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What Does It Take?

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  • What Does It Take?

    What does it take to constitute the Twins being "Discovered"? I'm a little confused on this one.
    Does the "House" have to vote on that too?

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    I may be wrong but I think they have to survive being voted out for 5 weeks. If they do, the other one gets to come in the game and they both play.


    • KennyERJ
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      You're right, Luanne. It doesn't matter if they're discovered or not, they just can't get evicted before the 5th eviction.

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    Thanks for the responses.
    I guess I was just having a little trouble adjusting my brain to accept the idea of reward (both entering the game) if they make it through five evictions, without any real consequence (other than being a possible target because of a sibling alliance) for discovery by the other houseguests.
    They could have taken this a little farther. What if....In the event that others realize who the twin is, then the twin who is in the house at that time receives a penalty nomination. Now the declaration would have to be made officially in the DR by one of the houseguests. To keep them from just running in there and randomly throwing out a name....If they are wrong then they, themselves receive a penalty nom.
    Come on BB. You can twist something tighter than that. Use your imagination.


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