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Fantasy Game - How It Works

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  • Fantasy Game - How It Works

    Hi again all So tickled to see everyone ready to plan! Hope even more join in..makes it all the more fun!

    Just wanted to post a little "How It Works" to refer to if/when anyone needs a refresher.

    Each *SUNDAY* I will post the newest questions for the coming week. Please be aware that questions will "overlap" each week (for example Week 1 and Week 2 questions will be up at the same time as we wait for Week 1 to play out) This has to be done as questions have to go up early enough/ahead of the game due to spoilers available via forums and Live Feeds (you know...we see who wins this or that before it ever actually "airs" as a show). I think once we get going this will be more clear as you "see" what I mean.

    So today (Sunday 6-28-15) I will be posting the Week 1 (yes, I know it's technically Week TWO of the show/game) Questions which will cover the coming week of activities that starts with Thursday's (7-2-15) LIVE eviction show. The questions will start with who is being evicted and end with POV/renoms (if any). And then the 2nd week questions will cover activities starting from the following Thursday's (7-9-15) eviction show and so on. Hope this makes sense? If you have questions, ask away!

    Questions will be posted each Sunday and you will have until the LIVE show airs that following Thursday to get your answers in. Each question will have a points value and at the end of each week after the LIVE show on Thursday, I will post results for that completed week. I think once I post questions and we get going on the game, things will be least I hope so

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    Do you really believe that anything will ever become clear to me Shanny??? I kind of like the haze. People expect much less from you and it isn't contagious. I don't think so anyways!!!


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      OK, since there is no rhyme or reason to determine who is HOH#1 and HOH#2. Shouldn't it count if you get a nom right, period?


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        beckyd30 ..I count/give points for HOH regardless of whether they were chosen as #1 or #2 (because as you said, it's pretty much not always definitive as to which IS actually 1 or 2) except for weeks like this past one where it was clear which won HOH 1st and 2nd..technically giving us an actual "HOH#1" and "HOH#2"

        however with noms, it works like this:

        Say your choices are:

        HOH #1: Audrey
        HOH# 2: Jason
        HOH #1's Noms: Shelli & Liz
        HOH #2's Noms: James & John

        The noms would only count if your HOH #1 is the HOH who made your HOH #1's Noms choices.

        In the event you chose neither correct HOH but you did choose one or more noms correctly, it would simply fall to the first 2 nominated "officially" counting as HOH1's noms and points awarded accordingly.

        I know that was possibly "clear as mud" but hopefully made some sort of sense?
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        • beckyd30
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          I was just asking cause I had to of the nominees correct, just out of order.
          HOH 1's Noms: John & James
          HOH 2's Noms: Austin & Jason
          Both Jason and John were nominees, so shouldn't I get partial points for that?

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        Since last week we were actually able to distinguish an HOH 1 and an HOH 2 then the noms chosen as HOH 1s Noms & HOH 2s Noms have to be from those HOHs in order to get full or partial points for them.

        Looking at this now however while speaking with you here, I can see this might prove to be a hot mess and confusing week to week (as some weeks we will be able to
        distinguish HOH 1 & 2 and other weeks we will not be able to do so) so I am gonna go with an easier, less confusing route and just count/award points for any correctly chosen HOH and/or nom.

        When I get home and able to access from my PC, I will go update/correct scoring where needed from last week to reflect this
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          Thank you so much.

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        What about weak, week two Shanny??? We need rezultz!!! Not that it really matters because I think I blew it on week two and know I blew it for week three!!! So there ya go. Love ya buy!!!


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          I was thinking the same thing for myself, Russell. :P

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        I realized yesterday I hadn't actually posted those lol then with babygirl's graduation party prep and such I got crazy busy and hadn't had a chance yet.. Sorry guys :/ I'll get those up for y'all ASAP tomorrow ..JUST got home from said grad party and I've been up and going (with only maybe 2.5 hours sleep) for near 48 hours now so I'm too pooped to pop right now


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