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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/12 - Day 18

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/12 - Day 18

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  • #2
    In case you missed it

    Carson is the new Head of Household

    He will make his nominations today.


    • #3
      quick catch up from where I left off last night

      Carson had his HoH room reveal .. everyone BUT Meisha came up for it ....

      Carson tells Shanna that he's going to put up Miesha and Todd
      He says he hopes the nominations won't be changed ( because of veto )

      Shanna tells him if she and Cynthia get to play .. and either of them win .. they are good ...

      She tells him that then .. Cynthia and she will vote for Miesha to go ... and that Lamar and Todrick would vote for Meisha to stay ... and Carson could break the tie

      Carson- I get rid of her


      • #4
        Carson tells Shanna and Cynthia that he did not promise to not backdoor Todrick ...

        Shanna tells Carson that when he talks to Todrick .. and he makes a deal ... that he ( Carson ) needs to tell Todrick that if he ( Todrick ) plays in the veto and wins.... that he will keep the nominations the same... OR ..... that he ( Carson ) will back door him ...

        She tells Carson that he needs that guarantee ( from Todrick )

        Carson - got it ...


        • #5
          Shanna, Carson and Cynthia talk about how they know that Miesha has a good chance of winning the veto ...

          Shanna says that if Miesha wins .. then Carson would have to put up Lamar

          Shanna - Cynthia and I would have to vote Todd out.

          She says that Todd is pro-Miesha

          Cynthia and Carson agree ...

          Carson says that Lamar is still his own person to a degree


          • #6
            This morning ...

            Carson talked with Cynthia and Shanna again .. and confirms that he will put up Todd and Miesha

            He talks about how Todd will go ballistic... so he's going to warn Todd before .. and tell him that he's the pawn ... and urge him not to use the veto ... if he wins it ...


            • #7
              Carson did talk to Todd ... and Todd agree saying " I can do that" ( about keeping the nominations the same )

              Carson also talked to Lamar about keeping them the same too ... ( not sure if he agreed or not )

              Carson, along with Cynthia and Shanna also talked to Todrick ... about keeping the nominations the same ..
              Todrick told him that would be kinda scary ...
              Mention of an F4 deal was thrown out ...

              Todrick tells that he would have rather Meisha go out fair and sqaure before he came back to them ( F4 )

              He also tells them that he in denial about the fact that if Miesha is there ... he's not going to win ..

              Todrick - for my best chance at making it to the end of this game..... I think it would be in my best interest to do that


              • #8
                Todrick to Carson/Cynthia/Shanna - if Miesha wins ( veto ) .... would you still want the deal to be for me to help you get her out..... or would you be okay with me still fighting on her side? Shanna - obviously we would want you to come with us....
                Carson - yeah... we wanted to get you right away so you can think about it. T

                Todrick - it's hard ... to leave her on the other side of the house by herself .....just ( for him to have the chance ) to win the game.... I don't know if that's the most noble thing I can do

                Shanna tells him to take some time and think about it

                Todrick tells them that he doesn't want to lie to them .. and say that he'll throw her under the bus ...

                Carson tells him to take time.. think about it

                Todrick asks .. if he decides to join them .. leave her .. would they be okay with him telling her ...

                Carson - yeah

                Cynthia tells him that she would respect that


                • #9
                  After Todrick leaves...

                  Shanna to Carson and Cynthia- - if he wins the veto and takes her down.. .. they're both safe and we are ****ed.

                  She adds same .. if Todd or Lamar win and take her down ...

                  She says that Todrick needs to know that ( if the veto is used ) ..he will be going up ...


                  • #10
                    Todrick checks back in with them .. asking again if they are okay him telling Miesha ...
                    They tell him yes...
                    That it's not a secret really ...

                    Carson to Todrick - all we want you to do is keep the nominations the same...... and then come work with us
                    Cynthia- - tell her .. be honest...


                    • #11
                      Todrick to Miesha - Carson and them .. pulled me aside and basically said ..... we want to offer you a deal that if you play ( veto ) and win, ..... you keep nominations the same.. and in return ... we have a F4 deal .. and we''ll all take out Todd and Lamar

                      He tells her that he realizes that no one stands a real chance of winning the game.. if she is in the game... BUT ..he's been loyal to her .. this whole time..

                      Todrick - I don't think there is a world where I can consider that deal. .. I don't know if I tell them that that means I go up


                      • #12
                        Todrick to Miesh a- if I won ( veto ) .. I don't think I could take that deal..... because I think it's really a F3 with a plan of getting me out first once we get to F4


                        • #13
                          Miesha to Todrick - I think there's more chance for you to win with me .... and make it to a F2 with me than without


                          • #14
                            Todrick tells Miesha that he doesn't have to be honest with Carson and them...
                            He says he just needs for them to feel like he's on their side.. that way if he doesn't win ( veto ) then they will think he's on their side


                            • #15
                              Miesha to Todrick - if we have that conversation and absolve you .. and you take that deal, ... what if you win ( veto ) ?? then what ??

                              Todrick - then .. it's ****ing game on. ...

                              Miesha - I like that


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