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Julie Chen Big Brother 17 House Tour 6/15

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  • Julie Chen Big Brother 17 House Tour 6/15

    Julie Chen Big Brother 17 House Tour 6/15 on Entertainment Tonight

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    Here's Julie with Entertainment Tonight - Canada


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      whhhaaat? we have a "LIKE BUTTON"?? ::happy dancing:


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        Very cool house this year! That catwalk is great.


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          After 3 years of trying, I can finally post on bbu! So excite! The new house looks amazing.


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            Hi Peter and welcome! Sorry you've had so much trouble getting on in the past.


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              Welcome Peterscb, like Kenny said, so sorry you've had trouble posting, that is only one of the many reasons we had to "make the change". Glad it worked out for you : )


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                Thanks! Yeah, I am a LONG TIME lurker and wanted to join in on the forums for so many years, but I was never able to register or sign in no matter how much I tried. So happy you made the change. And here I be! Just in time for a *hopefully* great season of Big Brother


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                  Nice photo for your avatar, Peter. Blue of any shade is my favorite color.


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                    very nice. I like the way they change it up. I would not mind being in that house. The bedrooms look very cool.


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                      I think we should start a pool as to how many days will it take for the house to look messy - I'll take one day. Then how many for it to look like a dirty dump - I'll give them twelve. Wonder which pair will bond over being the cleaning staff and which person will gross us out the most with the bodily habits (or the way they chew on camera).

                      I keep seeing the ants sitting under the house rubbing their little hands in gleeful anticipation of their summer feast.


                      • Shan
                        Shan commented
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                        I give 'em one day as well on the messy and maybe 7-8 days for the dump look

                        lol @ your visual of the ants! I can see them too hehe

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