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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions - 2/15 - Day 21

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions - 2/15 - Day 21

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  • #2
    Todd is the new Head of Household

    Lamar has to wear a costume
    Todrick does too

    They will be tethered together for 24 hours

    Lamar is the Mojito and Todrick is the Lime....


    • #3
      Lamar to Todd - Todd Bridges is a mother ****er ... Boy, you gonna pick me to wear this costume ....
      Todd - you're going to have fun
      Lamar - I ain't trying to have fun .. I'm gonna look like a dick


      • #4
        Cynthia tells Carson and Miesha that she thinks they "all came together for a good cause" ( getting Shanna out )


        • #5
          Carson to Cynthia – we might be in trouble now that Todd has won.
          Cynthia – you know what.... I'm fine ... I could go ..
          Carson- I'm totally fine with it too.

          Cynthia – after getting rid of Miss Thing ... my work is done here... I'm fine.. I'm good

          Carson - I'd love it if we could go together .... on a double elimination


          • #6
            Carson to Cynthia - we've had a good run ..
            Cynthia – yeah. .....I’m starting to wonder if all this is worth it...... but I'm at peace now ...

            Carson - it was a stressful day...
            Cynthia – it makes me sad that it ended that way with her... like WE were crazy...

            Carson – and it's also a game... leave with some dignity. ( as in saying Shanna didn't )


            • #7
              Todd tells Miesha that he will put up Carson ...

              Miesha tells him to put Carson straight up on the block to give him a fighting chance...

              Todd - and who?
              Miesha - Cynthia

              Todd- yeah .. it's probably going to have to be that

              Miehsa- you wouldn't put up Todrick would you?

              Todd- no .. not this round .. when its down to the 4 of us ... yeah


              • #8
                Nominations Today is on the screen in the Living Room


                • #9
                  Todd is considering using Lamar as a "pawn" up with Carson
                  Todd saying that if Carson wins veto, then he will put up Cynthia as the replacement nominee

                  Todrick saying he doesn't understand why


                  • #10
                    Todd telling Todrick that being the HoH is tough
                    He says he wants to talk to Miesha

                    Todrick telling Todd that he ( Todrick ) is the one that talks to Meisha ( about things like this ) because she doesn't understand the "game" ...


                    • #11
                      Todd tells Lamar that he's going up
                      Lamar - when?
                      Todd - today


                      • #12
                        The We'll Be Right Back music is so loud and annoying!!


                        • #13
                          I wonder why Todrick doesn't want Todd talking game with Meisha.


                          • #14
                            quick catch up

                            Lamar talked to Todrick

                            Lamar saying that he didn't know that being in the house would be so "emotionally draining"

                            Lamar- you get close to someone... then you have to stab them in the back.

                            Todrick asks Lamar if that was hard for him yesterday ( voting Shanna out )

                            Lamar tells him yes... because he didn't have a "beef with her" like they did.


                            • #15
                              Lamar goes on to say that he wanted the competition to be taken out
                              If says if it's athletic .. he would have rather gone against Shanna than Miesha


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