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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions - 2/22 - Day 28

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussions - 2/22 - Day 28

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    Happy TWOS DAY

    Did you know that Todrick is a BB Super Fan?


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      Just a quick catch up from where I left off last night ( I couldn't anymore with Todrick going on and on )

      However he did ....

      Todrick continued to talk about how he's a super fan ... he wondered if any of the others guessed that he was a super fan ... because he was really trying to hide the fact that he was a super fan ... because he didn't want to be targeted because he was a super fan .... but it was hard being a super fan and not letting the others know that he was a super fan .. especially because he was a super fan he knew what was coming .. so when he tried to tell the others .. and they were like "maybe" ..... it was so hard ... because you know .. he's a super fan and because he's a super fan .. he already knew .... but he couldn't tell them he knew because he was a super fan.... because he was trying to hide that he was a super fan ... because that's what super fans have to do ...

      Todrick also talked about how he doesn't like the fact that Chris Kattan is not voting ... and that America could if there's a tie .. because he doesn’t know what they’ve shown on TV

      Todrick goes on to say that people online could think he’s the most annoying person to ever play Big Brother.

      He says again that they have no idea how the show has been edited or how they’re being perceived.

      And here's the cherry on top ...

      Todrick says he turned down doing Celebrity Big Brother 2 .... because of concerns over cast diversity.

      ( look I'm not even sure he's a "CELEBRITY" now ... let alone back then )


      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
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        Poor Todrick---even if the cast knew he was a "super fan", at least half of them wouldn't know what a "super fan" is.

        He is going to be pummeled by the fact that he won't get a single vote unless somehow Cynthia wins the last HOH and Meisha votes for him.

        If he really is a super fan---does he really take Cynthia to the final two instead of Meisha???

        (and for the record---it's actually been refreshing that a majority of the players had no idea how the game is played in a regular season---the comedic level is what has most kept me engaged to the level I am).

      • Mongado22
        Mongado22 commented
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        But is he a super fan????

    • #4
      If he were such a great SuperFan he would have known how playing this type of game would be taken by those watching...aka: his "fans and promoters". Hmmmmmm....let the a** biting commence....


      • #5
        Catching us up a little bit ...

        The Todrick hasn't stopped ...

        He told Cynthia that he thinks if it's him and Miesha in the F2 ... that he would have to get 5 votes...
        She tells him that she thinks he will win ... and worse case ... it would be a tie ...
        Cynthia tells him that she's not sure how a tie would work out for him

        Todrick tells Cynthia that he thinks that Todd will vote for Miesha ...
        Then he says BUT .... he ( Todd ) did say that he played the best game...
        Cynthia tells Todrick that she thinks that now that Todd is out of the house ... he ( Todd ) will respect the fact that he (Todrick ) played the hell outta this game

        Cynthia tells Todrick that she thinks he will win ... even over Miesha.... because she didn't do well in the social part of the game


        • #6
          Cynthia tells Todrick that Miesha wouldn't have lasted as long as she did .. if she hadn't of listened to him ...

          Todrick tells her that if she goes to Jury ... he needs her to remind the jury of that ..

          She tells him she will


          • #7
            Todrick tells Cynthia that he thinks Carson will vote for him
            She agrees saying "definitely Carson's is going to vote for him" ...

            Todrick counts votes .. he says that if he has her ( Cynthia ) ... and Carson .. and Mirai...and Lamar and Todd..... that would be all he needs..
            He says he's unsure about Todd and Lamar

            Cynthia tells him that she thinks that Teddi will vote for him too ..
            She also tells him that now that Todd and Lamar really liked him .. and now that they are out of the house ... they will want him to win


            • #8
              Miesha joined Todrick and Cynthia

              They talk about how Shanna when she left said that Todrick wasn't a good person
              Todrick to Cynthia - you said Chris Kirkpatrick said that too right?
              Cynthia - yeah

              Todrick goes on to say that is why he was feeling defeated for a couple of days...
              He says he just didn't understand why they were saying that he was not a good person

              Cynthia says it was confusing to her too

              Cynthia - " I was like what is he doing that's making him not a good person? "


              • #9
                Currently ...

                Todrick is again telling Cynthia and Miesha how big of a fan he is
                Miesha talks about the Amazing Race for a little bit ..
                Todrick says he hasn't watched it .... and should but probably won't because he can't get addicted to another TV show .. because he's already so addicted to Big Brother ... you know .. cause he's a super fan ..


                • #10
                  Todrick tells Cynthia and Miesha (again ) that they should watch Season 16 and Season 19... because they were his favorite seasons ... and then jump around from there watching the other ones

                  They ask if that was one with the daughter and the father ...
                  He tells him no .. that was way earlier...
                  He talks about how he can't believe Evel Dick .. called himself Evel Dick

                  We get BE RIGHT BACK

                  once back

                  Talk has turned to the Todd/Cynthia "fight" ...
                  And Todrick turns that into how Todd would say that he and Lamar were "real men" ... when they were talking to him
                  Then .. he does add that Todd has such a big heart... loves his kids..etc.

                  We get BE RIGHT BACK

                  once back ...

                  Now he's talking about winning an award ... and giving a speech .... how there were articles about what he has said.. his phone was blowing up .. .and he just couldn't believe it all ... and he thinks that is how tomorrow night will be ...

                  Now he's talking about how he has to go on tour ...

                  BB gave them playdough

                  Cynthia and Miesha saying they would love a puzzle ...

                  ( I'm breaking away )


                  • #11
                    Are they allowed to have phones while they are there?


                    • helenb
                      helenb commented
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                      no cell phones... Todd, when he left was dying to get to his phone. He was on Twitter right away!

                  • #12
                    I am praying that this is actually a LIVE show tonight. No five hour earlier taping that can be edited, etc. Let's keep a camera on Todrick to see his face as one by one the evicted houseguests roast him and let it sink in that he is getting exactly ZERO votes. I think that would be even better than him getting evicted in the F3 and coming to jury.

                    After all, this is a REALITY show and I would love that aspect of it tonight---PLEASE.


                    • Mongado22
                      Mongado22 commented
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                      Twitter is on fire. Several of the houseguests got together and their topic of conversation was how nasty and evil Todrick was. If he gets a single vote I'll be shocked. Terrible jury management. He seems to have thought that kissing and hugging them as they left would make it all better. It's hysterical. I can't wait to see the look on his face unless Cynthia pulls off the shock of the century and winds up in the next final two.

                  • #13
                    Todrick pacing and whispering. I think he's rehearsing his speech.


                    • #14
                      Carson, Mirai, Chris and Lamar are all together comparing notes. They have spoken to Shanna and Lamar. Looks like they are all agreeing that Todrick will not get their votes.


                      • #15
                        I've seen nothing yet to indicate that this is three part HOH---has anyone? I'm only seeing this as a one hour show tonight. Are we simply going to get a three person HOH with an eviction right away? Obviously, one hour is not enough to go through everything.

                        Help!! Is it only one hour? Has there been a comp already?

                        Also, I think the reality of not winning and potential backlash will have hit Todrick by the point of the announcement of America's Favorite, so i don't think (if it happens) Shanna winning will hit his gut as much as it could have.


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