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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/17 - Day 23

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/17 - Day 23

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    Just to recap -
    HoH - Todd
    Nominees - Carson and Lamar
    PoV Competition - everyone played
    Veto Winner - Miesha

    The nominations will more than likely ( unless something crazy happens ) stay the same - with Carson as the target.

    Quick catch up from where I left off last night

    Todd told Cynthia that Meisha and Todrick wanted her to go up with Carson, but he wasn't going to do that.
    He tells her that he's "playing to win" and so he needs her ( Cynthia ) there to help him.

    Todd talks about not being able to play in the next HoH Competition
    Todd tells Lamar that he really needs to fight to win it and that he needs to put up Meisha and Todrick


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      Has there been any talk between Carson and Cynthia about "Oops! We made a mistake getting rid of Shanna!"?


      • #4
        bazbaz65 nope! They are still telling themselves that they did the right thing... since .. you know.... Shanna was so underhanded and shady to them.


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          ( here's another little update from last night ( from where I left off up there ^^^^ )

          Lamar talks about how 2nd place $$ is $50,000 ...
          He says he's trying to help Todd win that

          Cynthia told Lamar that he could work with her after Carson leaves

          Lamar told her it's just him and Todd

          Cynthia told Lamar that it worries Todd because he ( Todd ) thinks that Lamar doesn't want to be there ...
          He tells her he does

          Lamar talked to Todd and told him that he does want to be there and that he's "ready to play"
          Todd tells Lamar again how important it is for him ( Lamar ) to win this next HoH competition ... so that they can put Miesha and Todrick on the block .. and get one of them out next.
          Todd talks about how much of a threat Todrick is.


          • #6
            This morning ....

            Cynthia asked Miesha why she ( Cynthia ) wasn't put up with Carson
            Miesha tells her she doesn't know ...

            Carson joins in

            Cynthia asking if Lamar is in or out in wanting to play/stay
            Miesha tells her that maybe Lamar only wants to work with her ( Cynthia )


            • #7

              Cynthia to Miesha - can we make some kind of deal with you guys ( Miesha/Todrick ) to get a F4 ( deal ) ?? ... but if you guys are already committed .. .then

              Carson - here's what I have to say .. the odds of the two of them ( Lamar/Todd ) beating you .. are higher than the odds of us two beating you ...I know that Todd wants to beat you .. he's made that clear

              Miesha -yeah I know...and Lamar as well.... ummmm.... yeah .. that's interesting ...

              Cynthia to Miesha - we were thinking about the deal that we had made with you guys .. and it didn't work .. because Todd won and everything changed ...
              Meisha - yeah
              Cynthia - but ... we were going to protect each other

              Cynthia to Miesha - can you talk to Todrick and feel it out .. if you guys don't already have something else going on
              Meisha - yeah

              Cynthia - we just want to at least .. put it on the table...
              Miesha - yeah

              Cynthia - that we would be interested in a F4

              Miesha - I did tell Lamar that I would bring him to a F4

              Cynthia - oh .. okay

              Miesha - and Todd as well.... that was kinda the agreement that we wouldn't shoot at each other until..

              Cynthia - oh ... okay

              Miesha- until the F4

              Cynthia - that's what I sorta figured .. but then I couldn't tell .... when he didn't put me and Carson up.. I couldn't understand .. I didn't know what was happening..

              Miesha - yeah

              Cynthia - if they ( Todd/Lamar ) are together .. why would he ( Todd ) do that ( put Lamar up ) ??

              Miesha - I don't think the intention was to send Lamar home.. I don't want to speak for Todd.... but I think that it was just the idea... that if you ( Carson ) pulled yourself down ... it would then just directly send her ( Cynthia ) home...

              Carson - right

              Miesha - but I'm not sure we were all on the same page about that anyways.. but I think that is what he ( Todd ) was thinking

              Carson - right .. okay

              Cynthia tells her that this was just an opportunity to put themselves out there .. if there was anything that could happen to keep both of them here ...

              Cynthia to Miesha- but it sounds like you guys already committed

              Carson - sounds like it .... which we respect ...

              Cynthia - but we had to ask

              Miesha leaves


              • #8
                Carson and Cynthia

                Carson - so ..this is what we do .. we don't rock the boat ... we lay low until Friday ... and then we go to Plan B.

                Carson tells her they wait until the Veto Meeting ... and she ( Miesha ) leaves the nominations the same...

                Cynthia - okay .... and then you make sure you have your deal with Todrick

                Carson - yes.. after the meeting

                Carson goes on to say that if Todrick knows that something is up....he will come in there
                Cynthia agrees ...

                Cynthia - as soon as he gets the memo from Miesha he will be in this room ... I give him 15 minutes ...


                • #9
                  Miesha tells Todrick about Carson and Cynthia proposing a F4

                  Miesha - they were like " unless you guys already have a F4 ... with them.... and I was like.. " I did tell Lamar that I would take him to the F4 ... and that Todd has been a part of my alliance from the very beginning...

                  Todrick - I love Carson.. but he can't stay ...

                  They talk again about winning the next HoH competition

                  Miesha asking Todrick ( again ) who he would put up
                  He tells her Lamar/Todd
                  She asks who goes?
                  He tells her based on what they talked about yesterday ... Todd


                  • #10
                    Miesha tells Todd about Carson and Cynthia ....
                    She tells him how they pulled her in the room .. offered a F4 ... about how they said that they ( Cynthia/Carson ) would be less of a threat than the two of them ( Todd/Lamar ) in a F4

                    Todd - they would be more of a threat


                    • #11
                      Cynthia and Lamar had a little chit chat about not pulling back now.. need to play hard... etc.

                      Feeds have been down for about 30 minutes or so ...

                      Most likely the Veto Meeting

                      We know that Miesha will not use the Veto, leaving Carson and Lamar on the block, with Carson still the target.


                      • #12
                        As expected Miesha did not use the veto.
                        Carson and Lamar remain on the block.


                        • #13
                          Carson tells Cynthia that went as well as expected. He tells her that he was afraid that Miesha was going to use it and put her on the block.
                          Cynthia says that Miesha is very trustworthy...


                          • #14
                            Carson tells Cynthia that now they have to sit down with Todrick... And remind him that they made a pact... To watch out after each other.... So now is his chance...


                            • #15
                              Lamar to Todd - wonder why she ( Miesha ) did that ?
                              Todd - because she has to .. that's the way I wanted it ...
                              Lamar- you told her do leave it ?
                              Todd - yeah ... I told her to leave it the way it is


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