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Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 31- September 2, 2015

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  • Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 31- September 2, 2015

    Episode 31- Episode airs Wednesday, 09/02/15, @ 8/7c PM on CBS

    The POV Competition & Ceremony take place.

    Note: If you live on the West Coast, this thread will contain spoilers on the night the program airs due to East Coast & Central Time members discussing the show.


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      Originally posted by Lexie View Post
      Here's a live stream ( hopefully it will hold up )

      Stream live for free to family and friends to watch!

      ( it does not work with mobile )


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        Captain Camo has been hiding in the house all summer long but, can he or his ally, sneak their way off the block on double eviction week? Big Brother airs Wednesday at 8/7c! Only CBS


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          Am I the only one here??? Is the site really slow today for everyone else???


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            Hi. Just was able to access site. Trouble all afternoon. Down a couple hours. Went down again tonight about an hour. Just got it back right now.


            • beckyd30
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              Glad to know it wasn't just me. I thought I was losing my mind. (or what's left of it.)

            • Lynette
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              No it disappears. Hope it's fixed very very very soon!

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            I, too, have had trouble with site yesterday and today. Just happy it is back up now, just a bit slow. I know Rob and Lexie are do everything they can to keep up running!


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              Hi Becky, I was just able to get on.

              Veto comp time. Hide and Go Veto.

              Everyone will have three minutes to go in and hide their veto card.

              They will then have 5 rounds of searching the house for a veto card. The last one that left unfound wins.

              Meg puts hers between the two pieces of bed in purple room.
              James puts his under rug in living room
              Liz puts her in lounge
              Austin puts his in pile of comforters on bed.
              I missed one of the twins.


              • beckyd30
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                did they have to find all the cards or just one person's card?

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              Veto comp started. Hide and Go veto. Houseguest going in the house and hiding their veto cards. Then houseguests run in and search for veto cards. People playing are Vanessa, Meg, James, Austin, Liz and Julia. Meg first. She came back empty handed. Couldn't find anyone's veto card. Austin next. He couldn't find a card either. They have two minutes. James next. He's destroying the house and loving it. James did not find a card. Julia next. She did not find a card. Liz did not find a card. Vanessa found a card. There are four left to be found.
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                They all go again. James throwing candy and food everywhere making a mess. Julia found the second card. Three cards left to be found.


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                  House trashed. Liz getting anxiety. Says she has OCD. Doesn't look much. Meg finds veto card in a cushion. Third card. Two left to be found.
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                    James looks at it as an opportunity to destroy the house. He tears apart the kitchen and climbs all over the counters.

                    Julia whines about the stuff all over the kitchen and says she's not going to clean it up.

                    Vanessa finds the first veto card in the pizza box. (That was the one I missed from one of the twins)

                    James continues destroying stuff. Not really looking.

                    Julia finds the 2nd one. She finds Vanessa's card in the cushion.

                    Liz whining about not wanting to play anymore because the mess is giving her an anxiety attack.

                    Meg goes back to the lounge and finds the other twins card.


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                      Hi Becky, Geo, Lynette & Twirlly!


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                        Round four. Vanessa can't find anything neither can Austin. James checked to see if his card was still hidden it was. Under the sectional and rug and buried. James finds fourth card.


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                          Lexie posted in the chat room that they've been having trouble with the data center and Rob and a team having been working on it. Hopefully it's fixed.


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