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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/21 - Day 27

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions 2/21 - Day 27

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    Quick recap

    Todd and Lamar are on the block
    Todd won the Power of veto
    Todrick has tried to convince Todd to NOT use the veto on himself and keep the nominations the same.. .with the promise that Cynthia and Miesha would vote out Lamar
    Todd told Todrick that he can't do that .. it's too dangerous for him ...
    Todrick tried again and again to try to convince Todd that he could trust him
    Todd told him no ... and that he was also going to vote the opposite of Meisha .. forcing Todrick, as the HoH, to have to break the tie
    Todrick was not happy with that ... telling Todd that no one else in this season has had to make that decision
    Todd told Todrick that he just needs to "man up"

    Tonight is a LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION night ( as far as we know .. the House Guests are not aware of that detail )


    • Mongado22
      Mongado22 commented
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      Good for Todd! I think he realizes that he has to look out for himself at this point in the game.

    • bazbaz65
      bazbaz65 commented
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      So relieved he didn't really consider doing that!

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    Todd this morning....


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      Todrick talked to Miesha asking her if she was voting to evict Lamar ( over Cynthia .. who will be the replacement nominee, once Todd uses the veto )
      She told him yes


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        Todrick, Todd and Cynthia talked ... about how they don't know what to expect tonight
        Todrick did mention to Cynthia that he thinks it could be a double eviction
        Todd says he thinks they will vote someone out tonight and then someone else out tomorrow


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          Eariler ... Miesha and Todrick were going over "what happened on what day" drills
          He asked Miesha if they should include Cynthia in any of this
          She told him she thinks it's too little too late
          He told her that he wants to help Cynthia out a little

          ( trying to ensure if Cynthia wins HoH .. that he won't be her target )

          Todrick meets up with Cynthia and starts asking her if she knows who was evicted on what day
          She doesn't ...
          He tells her how important it is
          She goes over evictions.. etc.
          He tells her that they should practice on this today

          They were told that they would be on a 2 hour lock down today

          The feeds went to PET CAM around 9:30 AM BBT


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              I heard (aka read ) that CBS is going to try and prepare Todrick for what he's going to face once he leaves the house. He doesn't know that his character has taken a major hit and all of his past has been shared and spread all over social media. He's lost many followers/fans. Who knows, he might end having to cancel that new tour he has planned! He probably thought being on Big Brother would bring him lots of new fans and more money! Yikes!


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                Maybe that's why they did that piece on him tonight .. rather than show him trying to talk Todd out of using the veto on himself ...


                • KennyERJ
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                  I was thinking the same thing!

                • helenb
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                  I was thinking that also!

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                  Missed tonight's episode?

                  Catch up HERE


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                    Feeds are back live

                    Cynthia, Miesha and Tood talking about tonight's events ...


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                      Todrick to Miesha - we're here .. can you believe it? ... the 2 biggest threats in the game squeezed our way to the end


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                        Todrick to Cynthia and Miesha - I'm just happy that things got reconciled with me and Lamar... he wouldn't look at me... talk to me ... for the past 48 hours, would not talk to me..
                        I finally went and spoke to him and he was cool by the end

                        He talks about how Lamar was saying that tonight he was going to say there's a snake in the grass... etc.


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                          Todrick - - even if people are pissed at us,.....they have to respect the gameplay..... cause this is how the game is meant to be played


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