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Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 14- July 23, 2015

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  • Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 14- July 23, 2015

    Episode 14- Live episode airs Thursday, 07/23/15, @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    The 4th Eviction of the season takes place. The HOH Competitions take place.

    Note: If you live on the West Coast, this thread will contain spoilers on the night the program airs due to East Coast & Central Time members discussing the show.


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      Originally posted by Lexie
      Live Stream link ( this one you have to sign in using Facebook or create an account )



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        T-minus 21 minutes and counting!!! got me a good seat in here AND in the chatroom let the show begin! I'm so ready


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          I'm so excited. I had better go get ready and get my seat in CHAT. Yay for BBU!


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            I have a hard time in Chat, plus tv in the other room. I will be thinking about all the fun you all are having, chatting away. I will check this thread during the show. I am ready, like a little kid, are we there yet!!


            • LCnSummer
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              Cool Luanne. I promise not to blame YOU for any folks who have problems getting into chat. I'll just stick with blaming my BBU BFF ~SMEE~. YAY...

              See you in live feed discussion after chat. Hugs.

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            T minus 4 minutes!


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              It's time!!!!!!!!! Woot!


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                Is it time?


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                    I'm thinking the HOH is a knock out because there are 11 of them playing for HOH. So they likely drew numbers for first two players. I love these type of battles b/c you get to see who is targeting who. Can't wait to see who Clay or even Vanessa puts up to compete against each other. Have a feeling they'll both throw it for that reason. Maybe it's one of those music ones but likely a push the button: HOH, BOTB or POV comp.



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                      I'm still cooking dinner, so updates will be sparse at first.

                      Previously on...

                      Julie asked whether Audrey would even show up for the eviction.


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                        Is this where you discuss the live show?


                        • KennyERJ
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                          Hi TTOT. Yes. The chat room is also open. Lots of folks in there tonight.

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                        Hi Lexie, Geo, TTOT, Luanne & LC!


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                          I'm here - let the party begin


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