island ...

      Miesha - obviously ... I don't think it makes sense... but I just needed to hear it from you.

      Miesha presses once again telling Chris that she would feel badly if she didn't secure the votes for one of their own ...

      Chris - I'm looking out for you ...
      Miesha - you are not going to vote out Todd, are you ??
      Chris - we have a thing...

      They talk more .... about if Shanna is thinking of using the veto ...

      Chris tells her that he knows she ( Shanna ) is discussing using it ...

      He tells her that he's told Shanna, that if she wants to stay safe, not to use it ....

      Chris tells Miesha that he works with Shanna ... but... he's not as close with Shanna .. and Miesha is to Todrick.

      Chris tells Miesha to "do what she has to do" ... and if that means cutting him ... and it's time ... then go ahead and cut him ..

      He tells her to "at least cry" in her goodbye message to him.

      She tells him that it makes her sad to even think about it ..
      She says she hates this game.... and hate to even think about "cutting him"


      • #4
        After his talk with Meisha, Chris talks to Shanna, Carson and Cynthia ..

        He tells them that he feels like he's blowing up his own game ... and that he knows/thinks/feels like Miesha knows that this is a turning point in the game


        • #5
          Todrick warned Todd that he might be in trouble if he goes up as the replacement nominee

          Cynthia continues to worry about Chris, and which side of the house, he's really on, and if she can trust him.

          Cynthia warns Todrick not to trust Chris.


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            Cynthia tells Carson about Todrick offering to work with her, if Carson is evicted.


            • #7
              Todrick talks to Miesha and tells her that he's secured Todd and Lamar's vote to take out Chris, if she puts him up as the replacement nominee.


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                quick update for today .... Day 16 inside the Big Brother house for these Celebrities ...

                Todrick and Miesha still talking about the "what if" Shanna takes down Cynthia

                He tells Miesha that she should tell or "suggest" to Shanna that she would rather her leave Cynthia on the block, not use the veto on her
                Miesha asks if that's what they really want.. to leave her up there with Carson

                Todrick tells her .. that yes.. he'd rather see Cynthia off the block ... BUT ... Shanna taking her down is a "breach of trust" .. and it would be a "nail in Chris's coffin"


                • #9
                  Miesha does talk to Shanna and asks her what she's thinking of doing with the veto
                  Shanna tells her that she's thinking of taking Cynthia down ... "like she (Miesha ) suggested

                  Shanna asks Miesha if she would put up Lamar or Todd
                  Miesha tells her that she's still trying to figure that out ...

                  Miesha tells Shanna that when she told her that it would be good to take Cynthia down with her veto, that she really wasn't thinking about how she would have to put someone up, in the moment that she told her that.

                  Miesha tells her that when she did say that it would be alright to take Cynthia down, because Cynthia isn't her target.... it was okay ... but now that Chris Kattan is gone ... so are options that she had ...

                  She goes on to say that she knows she could ask Lamar or Todd to go up ... BUT .. she doesn't know how every one will actually vote.


                  • #10
                    Miesha asks Shanna if there's any possibility that she would be open to NOT taking Cynthia down

                    Shanna tells her that she would be "open to it"


                    • #11
                      Shanna tells Miesha about how she knows that she ( Miesha ) and Todrick are super close ...but that he ( Todrick ) doesn't talk to her .. seems upset with her.. won't even look at her


                      • #12
                        Shanna also tells Miesha that TODD is telling everyone that he has a F2 with her ... and that he takes his orders from her ... he's her solider

                        She also tells her that Chris is loyal to her ( Miesha ) and that he's even told her that he will always be loyal to her ... and play beside her .. until it's down to her ( Miesha ) and Todrick.


                        • #13
                          Miesha talks to Shanna about making a F4 ( Miesha/Todrick/Shanna/Chris )
                          She says that then they could just go head to head when it gets to that point

                          Shanna to Miesha - I would love to move forward with that .. if that is something you guys are down to do
                          She tells her as long as Todrick and Chris are cool ...


                          • #14
                            Shanna tells Miesha that she's not sure what she should do ( about the veto ) ..
                            She says she doesn't want to rush her decision .. she doesn't think it will be today ...

                            Miesha tells her .. yes .. it is today


                            • #15
                              Miesha to Shanna - if you don't take Cynthia down ... I think it's clear then .. that Carson goes ... if you take Cynthia down ..she's a vote for Carson ( to stay ) ....


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