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    I miss coming to the cave, so I wanted to start a place where we can talk about the crazy house guest and their actions. Things that are not going on right now on the feeds so we can keep the feed discussions about the feeds. I am not as gifted as many of our members (the king of the cave) but like to ramble on and on. We might even find an island, a train or a boat with Wolfie on it giving us the weather forecast. (I really miss her)

    I want to talk about Steve. I love him but can see how he would get on the other house guest nerves. They think he is a rat running to someone with what he hears but we all know he is not. He really is socially awkward. I think and hope he will grow from his time in the BB house. I really hope he makes it to jury. I love to catch him talking to the cameras. One night he talked about how some are telling him he does not share enough but he is afraid to because it gets you in trouble. He wanted to be the one to get Audrey out. I think he might really have a crush on Jackie.

    I hope you will share your thoughts about the house guest and this crazy game called Big Brother.

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    I also miss The Cave and its King. Thanks for starting this up. I like Steve too and hope he goes far in the game. Unless he steps up his game play I don't see him winning it all but would love to see him make it to the final 3.


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      Hi Luanne!

      What a great idea. I miss Russell as well. He managed to keep things light especially when things got a bit 'heavy'. I'll be back...


      • helenb
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        Where is Russell? He's not on FB either... Thanks!

      • lisains
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        None of by business but I miss Wolfie and Russell are they both okay?

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      Russmee without Russell. Is a lonely thing to be.
      Thanks Luanne.


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        I love spelunking!!!


        • KennyERJ
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          Purr! I'm shocked! You know we can't use that type of language on here!!

          Oh, just looked it up. Whew! LOL

        • Shan
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          LOL KennyERJ but then....ya never know with our purrwing though ..good thing you checked

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        Come on someone let me know what you think about this crazy game. Clay/Shelli want to be another Jeff/Jordan. Not going to happen. Shelli is a great player but from reading it sounds like they have an alliance with everyone. The rest of the house guest must not be very smart. Audrey told them about the silent 6. None of them (except Steve) have an alliance with Austin/Liz and Vanessa but they all have one with Shelli/Clay. Why do they question Austin/Liz and Vanessa but not Shelli/Clay. Shelli is the only house guest that can put someone up and tell them how much she likes and respects them and they believe her. Do you all think she really likes Clay or just wanting a "showmance"? Have any of you seen the picture of her brother?? He and Clay really look a lot alike.


        • KennyERJ
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          The photo of Shelli's brother and Clay side by side is posted in Shelli's houseguest thread.

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        Luanne ..omg yes! I've seen the pic of her brother (isn't he her TWIN brother to boot?) and he & Clay look VERY much alike. Weird..maybe she fancies HERSELF that much but yeah, as far as how badly they wanna be the new Jeff &'re right, Never. Gonna. Happen. Theirs (J&J) was a more natural flow into their 'showmance' that slowly settled into the heart of their fans and fans of their relationship. this one was like almost too much/too fast and contrived and feels like they'd like to shove it down our throats and *make* us like it/them. Well, for me personally that's how it seems. And I dunno..I doubt it'll last outside the house so..

        As for game, I'm waiting for really make it a point to view them as a threat & target. And seriously ..not just in passing or jokingly..start talking about/working to shore up a group to get one or both of them out. Maybe once this week of Audrey Hell is over, that will become a point of real interest?


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          I don't like how often Steve's name is being thrown around for nomination next week. I would really like to see Becky do something in this game other than just hang out. Austin is just Jeepers Creepers to me and I really, really, really want him to go next week. I think Liz would be okay with that too except she knows he has her back so will continue using him for that as long as he is still in the house but will be relieved when he is gone. I like that Jason and Jackie are talking game but they need to win HOH in order to move forward with their gameplay. I think the others question Austin/Liz/Vanessa more than Clay/Shelli because C/'S social game has picked up and they have been making an effort (game move on their part) to talk to everyone. I know that Austin/Shelli/Clay/Vanessa want Julia to make it into the game because they see them as votes for their side but I don't know that they have thought about the impact it may have on the jury votes.


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            I agree @kokomogirl.. I don't like how often Steve's name is being thrown out there either :/ hopefully, he will win HOH and we can relax for the week


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              I want Jason/Johnny Mac/Jackie/Meg/Steve/Becky/James to come together long enough to dethrone the power that has been running the show. Of course, they need to win HOH first and I am hoping that they do that this week. I really don't like the special treatment Audrey has been given. I know we will never be privy to the things that transpired in DR but I am interested to see how BB will spin the whole melodrama.
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                I miss Russell and hope he is doing okay. RUSSELL, where are you?


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                  Totally on board with you kokomogirl!
                  Yeah the special treatment Audrey is getting is beyond me! I might even (slightly) believe it was more than what we know/think IF this hasn't all conveniently came about ONLY when she knew she was about to be put on the block and sent out the door. And it's not even like she didn't bring 99.9% of this fate in the game on herself.


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                    I agree, do not like how everyone is throwing Steve's name out there. I will be pulling for him in Thursday's HOH. When talking to the camera, he said he needed to win this week.

                    I wonder what they will do if Audrey decides not to join in the live show on Thursday. Will she get dressed to go and talk with Julie or will she refuse? I have never seen anything like this before. Ronnie hid out in the HOH room when he was caught playing all sides of the house.


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                      I wonder if TPTB will let Audrey hang out in the HN room till after the votes are announced and then she won't have to face her fellow HGs and can just walk out the door. I'm sure that they have carefully scripted Julie's interview for it. With all the special treatment she has been given, this would not surprise me.


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                        Caves are lonely places to be but I can come here to sort out my thoughts and ramble to myself!

                        First off, I want to say I miss RUSSELL and Wolfie!

                        Audrey: Bye-bye, girly! You have indeed brought drama to the house but not necessarily the kind we moredramamamas want to see. I can not believe the kid glove treatment she has received and hope this does not set a precedent for future years. I don't have any idea what tonight will bring but I do expect that BB/Cbs will again make concessions to deal with overdramatic Fraudrey. I wish her the best but she should never have been on the show if she is truly this unstable. I don't know if BB/CBS was just too excited to have the first transgender on the show or if Fraudrey is actually playing up the part of the psycho, unstable individual in order to garner sympathy votes. It's a game...get over yourself. Having said that, I could never be on this show!

                        I am hoping for a new reign of power this week. I want to see the house scramble and new lines drawn. I want some of these floaters to step up and play the game. I do not want to see Shlayva win the power again!

                        I love Jason and Johnny Mac. I'm liking Liz but think I like Julia better.

                        And, did you know that I think Austin is just downright creepy, like the monster under your bed!

                        That is all for now. I must go get the grill fired up to fix these bbq pork chops and grilled veggies to go with the macaroni salad so dinner and clean up will be over before the show starts.

                        ​See you all tonight!


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