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Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 35- September 10, 2015

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  • Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 35- September 10, 2015

    Episode 35- Live episode airs Thursday, 09/10/15, @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    The 13th Eviction of the season takes place! The new HOH Competition takes place or at least begins.

    Note: If you live on the West Coast, this thread will contain spoilers on the night the program airs due to East Coast & Central Time members discussing the show.


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      Originally posted by Lexie View Post

      Here's a live stream ( hopefully it will hold up )

      ( it does not work with mobile )


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        About 15 minutes until show time!


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          Please Take A Moment To Read This ...

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            Hey there, scooting in to my seat! Recaps! Woohoo eviction night and a new HoH!


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              Hi Lynette! Glad you made it!


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                Here we go.

                Julie-Tonight the curtain closes on the Sister act.

                Previously on BB. A review of the veto comp and ceremony.


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                  Double trouble for the twins! Tonight the womb mates will be split up and we will be down to a power of five. All this tonight on Biiiiiig Brother!


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                    Austin is stupid. What is the house supposed to be afraid of? One of the trio is still going home.


                    • Lynette
                      Lynette commented
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                      Yeah, exactly!

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                    Only three votes tonight to send out one of the twins.


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                      Don't tell me they're going to make it look like Vanessa is going to control who goes home?


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                        Aftermath of the ceremony with lots of hugs and tears.

                        JMac in DR says he doesn't feel bad. He feels great right now.

                        Twins by the pool with tears flowing.


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                          They're talking about who should stay and crying.


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                            Cry fest between the twins on who deserves to be there. Boohoo, boohoo. Liz says if it was Austin she'd be fighting so hard to stay, but with her twin she can't.


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