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25 of the Most Popular Big Brother Houseguests Ever

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  • 25 of the Most Popular Big Brother Houseguests Ever

    Do you agree? Who's your favorite?

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    I agree with most of them but there were a few I would put on my personal ''most disliked/hated'' list - Frank, Boogie, and Rachel most definitely.


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      Thanks Kenny! Brings back memories. I missed quite a few seasons after season one. Don't think I knew it was on every year till I caught it again when Maggie I think her name was won. Then watched ever since. Didn't find BBU till 2004 or 2005.

      My absolute favorite season was the one with Janelle and Howie and the Jack Shack. I loved Janelle. I loved Kayser. Howie was a character. I loved Britney. She is still the hands down wittiest guest ever. In my opinion Derrick was the best player to play the game.


      • KennyERJ
        KennyERJ commented
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        Janelle, Kayser & Daniele Donato are my all time favorites, EVER!

      • Luanne
        Luanne commented
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        Kenny, your favorites are the same as mine. No one will every top Janelle, Daniele Donato and Kayser. Just thinking about it brings back a lot of fun memories.

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