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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/16 - Day 22

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/16 - Day 22

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    quick catch up from last night

    Todrick and Miesha continued to talk about Shanna .. both of them saying that Shanna only based her 'value" on her looks

    Todrick saying that Shanna "lacked ethics and a moral compass"

    Cynthia and Carson continue to wonder why they are not on the block together.

    Todd and Lamar talked
    Todd telling Lamar that Carson is a threat, and that they don't want to be sitting with him at the end
    Lamar asking if they are going to vote Carson out
    Todd tells him yes


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      Cynthia talked this morning saying how badly she needs to win the Veto today, so that she can pull Carson off the block, and keep both of them safe.

      Everyone plays in today's Veto Competition

      HoH - Todd
      Nominees - Carson and Lamar
      Along with the rest - Miesha, Todrick and Cynthia

      Currently @ 11:08 AM BBT

      PET CAM

      (feeds have been down for about 40 minutes or so )

      Who do you want to win the Veto Competition?


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        Feeds were back

        Todd and Lamar in the Storage Room

        Todd asking Lamar what is bothering him ...
        He's asking him if he needs to go ...
        He tells him it won't affect his money ...

        Todd asking Lamar again if he needs to go?
        Lamar - leave the house?

        Todd - yeah

        Todd goes on to tell Lamar that they only have a week left.... and if he ( Lamar ) needs to go home.. then it changes everything... but he wants him to do what is best for him.


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          Feeds were back down
          And now back up

          Lamar in the living room on the couch
          Todrick at the kitchen table

          Todrick talking about how Television is dying because of social media, Hulu, Nexflix, etc

          he talks about blacks being on TV ...etc.

          Todrick - we sell


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            Todrick goes on to talk about Black Cinderella .... he says that that movie changed his entire life...
            He says it's the reason he pursued Musical Theater ...
            He says without it .. he would have been trying to pursue playing football.. ( he could have said basketball.. it was hard to hear .. but anyway _ insert the sport )

            Todrick - that is because that's all I knew that black people were supposed to be good at ... that's what all my cousins did .. and they were all doing what a straight boy in Texas is supposed to do and that's what I was trying to do and I was not good at it

            Todrick to Lamar - anyways that's the reason why I love the fact that you are here... and we can talk about this .. because this conversation .. can make a lot of people.... specifically white people .. uncomfortable at times.. and I don't think that it should....

            Todrick - I think the world would move a lot faster.. if white people were willing to sit down and like listen .. actually listen to black people.. not just

            Feeds cut


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              Feeds back

              Miesha now at the table with Todrick

              With her saying "yeah there's definitely a bias there"

              Todrick- even if you were a good fighter .. and you were black ... do you think that people would find you as beautiful and ( sorry it was hard to get some of what he said over his shuffling the cards )

              Anyway ..

              Miesha talking about a black fighter that got cut .. brought her back .. .etc.

              Feeds cut.. then back

              I have NO idea who won the Power of Veto

              ( and I have to jump out for now )


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                Please delete if not allowed. Chris Kirkpatrick on another website talking about how Todrick made a nasty remark about Chris' son and that Chris thinks he's a bully. It will be interesting to see if this comes out to the jury especially since Todrick spent so much time bashing Chris and saying Chris was nasty you him.
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                • bazbaz65
                  bazbaz65 commented
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                  I keep wondering what it is that Chris said to/about Todrick because that's all Todrick keeps saying.

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                Miesha won the Power of Veto


                • #10
                  Miesha tells Todrick that after they get Carson out this week.. that she thinks Todd should go next week.


                  • #11
                    Todrick to Meisha - so .. we'd put Lamar and Todd up if we win? ( HoH next week )
                    Miesha - yeah ... do you see where that makes sense?
                    Todrick - it 1000% that makes sense.. he's the person that is rising up and winning stuff


                    • #12
                      Todrick to Miesha - this ... is the story of my entire Big Brother experience..... every day .. I'm frustrated cause I'm like... don't listen to me...... I think it's a thing with him and Chris and all of them..... that they don't respect me.....because to me ... being a gay man... to some people..... is less than a woman... you know?

                      Miesha- yeah

                      Todrick - like they respect what you and Cynthia and anybody else says .. less than me .. cause they think I'm a joke .. walking around wearing a onesie or something .... but I'm like no .. I might be dressed like this ... and I might suck a dick every now and then ... but I definitely have valid points in what I'm saying... and it makes sense.. if you would give it time

                      Todrick - a straight guy would rather be put in their place by a woman.... who they try to pretend that they respect sometimes... even though their actions don't...

                      Feeds cut


                      • Mongado22
                        Mongado22 commented
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                        Just when you thought Todrick couldn't get any more delusional. He's worse thank Derek from BB!

                      • KennyERJ
                        KennyERJ commented
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                        Actually, as a gay man, there is some truth in what Todrick is saying here. Homophobic straight men and even some that don't consider themselves homophobic do think less of gay men. The full out homophobic ones actually hate and despise gay men. The others just show by their actions and words that they think less of gay men. I don't know about Todd & Chris though. I was watching the feeds late last night and Todd kept trying to talk to Lamar about what seemed like Carson & Todrick from the few little sentences I caught (like, "one is flamboyant and the other isn't") but they kept cutting the feeds until that conversation was over. So who knows.

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                      Here's Sharon Tharp's interview with Shanna

                      Shanna Moakler Says Todrick Hall Is ‘Shady’ on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (

                      And here's one from Parade Magazine ...

                      Celebrity Big Brother 3: Shanna Moakler Post-Eviction Interview (2022) (


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                        Feeds back

                        Todrick - straight man .. very difficult

                        Feeds cut


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                          Feeds back

                          Todrick to Miesha- but do you realize that there's an element of that .. that exists in Chris Kirkpatrick and Todd as well?

                          Meisha- yes.. yes.. yes.. absolutely

                          Todrick - that does not exist in Carson or myself?

                          Miesha- yeah


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