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Who is your favorite Big Brother 17 House Guest So Far?

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  • Who is your favorite Big Brother 17 House Guest So Far?

    Based off of what you've read, heard, or watched on their video interviews...

    Who is your favorite Big Brother 17 house guest so far?

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      Da'Vonne Rogers is my favorite after reading her bio. She seems to have a strong head on her shoulder. Hopefully, she won't get wrapped up in drama.
      She likes Rachel for the same reasons I do and hates her for the same reason. I didn't see any bushes from the set pics though.


      • #4
        I think Ausint/Judas might be interesting. I also think it will be interesting to see what happens when Da'vonne and vanessa meet up in the house. I am certain they must know one another.


        • #5
          So far, I like DaVonne and Vanessa due to their poker experience. Hopefully, they will be able to read the HG's better than the others.

          Still don't know about my 2 other picks for F4, but I am leaning toward Jace. I think the Hayden Voss-like/free spirit thing he has could get him far (then again, that is what I thought about Joey last year.)

          I really like Austin, but I think he is just too intimidating to even make it to jury.


          • #6
            I like Steve, 'cause he's local to me and he seems like a smart cookie. I like James because he's fun, and I think he could be a good physical competitor. I think Da'Vonne is very interesting and is going to be great to watch. I like Austin for his personality. Now I can't remember names, but the woman poker player that people are likely to recognize (and thus bounce early) was interesting. Meghan? If she's the one I think she is looked like she could be OK. Most of the women were tall and blonde and just there for the T and A, and there were some dumb cluck men, too. I could be wrong about some of them but I'm not going to root for anyone who isn't a fan of the game, and the ones who were just cast to fill out the house are just that.

            Boy, am I opinionated this year!


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Hi Border, I don't mind a little dumb eye candy in the house but not much of that in the way of men this year, lol. BTW, the poker player's name is Vanessa.

          • #7
            So far I am mass confused, they all look interesting to me but I know from past experiences, that they NEVER live up to my expectations.
            So we shall see.


            • #8
              I've learned my lesson and choose my favorite after the first few episodes or a feel from the live feeds. Too many times I've picked a player I like early just to watch them walk out the door so quickly! I'm looking at you Jodi! Just kidding, I didn't cheer for Jodi lol


              • #9
                So far I like Vanessa. My least Favorite is Liz she was sooooo annoying in her interview with Jeff. We shall see though it is kinda early to tell. In the next couple of weeks I'm 100% sure my opinion will change daily or hour by hour lol


                • #10
                  I'm a fan of Vanessa so far......I play a lot of poker so that may have something to do with it.


                  • #11
                    I don't know who my favorite is but I do know that the dentist is my LEAST favorite!!


                    • #12
                      I'm not making any choices on favorites till after the first week or two. I have learned that what I see in the interviews and read about them before the game starts doesn't always hold up after the real game and drama starts. They can all put on a pretty face and say the best things before they get locked up in that house but they change after the real pressure starts to mount up.


                      • bobman1966
                        bobman1966 commented
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                        I couldn't have said it any better! I've always made the mistake of getting behind a couple of players based on the interviews and what I find on the web. This year I've been strong and am going to reserve judgement until two weeks in.

                    • #13
                      I'm just now watching Jeff's interviews. I've watched 4 of them so don't quite have a favorite yet but found it interesting that the 4 I've watched are all super fans. I like to see people that truly love Big Brother get their chance in the house.


                      • #14
                        Going by just reading their bio's, I would have to say Vanessa and Steve.


                        • #15
                          I think I will wait till I see them on the show before I pick a favorite


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