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Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 39- September 20, 2015

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  • Big Brother 17- Discuss Episode 39- September 20, 2015

    Episode 39- Episode airs Sunday, 09/20/15, @ 8/7c or 9/8c PM depending on your area (due to NFL football) on CBS

    Part 1 of the Final HOH Competition takes place. Part 2 of the Final HOH Competition may take place or at least start.

    Note: If you live on the West Coast, this thread will contain spoilers on the night the program airs due to East Coast & Central Time members discussing the show.

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      Originally posted by Lexie View Post

      Here's a live stream ( hopefully it will hold up )

      ( it does not work with mobile )


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        NOTE: Not sure if this is everywhere but my schedule for this area shows Big Brother not starting until 9pm due to NFL football.


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          Hey Kenny, Just checked the guide on my TV. Mine shows football 4:00-7:00, 60 minutes at 7:00 and Big Brother at 8:00. I'm sure if football goes longer that will change.


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            Yeah, it must be only in certain areas because when I just did the general Eastern Time guide search it shows Big Brother starting at 8pm.


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              Football just ended! Yay, it was tied with 45 seconds left but luckily a field goal was scored. So, Big Brother should be on about 8:30 ish.


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                7:27 PM 60 Minutes starting here now.


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                  Big Brother will be starting on time in my area.


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                    Evening everybody. I'm trying to study so I'll just be peeking in in case Luanne can't transcribe.


                    • Lynette
                      Lynette commented
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                      I can transcribe but I'm behind you. It's just starting here now.

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                    Vanessa tells Steve that she did not make a F2 with Liz.

                    They get dinner and champagne and start doing a retrospective of the season.

                    First up is the twin twist.


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                      60 minutes is showing right now instead of BB. Anyone else?


                      • aprilshowers
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                        Due to football, depending on where you live, you can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour behind. I started on time in my area.

                      • Lynette
                        Lynette commented
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                        Yes, Myra. Getting ready to start any minute.

                      • Myragirl
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                        Thanks aprilshowers and Lynette. I was so confused because the guide says Big Brother, but it isn't showing BB.

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                      Retrospective of Vanessa confrontations.

                      1. Austin for throwing a comp
                      2. Setting up a fight with Jeff
                      3. Audrey fight in HoH room because Audrey outed her for setting up Jeff
                      4. Clay and Shelli over the Jason eviction
                      5. James over him saying she is playing the game too hard to give her a "reason" to get Meg out.


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                        These are, in my opinion the least likable final 3 in this show. There is absolutely nothing endearing about any of them.


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                          Austin grew on Liz. Julia called them Beauty and the Beast

                          Day 38, no romantic light
                          Day 62 She likes him
                          Day 66 Zingbot with the girlfriend zing.
                          Day 67 date night. Austin asks her to be his girlfriend.

                          Austin crawled out of the friend zone, but James never could climb out of friend zone.

                          James was important and Meg's game and sanity. Showing a lot of the banter and fun with James and Meg.

                          Liz says Steve had a nerdmance with John.


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