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Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 17- July 30, 2015

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  • Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 17- July 30, 2015

    Episode 17- Live episode airs Thursday, 07/30/15, @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    The 5th Eviction of the season takes place. The HOH Competitions take place.

    Note: If you live on the West Coast, this thread will contain spoilers on the night the program airs due to East Coast & Central Time members discussing the show.


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      Originally posted by Lexie View Post
      Live Stream link ( this one you have to sign in using Facebook or create an account )



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        The HOH combo I most don't want to see is Clay and Austin. The one I would cheer is Jackie and Johnny.


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            Stuck at work, so I can't get in the chat room. I can be here to see your wonderful updates on what is going on in the show as it happens. Thank you all in advance.


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              T minus 21 minutes and counting
              will be in the chatroom but will peek in here throughout the show as well


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                Hey all! I am going on record that I think next week will be a double eviction.


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                  Howdy all.


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                    Hello BBU!

                    Yea!! The BB Gods gave me my wish.... single HoH endurance comp! ~~doing happy dance~~


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                      Hey, anyone here? I see there's only one HOH tonight!


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                        I am here. When did they tell them that?


                        • Border57
                          Border57 commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Right at the opening when Julie was introducing the show.

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                        I get to leave early, might be able to get home in time to see the end.


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                          Hi Shan, Geo, Twirrly, Border & Becky!


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                            Here we go. Jason side by side on the block with Becky.

                            Jason wasn't the only one blindsided. Aftermath of the veto meeting. Vanessa tells Jason she had no choice but to put Jason up. Meg cries. Becky says she's going to lay low because there's a lot of emotion.

                            Jason says it's hard to hold in the emotions because it means more to him than these other people.

                            Jason realizes that Clay and Shelli aren't upset and realizes that they've been behind every eviction.

                            Austin and Liz in the Lounge says One more for the good guys. (BARF)

                            Meg corners Clay in the store room and asks him seriously if he knew. He says that maybe Austin made a deal with her. Clay was lying really badly.

                            Meg goes upstairs cries and talks to Vanessa says that she's hurt. Vanessa tells her that Shelli and Clay knew and if they say they didn't they're lying.

                            Jackie in the HoH with Shelli, Vanessa, and Liz. Jackie is grilling them and Vanessa says that the majority of the house wanted Jason up. Jackie asks Shelli if she was one of them. Shelli says she didn't want Jason to go home. Vanessa says are you kidding.

                            Jackie, Jason, Meg, and James in the Lounge talking about Shelli and Clay being behind it. They all cry exccept James.

                            Vanessa and Shelli go to HoH. Vanessa says in DR that if they are going to lay the blame on her it makes her wonder if she can trust them. The three of them are in the HOH arguing about Shelli being put on the spot.


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