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Big Brother 17 House Revealed On Entertainment Tonight

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  • Big Brother 17 House Revealed On Entertainment Tonight

    Big Brother 17 Head of Household has a great new look...

    The Head of Household room and bathroom has a raised plexi-glass floor with clouds underneath. “It feels like a plexi-glass box in the middle of the sky,” says Big Brother production designer Scott Storey.

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    What if there was a nightclub under the sea? That was Big Brother production designer Scott Storey’s inspiration for this bedroom.

    “It’s supposed to feel a little bit more feminine,”
    he exclusively tells ETonline.“I suspect the women will come into the house and gravitate toward this room.” Cool fact: The curtains are made out of chains.


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      “All of the comic-book panels on the wall in this bedroom were drawn by an artist out of Atlanta we hired,Craig Armstrong,” Storey says.

      The reason why there aren’t any people in the panels is simple: The houseguests are the characters.


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        The comic-book technique, halftone, is seen all along the walls in the living area, as well as palm trees printed on the wood.

        Plus, more seating and reflective surfaces! “I used a lot of mirrored plexi-glass this season and it’s all cut on different angles and faceted,” Storey says.


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          “The whole bathroom is covered in blue-mirrored plexi, and if you photograph people in it, it looks like they’re standing knee-deep in water,” Storey says.


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            The Hangout Room....

            In addition to the backyard hammock, Storey added another one in the hangout room. (This hammock fits three people.) The walls are upholstered with beach towels from Bed, Bath and Beyond.


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              “The backyard is totally beach. We have a 5-foot-tall sand castle and skim boards, boogey boards everywhere,” Storey says of the outdoor summer beach theme.


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                Houseguests will be spending their summer inside the Big Brother house and Storey wanted to make sure they felt like they were enjoying the rays as if they were really by a beach or lake.


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                  Houseguests will get to enjoy the 90-degree L.A. weather on the circular lounger. If it looks similar to Big Brother viewers, you’d be right – it was used last season.


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                    Back inside...

                    Up until this year, the Big Brother
                    house had an angled ceiling above part of the living area. Storey ripped it out and moved the ceiling up to its actual grid height, 28 feet, and extended this area – the Sky Bridge – out to the wall. “It’s a little unnerving to walk on,” he admits. “It’s like you’re walking on air.”


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                      Storey also added more seating on the new bridge, adding an extra 155 square feet to the house.


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                        The main kitchen table is constructed out of two steel I-beams – red and silver – that Storey says some houseguests may turn “into a jungle gym.” The kitchen appliances and cabinets are all stainless steel.


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                          “It really scoops right over you,” Storey says of the custom-made 22-foot-tall steel wave.


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                            Memory Wall ...

                            How many houseguests will compete for the $500,000 grand prize? Who will be come out on top by the end of the summer?


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                              Here's Julie Chen with Entertainment Tonight - Canada


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