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CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/23 - Day 29 - Finale!

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  • CBB3 - Live Feed Updates AND Discussion - 2/23 - Day 29 - Finale!

    We made it!

    It's Finale Night!

    Thanks to those who added their thoughts about this season of Celebrity Big Brother and to those of you who came here to read the updates, I hope I did enough to keep you up to date.

    Thanks to those who helped keep us going with your donations of support, you guys are the driving force behind this website. We could not do this without you.

    So, for one last time this season ...

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    A quick catch up from where I left off last night ( just because when I start something I like to finish it )

    BB gave the House Guests a t-shirt kit to keep them busy ...

    Todrick and Cynthia both agree that there would not be enough money to get them to be a 3 month season of Big Brother


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      Todrick tells Miesha that when someone loses ( Big Brother ) by a unanimous vote ... he always thinks " that's rough" ...
      He then says he doesn't know why he thinks that ... because the vote isn't personal towards them


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        Todrick tells Miesha that he looked at the memory wall .. and the things he did ... and he's like ... they wouldn't vote for me ....
        He tells her that he has no idea how they feel about her ...
        He tells her that they ( other HG's ) didn't seem to be mad at her ... like they did him ...
        He also says but ... because they ( him/her ) have been working so closely together.... he thinks that people feel whoever burned them is both of them

        Todrick to Miesha - I don't even know if Mirai will vote for me


        • Livzzz
          Livzzz commented
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          I think someone has cued him in…hope not but Mr. Superman has shown no ability so far for personal insight. Lexie, your write up of his super fandom was epic. I was laughing out loud.

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        Miesha asking Todrick what he thinks the jury will ask them ...

        He tells her that he doesn't know ... but .. sometimes they ( jury members ) are really pissed off .. by something they saw or heard .. or read... and they will say "shady things"


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          Todrick talked to Miesha about how he thinks all the things they have said is all true .. and he doesn't think that they even exaggerated the truth o

          He says he doesn't think what they said/did made Shanna look worse than she was....

          Miesha to Todrick - - I can't remember the specifics of her pointing Carson out as a target..

          Todrick to Miesha - you weren't there


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            Todrick tells Miesha that he doesn't care about Shanna or Chris Kirkpatrick's votes ... but he thinks that most of his anxiety is coming from that Chris/Shanna situation.

            He goes on to say that when someone leaves the game... and they are like.... they are going to campaign against you... it doesn't feel good

            He says that he thinks that only Shanna will ask something "shady"


            • Livzzz
              Livzzz commented
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              This jerk is on my last nerve… what do you mean Todrick… think Shanna will use a terrifying line from an awful trauma against you. I want him to lose so absolutely and then go home to see that’s he has bombed his own life. Good riddance.

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            Todrick practiced his F2 speech to Cynthia

            Todrick ( to the jury ) As you all know..... I'm a Big Brother superfan and this has been an absolute dream come true.... I came into this house prepared to backstab and manipulate my way into these F2 chairs..... but when I met you all..... I realized this group of houseguests would really respect loyalty, transparency and honesty I pivoted

            ( LOL )


            • Mongado22
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              OMG I can't stop laughing!!!!!

            • Livzzz
              Livzzz commented
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              Once it comes out of his mouth, he believes every word

            • helenb
              helenb commented
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              he is an amazing ACTOR!!!

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            Todrick to Cynthia - I want to say( to the jury ) that I was inspired to play this game when I saw the Cookout .... be able to secure the first African American winner after 23 years ... but I said to myself I don't want to win because.... I'm black... or because I'm gay


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              Todrick goes on to say that he feels that he should win ... because it's not all about winning the competitions.... it's about how you handled yourself . and your gameplay for all the rest of the time in the house.


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                Todrick to Cynthia - this game is won on how you can play the game 24 hours and how you creatively....mentally.... physically .....and strategically play the game.


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                  Todrick to Cynthia - I want to say ( to the jury ) that I came into this house not to make money to increase my own personal wealth...... I have millions of LGBTQ+ who don't hear themselves in the music they listen to...... I vow to spend all of the $250,000 to create art for this community


                  • KennyERJ
                    KennyERJ commented
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                    I've basically been following Todrick (his music/career) since he was on American Idol years ago and that is one thing I like about Todrick is that his music is catchy, pretty good and talks about/includes LGBTQ+ people. Sadly, I didn't know about most of the other stuff going on with him. I had heard rumors he wasn't paying his back-up dancers but he said he told them before they ever took the job that he wouldn't be able to pay them money but that they would get exposure to help their dance careers. IDK.

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                  Cynthia,, Todrick and Miesha talk about Shanna ... and how poorly she left the game...

                  Todrick tells them that he hopes that she ( Shanna ) will admit she was wrong and ask fans for forgiveness.

                  ( I can't )


                  • Livzzz
                    Livzzz commented
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                    O. M. G….. wow

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                  Talk between them turns to Carson

                  Todrick saying that turning on Carson was one of the hardest moves this season .... he knew that Carson had to go .. because no one could beat him ( Carson ) in the F2

                  Cynthia tells them that she was confused when Shanna used the veto to save Carson .... and then Chris Kirkpatrick was named the replacement nominee...

                  Todrick says that he thinks that Chris Kirkpatrick was a " traitorous coward" and that he was disloyal and believed his own lies

                  ( that pretty much wraps up last night )


                  • #15
                    Today - Finale Day ... more of the same...

                    Todrick up ... going over his F2 speech ...
                    He says he doesn't want to win because he's black ... doesn't want to win because he's a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community...

                    He says the winner is not selected based on the number of HOH and Veto competitions they won ... winning the game is based on how well you play this game physically.... mentally.... creatively ....and strategically.

                    Todrick -and based on those four criteria ......I truly believe I deserve to win.


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