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What Player in BB History is better than Vanessa, if any?

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    Originally posted by KeninVA View Post
    I put Dan and Derrick both above Vanessa. Dr. Will pioneered the game, and had a much different environment, so can't really compare him to anyone else.

    Dan (Season 10) I rank above Vanessa for having better social skills, and more entertainment. He is also the first male UTR glider, who really could turn the comp ability on, after coasting through the first half of the game, Many have tried since, none of succeeded. Donny and Jmac both tried similar strategies and failed.

    Derrick, for me, was the perfect game. He had control of the house by week two, and never let himself get into trouble. His strategy of building Victoria up into a jury threat was sheer genius, and allowed him to take her to the end, without fear of a Cody backstab.

    ED is below Vanessa. Without America's player, he would have been an early jury boot, and without Eric, he would have lost to Danielle in Jury.

    I rank Hayden Moss, tied to Vanessa. They just played vastly different games. Season 12 is one of my favorite seasons because of the genius of the Brigade, and the remarkable run when they did not turn on each other (sorry Matt).

    I would put S3 Danielle on par with Vanessa. Different games, with the difference being Danielle was Lisa's goat, Vanessa is no one's goat.

    Vanessa's flaws, as a player, are driven by her cool personality, obsession with the game, and inability to bond, in game, with the other HG's. She also showed too much loyalty early on, and made game moves for others, that did not really help her game. (Jeff boot was for Austin and Clay), not letting Audrey go that week raised her profile a lot.

    I don't fault the over emotional play as a flaw, because I think the victim hood, protected her when making really big moves, and holding a lot of power. It allowed her to make the Jeff, Jason, and Austin boots, and still ''fix things'' with people she had pissed off.
    Basically THIS!


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      Vanessa wanted to be thought of as goat -- while still being in position to be credible while revealing her game -- but clearly didn't pull that off.


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        Guess it might take awhile to learn more about Steve's game and decide where he belongs in the pantheon, but I think he probably belongs pretty high. He sized Vanessa up and pretended to be her little pet so that she wouldn't feel threatened by him. She was a threat-nuker and he consciously made moves to help himself survive that. And won his way to the end. Just like she was going to have to do in order to win since she didn't succeed in convincing him that she was the person he needed to take with him to jury.

        Aware, adaptive, logical play.


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          I better save these comments in case they get lost when we move from Season 17 to Season 18.

          I've enjoyed this thread. Thank you all for your contributions.


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