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    Julie Chen talking "Big Brother" in general with The Hollywood Reporter yesterday...
    "I remember thinking in that moment, 'forget Big Brother, that silly little reality show. This is real life. This is life or death. .' And so many members of...


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      There was an orgy in the BB house! Of course I had to look it up and it was between Will, Boogie, Erica & Janelle. They didn't show it on TV, I wasn't getting the Live Feeds then and I don't remember if it was talked about here on BBU or not (heck, I can't remember what happened last week much less what happened in 2008! lol).

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    In CBS' new Press Video we meet the HGs. While talking to us they are each writing "sticky notes". At the end of the video they quickly show all the sticky notes on a board BUT there are 16 of them, not 14. It's rumored that Jackie Ibarra & Jeffrey Weldon who were just on "The Amazing Race" this past season (26) as one of the "Blind Date" couples are going to be the other two houseguests. Someone that met Jackie and got something signed from her recognized her signature on the sticky note.

    You can watch the video HERE .

    Here is Jackie & Jeffrey's profile from The Amazing Race:
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