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Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 28- August 26, 2015

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    Thanks for transcribing Geo. Good to see you Fista.


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      Veto meeting.

      Vanessa feels super betrayed by the people she was close to.

      Steve and John make their pitch.

      Steve says he will respect whatever decision she makes.
      John says that him asking her using it on him is like a gazelle asking a lion to hand out and not eat him, so don't use it on him.

      Steve scared. John will do whatever he has to and if Steve has to go home, oh well.

      Live tomorrow at nine, the jurors return to battle for a chance to reenter the game.
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          Night all.


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            Really did they say next week? They won't battle to get back in tomorrow night?


            • sdkgeo
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              Thanks Lynette, I had to go back and listen I was going so fast and trying to type that last part from memory. They did say tomorrow at 9

            • KennyERJ
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              Kewl. Was hoping I wasn't going crazy.

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            Come on Geo one more post. You are at 999!!!!!!!


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              I thought it was suppose to be tomorrow night too but I saw someone in the chat room mention it being next week. I thought I heard the narrator say it would happen live tomorrow night but maybe it was wishful thinking?


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                Watch this full episode...
                Tonight, will the power of veto be used to save either Steve or Johnny Mack? Plus, the roasting robot Zingbot is back! (TV-PG L)


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