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25 Reasons why Vanessa is one of the Best Players in BB History

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  • 25 Reasons why Vanessa is one of the Best Players in BB History

    Here are 25 Reasons why I think Vanessa is one of the Best Players in BB History. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    1. Vanessa won 4 HOH and 3 vetos, more than anyone else in her alliance and coming close to the record of other great players in BB history.
    2. She was able to last 3 1/2 hours on the part 1 final HOH which was quite an accomplishment and looked extremely painful.
    3, James recognized her speaking and influencing skills, and said "I want Vanessa to be my lawyer". He even asked her to help him to get to the bottom of a rumor he had heard.
    4. With a brief comment to Julia, she was able to influence her to choose Austin during the bowling Veto competition (who was most likely a F3 alliance member).
    5. She was loyal to her alliance until she needed to make a big game move such as evicting Austin (a close alliance member).
    6. After evicting Austin, Vanessa was able to talk to Liz to gain her trust back at least to the point they agreed to take each other to the F2.
    7. Vanessa recognized she would probably have the votes to win against Liz (even though Austin said he was going to “poison” the jury). It also sounds like she would have won against Steve also.
    8. When James was mad at her and he went up the HOH room to talk to her after winning the veto, he ended up apologizing to her as opposed to the other way around (after they finished talking and smoothing things over).
    9. When Vanessa was on the block, and the house essentially had her counted out and in "hospice" mode (similar to Dan when he was making plans for his funeral), she flipped the house in practically 30 minutes (starting with the conversation with James).
    10. Vanessa was able to plan multiple moves ahead and determine multiple game scenarios. Using the skittles/m&m's for strategy planning was an example of this.
    11. On Rob's podcast they admitted she was the "dominant force" of the season and one of the best “game strategist”.
    12. She showed class by giving kudos where credit was due (to Steve during the RHAP interview).
    13. With the exception of one question in the final part HOH she would have won the game as opposed to Steve winning.
    14. She left the game after being voted out with dignity. She hugged Steve and Liz and did not go storming out (unlike when Austin’s left the BB house).
    15. Dan G stated "In Big Brother the best player doesn't always win unfortunately for Vanessa. Vanessa played her tail off she should be proud"
    16. Dan also said on twitter: "Great to see Vanessa go out with class. Her saying good game to Steve on the way out makes me wish she won."
    17. When Dr Will asked the jurors how many were in there due to Vanessa's action, practically everyone raised their hand but Austin (although I think he may have reluctantly raised his hand at the end).
    18. Steve admitted "She is a Derrick, she is a Dan, she is a Dr Will" in the backyard interview. He also said "she played the game phenomenally" on the View.
    19. During a DR session, Steve gave credit to Vanessa by saying "I admire your game play. I have no idea how you got Austin to put me and Johnny up. I have no idea, but I am amazed"
    20. Steve also said Vanessa is the best female player in years, possibly ever.
    21. Becky recognized her as a very dangerous player, and later said she played a good game. Shelli had similar comments. Many of the housguests would go to her for advice (such as Shelli saying she had to talk to Vanessa).
    22. Vanessa will be remembered and compared to other great female BB players, such as Danielle R, Dani, Janelle, and Rachel.
    23. Julie Chen asked to see Vanessa's hands because "she had her fingerprints on every eviction".
    24. Even after the game was over, she "misted" Austin in the backyard interview and talked him down very quicky since he was still upset about his evection (after she apologized, and they hugged afterward).
    25. Even Zingbot said she was playing a "masterful" game

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    Giggle, are you really Vanessa? Sounds like the arguments she would have given IF she made it to the final two. But, she lost the most important comp and her supposed ally dumped her. It showed that in the end, Steve knew his fellow HGs better than she did. Yes, she is a great player, but still lost. Like Janelle and Danielle, you can be a great player, but if you don't win you fall into 'if only' category. And I doubt she'd any better in an All-Stars season, since everyone's seen her hand now.

    But she and the rest of this wacky crew did give us a summer when we never knew what's happening next so kudos to them. It says something when somebody who didn't make it to Jury was in running for FF. This will remain in memory one of the best seasons of BB.


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      Good points dc77_BB. Just like your #8 with James, she also had a complete turn around with Austin. He was mad at her and then he ended up being the one apologizing.

      She did have some faults though. Too emotional at times, being condescending, beating a dead horse a lot of the time. I really wanted her to win though, but when Steve won and I heard how hard he worked at it behind the scene in his talk after the show with Jeff, I don't feel like the wrong person won. Some times that just happens. I thought Janelle should have won too.


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        A great player needs to get jury votes, and to get them, get to the end. I think she would have lost next to Steve because of her unlikeability factor. I can agree she played well, but her mechanical read of people (who are not just cogs in your game machine Vanessa) made her like squeaks on a chalkboard to me, so dc77_BB, I can agree but I CANNOT like her, and I am a very emotional fan! If she gets invited back, people will be alert to her, and if she plays against better players, we'll see how she does.
        I am also very impressed with Steve - his eviction interview was very revealing of just how much he was doing and understanding. I also note that Vanessa did not do an eviction interview, and I wonder what's up with that.


        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          What could she say, but I, the queen, lost to my pawn. I know it's evil but her loss was better for me than Steve winning, especially since she did it to herself by her loss at the last comp. It proved Steve knew the HGs better than she could.

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        Love dc_77's #1 post. I agree. We might be able to add....#26...Vanessa accomplished all of this NOT being one of the game's most beloved players.


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          Vanessa was good. Not as good as she should have been. Too emotional to be as effective as Derrick. But of course she showed some great strategy and great manipulation skills -- worthy of being talked about, dissected, and adopted by future players.


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            BB needs to recruit a West Point graduate next.


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