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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/18 - Day 24

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/18 - Day 24

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    Quick update from where I left off last night

    Cynthia talked to Lamar telling him that she's going to be alone in the game.. if Carson leaves

    Lamar tells her no .. she has him and Todd

    Cynthia tells him that she thought they ( him/Todd ) were in a F4 with them

    Lama - no ... if I win HoH,... I'm putting up Todrick and Miesha


    • #3
      Todd tells Lamar and Cynthia that if they don't target them (Miesha/Todrick)... they will target the 2 of them ( Cynthia/Lamar ) and then they will target him ..

      Cynthia agres

      Lamar to Cynthia - so me and you have got to win HoH


      • #4
        Cynthia to Todd - so the deal ( with Meisha/Todrick ) is over tomorrow?
        Todd - it has to be ... otherwise I lose... I'm never going to reach the top with those two
        Cynthia - you never were..


        • #5
          Todrick complaining to Meisha about how he's " not mad that they ( Lamar/Todd ) make a bunch of gay jokes" ... I'm only mad that those jokes are then.... not accompanied by things that are like treating me the same way that they would treat everybody


          • #6
            Todrick to Miesh a- 95% of the time both of them (Lamar/Todd) what they are saying is condescending,....rude and homophobic ....or making a joke about the fact that I'm gay.... to make them feel comfortable..... ,


            • #7
              Todrick to Miesha - I think people already kind of know where they ( Lamar/Todd ) ( jury ) stand,.... I just don't think a lot of people in this house necessarily respect me..... whoever they are talking with and have the most in common with is the person that they are going to vote for


              • #8
                Todrick goes on to say that he thinks on a "regular season" of Big Brother, that he would have done better... that people ( jury ) would have been like...Todrick did identify Teddi and everyone else that was coming for him... and that he was able to sway the house to vote them out almost unanimously


                • #9
                  Todrick goes on to say that he was willing to work with Shanna .. and on any "other season" .. he wouldn't think that things that she did would be scandalous..... but he knew this house well enough to know that information,..... would maybe be enough to take the spotlight off of Miesha

                  Meisha says that Cynthia not knowing the game.. .and being so sweet..... benefited them ...

                  Todrick says and being blindsided and not believing that she ( Shanna ) would do that to her.

                  Todrick - I was like "in the real game of Big Brother" ..... that would not be that crazy.... but I'm going to let you ( Cynthia ) think that it is


                  • #10
                    Todrick to Miesha - the fact that we were able to convince them (Carson/Cynthia) ..... that this would never happen in another season..... they were like .... we won't play this game with her (Shanna).... we have dignity


                    • #11
                      Carson made his pitch to Todrick
                      Carson told him that he's wanted him to win and he's told him that from the beginning...

                      Carson t o Todrick - I'd love to stay a little bit longer. ....I know that is not going to mesh with Miesha.... you can tell her any of this.... but when we had our little side deal at the beginning that we were going to look out for each other, would be the time


                      • #12
                        Carson to Todrick - if you could vote to keep me here,.....that would be amazing.

                        Carson goes on to say that they ( he and Cynthia ) would definitely guarantee you our votes in the jury.

                        Cynthia confirms

                        Carson tells Todrick that he and Cynthia are less dangerous to him than them ( Todd/Lamar ) and that they have always wanted to have his back... and always wanted Todrick to have his


                        • #13
                          Todrick tells Carson that on a game level he ( Carson ) is the scariest person.... if you are sitting on the F2 .... you are going to win the show


                          • #14
                            Todrick tells Miesha about his talk with Carson

                            Meisha warns that if they keep Carson, he's a huge threat

                            Todrick - do you think there is a world where we should even consider this?
                            Miesha - it's weird... I was kinda considering it and you were like he has to go


                            • #15
                              Miesha to Todrick - do we want to continue to be noble? .. or ... do we want to win?...

                              She says that if they want to win .. it doesn't help them to keep him (Carson) here

                              Todrick - I don't feel like it does either..... but it's something to consider


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