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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions - 2/14 - Day 20

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions - 2/14 - Day 20

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    First - Happy Valentine's Day

    Second - Big Night Tonight - Live Power of Veto Competition, Veto Meeting and Eviction


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      Catching us up a little bit from where I left off last night ...

      Actually rolling back a little before the feeds went out for the party .. ( and then I will pick it up after the feeds came back )

      Before -

      Cynthia and Carson

      Cynthia asking if he talked to Shanna yet about the veto
      He tells her no, not yet, thought he'd let her have a nice day

      Cynthia tells him that Shanna asks if they were good and she told her yes.. outside of the game... no issues outside of the game

      Cynthia - and she ( Shanna ) was like... so you wouldn’t be open to playing the game with me?

      Cynthia tells him that she told Shanna that she didn't want to talk game today ...

      Cynthia to Carson - with everything that’s happened she still thinks that I trust her? No!!
      Carson - yeah .. it's crazy ...

      He talks about how Shanna could win the Veto ....

      Cynthia – it's crazy that she thinks we even feel comfortable competing with her on our team,... she betrayed us!

      Carson – no.... I would rather continue with the devil that I know who is very hard to beat .....but is very straight forward than someone who is actually very hard to beat... but very sneaky.

      Cynthia agrees

      Cynthia - to be clear its not like she came clean and told us all this stuff. .. she got caught...busted

      Carson agrees and says they have to get out in front of this

      Cynthia – call me crazy ....but I don’t think Miesha would want to win at all costs....... I think she wants to beat us fair and square ....and then go back to her husband and kids.... I don’t think she would concoct some story about this woman if there wasn’t anything to it.

      Carson says he feels the same about Miesha ...

      Carson - I get a very trustworthy vibe on Miesha.

      Cynthia goes on to say that "no way" that Miesha was gunning for Carson first, "no way" that she (Miesha ) was saying that he ( Carson ) was a threat and they have to get him out now ..

      Carson – - yeah ..that's going to bite her ( Shanna ) in the ass

      Cynthia – she ( Shanaa ) made her bed and she has to lay in it.

      Carson – it was a way to play the game,.... it was a risk ....and she got caught.

      ( I cannot wait until Meisha sends her home and Carson too )


      • bazbaz65
        bazbaz65 commented
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        They are going to be eating those words!!!

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      After feeds returned from the party

      Todrick and Miesha continued to talk about how they feel sure they can get Shanna backdoored this week ...

      Todrick talks about how he is glad that they ( he and Miesha ) figured out everyone/everything before they ( he/she ) got played ....

      Shanna talked to Cynthia ... telling her that she doesn't want this veto to be OTEV ... ( she's been worrying about playing in OTEV this whole time )

      Todrick talked to Carson, asking him how he feels about what is about to happen ... ( backdooring Shanna if she doesn't win veto )
      Carson tells him that it will be "hard and sad"

      Shanna in the hot tub talks to herself/camera saying that she can't believe that she's in the situation that she's in ... with Cynthia and Carson ...
      She talks about Cynthia accusing her of targeting Carson .. when she ( Shanna ) is the very one that saved him ..
      She talks about how Cynthia hangs out with Todrick .. when he and Miesha were the very ones who are and have been targeting Carson
      She talks about not having any allies in the house now ...
      She says she will fight hard to win

      Todrick and Miesha talk to Todd about Shanna
      They are going reinforcing their story about how she's been playing both sides of the house, how everything that they have said about her is true...
      Todrick tells him that Shanna just doesn't remember all the things she's said

      Todd talked about his time in prison. ( that was at about the 11:10- 11:15 BBT mark, if you want to hear it )

      Miesha and Todrick talk about how people can be "brainwashed" into believing what they are told is true ...

      Miesha tells Todrick that she thinks that HE is a FAN FAVORITE this season


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        ( that pretty much wraps up most of the talk )

        Live Power of Veto Competition, Veto Meeting and Eviction tonight ....


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            Today -

            Miesha and Todrick continue to talk about Shanna

            Miesha saying that Shanna didn't save Carson for Carson .. she saved him for herself.

            Todrick tells her that he thinks that this worked out better anyway .. Chris is gone ... and now she ( Shanna ) will be gone.


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              Meisha asking Todrick about the Live Feeds

              She asks if people "replay" them ..

              Miesha to Todrick - they ( live feeds ) are just Live and that's it right?

              Todrick tells her no ...
              He tells her that people record them too .. and document things...
              He asks her why she wants to know

              She tells him that it has nothing to do with the game.. she just think it's weird ... people watching her eat and sleep


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                Carson and Cynthia also continue to talk about Shanna

                Carson telling Cynthia that he never asked Shanna to save him ..
                He says he said he would be happy to go, if him leaving "helped moved things along"

                ( of course ) Cynthia is all over that agreeing

                Carson - she ( Shanna) is holding that over my head.


                • #10
                  Cynthia tells Carson that he owes Shanna nothing since they found out that she has been playing with the other side the whole time.
                  Carson agrees


                  • #11
                    Cynthia tells Carson that he has absolutely nothing to feel bad about
                    She says she doesn't care what Shanna did ...
                    She says that whatever Shanna did .. she only did it because it benefits her


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                      Carson to Cynthia - she ( Shanna ) asked, are you going to back door me?
                      He tells Cynthia that he doesn't know if he said "yes" .. or if he said "it's looking that way" .. or if he said "let's have another conversation after the veto selection"

                      He tells Cynthia that nothing will change his mind about back dooring Shanna... but that it ( knowing or not knowing what he's going to do ) might change her ability to survive.


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                        Cynthia tells Carson that she "wishes Shanna well" .... BUT .. if she ( Shanna ) survives ( wins veto ) that she still does not want to work with her
                        Carson agrees saying neither does he


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                          Todrick continues to push Shanna out the back door, as he talks to Carson ..
                          Todrick tells him that he's shocked about how Shanna is behaving ... and her behavior just makes things "so much more clear"

                          Carson agrees saying that if Shanna had just come to him and said "that's how I'm playing the game" .. it's just my strategy .. nothing personal" ... ( he would see it differently ) but ... all she does is deny


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                            Miesha also continues the 'push' telling Carson that she thinks this has been Shanna's game the whole time... to play the victim

                            Carson agrees... saying that now .. all she is doing is staying in her room being "woe is me"


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