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'Big Brother' Bosses Talk Season 17's "Unique Twists," Possible New All-Star Season

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  • 'Big Brother' Bosses Talk Season 17's "Unique Twists," Possible New All-Star Season

    Article from The Hollywood Reporter

    The reality show is known for its twists every season, but this time around there will be a new twist every week. Titled BB Takeover, a special guest will appear on the show every week and throw a new curve ball into the game.

    This season's twist is especially different. There's a new twist every week?

    Grodner: Expect the unexpected. This season the big twist that will be announced on opening night to the houseguests is that we all know that "expect the unexpected" is our motto, but each week you are going to need to expect the unexpected because there will be a special guest who will take over. It’s called the BB Takeover. Every week there will be a new special guest who will take over the Big Brother house and mix up the game in some way. It can be anything from casting twists to game twists to interactive twists.

    Meehan: Normally you have to deal with one major twist over the course of the season. Now they’re going to have to deal with a new twist every single week. Julie [Chen] will be doing a big reveal on the live show about who the special guest is for the week. Then she’ll have a conversation live with the guest, and then we’ll learn how the guest will affect the game throughout the week.

    Grodner: Some of these are fans. Some of these are celebrities. [It could be] everything and anything. Ultimately, each week we’ll have very unique twists based on whom that person is.

    Will they be Head of Household or do they take over in a different way?

    Grodner: All of them are involved in different ways.

    Meehan: Some of them enter the house potentially to be nominees or giving out nominations. Everyone is a little bit different.

    So, there are only 14 players?

    Grodner: Well, we'll reveal that later.

    Meehan: That's a separate twist.

    Grodner: You figure every week that there’s going to be a different twist after opening night. You never know what’s going to happen. We have a two-night premiere. There’s going to be special guests on the premiere and with the special guests, they are going to be bringing with them a new twist or turn.

    You can read the entire article HERE

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    More from Entertainment Weekly

    “Every week, a new surprise guest will be revealed on our live show and they will take over the game and twist it up,” Meehan explains. The surprise guests will vary depending on the theme of the week -- from well-known Big Brotherfans, including celebrities, to “familiar faces,” though Grodner would not elaborate.

    The past three seasons have featured a cast of 16 and with this year’s crop only listing 14, there’s a very specific reason why. The last time Big Brotherfeatured a cast of just 14 houseguests was back in 2011, during season 13.

    “It could be anything, so tune in to the premiere to find out. You’re on to something in the number though,” Grodner hints. “We haven’t had 14 in a long time.”


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      I read "weekly twists/guests" and all I can think of is more time staring at fish wondering when the feeds will come back on.


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        We will see how the season plays out, but I'm not a big fan of the idea of outside people influencing the game every week. The people in the house work hard to build up relationships and play their game. Then people can come from the outside and shake up. They won't know if they should win a comp, who to team up with etc. Then, really, what's the point of no contact with the outside? Maybe it will make it more exciting, but I'm a little skeptical.
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          Yeah I really really REALLY hate the idea of letting anyone, other than the HGS, have an influence over who goes home in any given week, but in this age of social media it would be ignorant of me not to realize that it is not longer avoidable. I just hope this means we will get more options at punishing HGS, the America's Choice for Have Not's food is totally played out.


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            Originally posted by sillygoose03 View Post
            I read "weekly twists/guests" and all I can think of is more time staring at fish wondering when the feeds will come back on.

            Exactly what I thought when I heard about this a few days ago...good grief!
            On the bright side (tee hee!) we'll just be chatting more here....


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              So they are trying the twin twist again, and they are bringing in players from outside of the game, and they are bringing in mystery people to shake things up. So just an excuse to move their favorites and the controversial guests further in the game. Don't we always start every year complaining about the blatant cheating by BB, and how they seem to encourage the most controversial behaviour in the hopes that it will just encourage viewers to log in to find out what they said. I get tired of hating most of the houseguests and seeing the good ones sent packing when BB throws a new twist to keep the really awful people there. That is how Rachel Reilly kept getting more exposure. And with her we know she was really exposed. Maybe Jeff and Jordan will get to play kissy face on screen some more.


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