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Immediate Help is Needed to Keep BBU

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  • Immediate Help is Needed to Keep BBU

    Hey Guys,

    Lexie here, reaching out for for any support that anyone can give to help us keep BBU up and running.

    At this point, we've used all the allotted funds that were donated throughout the BB24 season covering all the expense that it takes to keep BBU intact.

    And, right here, right now , we currently find ourselves in a dilemma, just short of the amount needed to cover the expenses for January, ( and of course, moving forward, as we try to make our way to BB Season 25).

    Please know how much we appreciate those of you who did step up and make a donation during the BB24 season, it's not lost on us that we would not be able to continue to be here without those of you who did support this website.

    I know if you are like me, life outside of the BB world, is always busy, even chaotic at times, and this summer time reality TV world, that we all love to watch and comment on, is easily pushed aside to deal with whatever is happening in your day to day lives.

    I know I've had a lot to deal since BB24 ended and thank God for Kenny , because it's been him who has kept this place going, post BB, and he's had a lot to deal with in his own family, my undying gratitude goes out to Kenny season after season.

    So, I come here today, because as much as I hate to ask, I was reminded that if you don't ask, people don't know what you need, and then the possible fall of BBU would be my fault, for not stepping up and asking.

    Any support you can give is so appreciated, your donations are truly BBU's lifeline to stay here and be ready to dive into a new season of Big Brother, when summer rolls around.

    Again, than k you in advance for any support that might come our way, so that we can get January paid an move on and figure out how to keep going.

    I would truly hate to see BBU not continue to be here once we're back in the saddle riding that unpredictable reality show that we all love.

    Much love and respect to all of you,

    Lexie ❤

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    Going to do what I can right now. Much love to the BBU family!


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      Mary4BB - Thank you so very much for your continued support of BBU. I hope that everyone here will recognize you and know that you truly stepped in when we needed it the most.
      I can't say thank you enough times to show just how appreciative we are for your support.

      If anyone else would like to make a donation, we truly appreciate your support. We will need to continue to cover the monthly expenses, so that we can at least get to June, for Season 25, and then continue to move forward from there.


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