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HOH Suite Spot- Shelli Poole (2nd HOH)

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  • HOH Suite Spot- Shelli Poole (2nd HOH)

    HoH Suite Spot - Find Out How Shelli's Handling Her Whirlwind Week
    Read what she says about admiring Audrey and how she rolls with the gamble of the game.
    Posted on Jul 22, 2015 03:15pm

    This week, Big Brother crowned Shelli Pool as Season 17's third Head of Household (HoH). Read below to see how Shelli is spending her second run as HoH and where her head's at as the house grows more intense and her bonds become more personal.

    I am HOH again, peeps!! I am back up in the HoH suite, surrounded by pictures of my puppy, Rango. He even wrote me a letter this week! I am missing my family so much. I love you Mom, Dad, Lori, Kerri, Wes, and Lance! I know y’all are watching and cheering me on. I think about y’all every day, and I hope you are enjoying the show and not worrying too much. I am enjoying the ride in here!

    This week has been a whirlwind, to say the least. I am making tough decisions and talking a lot of game with the house. I came into this game with intentions to play hard but fair, and I pray I am making the right decisions. It’s a gamble since we don’t know what is going on in the outside world. We don’t know what is truly being said behind closed doors, and we don’t always know who we can trust in this house. All we can do is follow our instincts and listen to our hearts, and I’ve had to to do a lot of that this week.

    Right now, my heart is with Audrey. I put my trust into Audrey from the very beginning of this game, and I have remained loyal to my connection with her, even when the entire house urged me not to. But this week, some things have come to light that have led me to a very tough conclusion. On a personal level, I will never turn my back on Audrey. But on a game level (the reason we are here), I have been slapped with the reality that she might not be what’s best for me. This internal struggle has been the running force of my reign as HoH this week.

    I want to reach out to Audrey’s family and give my utmost respect to each of you. It has been a blessing to meet her and grow with her inside this crazy house! She and I are incredibly goofy together and I love her hilarious humor and wit.

    Everyone in this house admires Audrey, and I hope her story is touching people in the outside world. She has a brilliant light inside of her that I hope continues to shine as she begins an amazing life adventure ahead.

    Audrey, no matter what happens here in this house this week, know that I care for you and support you always. Us Georgia Peaches will always stick together!

    ​The game is moving fast now, and each week is flying by quicker than the last. As the outgoing HoH, I won’t be able to compete for HoH this week, so I am rooting for Clay or Vanessa! They are my two best friends in this house, and I don’t know what I would do without them!

    That’s all for now. Thank you Big Brother for this experience, and lots of love to all the fans out there!!! XOXOXO

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