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Live Feed Discusion - July 17

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  • Live Feed Discusion - July 17

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    LOL, I can't believe the hours these guys keep.

    I wonder if Liz is getting irritated with Vanessa and Austin telling her what to do.


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      Morning everyone! I'm actually giggling to myself because I think TPTB put Vanessa in the house with full knowledge that the woman is brilliant, but paranoid cray cray. They believe they've pulled a fast one on us, placing her in the house in a plot to fry our brains, but we're getting the last laugh because we feedsters are DANG TOUGH. The faster and crazier she talks, the stronger we get. (Already, just in the last night, we've already sped through about 5 things that Vanessa "knows for a fact" (none of which are facts. Maybe there is a new definition of the wor

      anyway, a new photo of all of us feedsters showing what we look like trying to keep up with Vanessa's fast talking paranoia. We're all in this together, gang. We can do it!!!!!!!

      Last edited by KittyBoodles; 07-17-2015, 09:47 AM.


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        OMG that is so perfect!!!

      • magoopy
        magoopy commented
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        So true Nono!

      • ~BBPam
        ~BBPam commented
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        Hello!!! Nono, just when did you get into my house and snap that pic??????? Although, I'm not live feed updating, because I know my limitations .... ahem .... but that's my desk! P

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      Please don't take what I said about being disappointed in the season as a comment directed at you or the site. You are greatly appreciated and I know you work non-stop I see your continually updates. I'm just commenting on the season in general and maybe I'm wrong but it feels like there used to be a lot more people interacting.

      I'm sure part of my frustration is not having the feeds so I'm relying on updates to keep abreast of what's happening more. Thanks for everything you do. Might not matter for me much anyway b/c barring a miracle it looks like Jason will be gone this week so I might just not bother after he leaves.


      • #5
        Pollynono is back and wants to encourage all my BBU friends who are feeling a little defeated this morning because the same group stayed in power (I know some are happy, but others are disappointed). In my Pollynono world, this is a GOOD thing because we're going to have a lot of fun watching them spiral out of sanity. Last week, at the end of Vanessa's HoH, she was just starting to get crazier and crazier theories. The paranoia was hitting all of them, and Audrey was stirring doubt. So while I wanted a break from the same group in the HoH, I think we're going to get a special treat because they are going to get more paranoid and that's always a source of drama.

        Good things to look forward to:

        1. I don't want to lose Jason, but Jason/Meg/James aren't doing anything to gain more people, so they're going to be forced to fight this week or their side is gone. And if they can't find a way to fight, they deserve to be gone. But hopefully they'll get out of bed.

        2. For some reason (I think a combination of Audrey and Vanessa's paranoia), the Sixth Sense goes in and out of trusting each other and the fissures in their group are going to crack even more this week, causing fun for feedsters. Watch closely. Paranoia will ensue.

        3. Liz's hinky vote shows a sign of rebellion (or a sign that she gets confused easily, but I'm going with rebellion) that bodes well for down the road. Fun to watch what she and Julia do next and how upset Austin gets with them. More paranoia will ensue.

        4. Audrey now knows about the twins (Jason told her, I think? He didn't know she didn't know). She wants to go to the DR and see what happens when she turns them in. She's eventually going to wonder why no one told her. Even more paranoia will ensue.

        5. Paranoia adds to Drama, Mo Drama Mamas. I see House Meetings in our future. (It's going to be a great week...we just all need a new set of earplugs that we can mute to keep from being hypnotized when Vanessa starts non-stop chanting.)

        Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-17-2015, 06:41 AM.


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          Is there still an issue with posting or is it just me? I have to refresh to see my posts? I don't mind at all...just want to ensure I don't need to do something differently.


          • Blogzie
            Blogzie commented
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            Yes, I have to refresh to see my posts. It's been that way for the last couple of days.
            Although I have my own sad issues. I type a post and then I hit cancel instead of post and spend hours wondering where my post went.
            My only excuse is that I'm a lefty and the cancel button is to left of the post button.
            That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

          • Autumn
            Autumn commented
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            Nono, I don't have a problem with seeing my post immediately when I post . But then I don't post very often. So there could be a problem at times.

        • #7
          See...two good things ALREADY!!!!!! Steve and John were whispering that they need a name. Best Alliance Ever! (I wish they'd add Jason, but I'm so happy with Steve and John together that it's made my week).

          And Shelli wants to backdoor Austin. She won't do it, but it's part of the fun of watching the Sixth Sense split.

          I think I better get ready for work. Mr. Nono is looking at me like, "Why aren't you up and moving?"


          • #8
            Good morning all- Shelli wants to go to bed, but Clay will not stop talking. She asked him to go down stairs so she could chill out. I can not believe how late the houseguest stay up. I was not able to stay up late last night and would like to thank Lexie and the other live feed posters for their hard work.

            I think Liz is thankful that the group embraced her and want to keep her safe. I believe she would rather work with Johnny Mack/Becky and would like to change alliance, but can not at this time. Shelli would love to get Austin out but knows she can not this week. I would love for Austin to leave also. This group is strong right now but will fall apart.

            I know many are upset that the same group won this week. This group came together because they were not a part of the large group of "8" the first week. The original group of 8 were not strong. If they had been, they would have been in power last week and this week. I am ok with this group winning this week because I see cracks.


            • #9
              Morning, NoNo, watched BBAD last night & did enjoy watching Vanessa spin out of control over the votes. The camera did a close-up on Liz and she had to lower her face to protect her expression. Honestly I still need her explain how she & Julia can tell Jeff he has to go in his goodbye message, but vote for him to stay. Did she change her mind & thought he should stay? Did she make a boo boo & just say the wrong name? Or was she being crafty, throwing in an Audrey hinkey vote to mess w/the house?

              It does make me sad that Becky was being wrongly blamed. But the renewed focus on Audrey makes me happy. Yeah for Johnny & Steve partnership. If they can get an HOH they can work on breaking up the stupid sixth. Too bad James is content to slide after a good start, but he has a bad dose of house blindness. Surprised at Jackie anger since she has done nothing, but THAT seems to be the reason for the anger - "she doesn't talk game with me!". Ultimate BB sin, eh?

              Love the Sylvester cartoon. I kinda felt like that last night, but just because I have cold (1st in 10yrs-blah). How can a body produce so much mucus so quickly? Tuck.

              if Audrey departs the next week, I'll be a happy camper. If it's Jason or Becky, I'll be sad. Neutral on James, Meg or Jackie. Hopefully the hamsters pleasantly surprise us.


              • nonobadfish
                nonobadfish commented
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                I'll be sad if Jason leaves, for sure. Hoping he can win BoB again....
                I'm neutral on Meg and James and Jackie as well. Don't know yet if I'll be sad about Becky or not.

              • Blogzie
                Blogzie commented
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                Yucky Poo Ms. Betty Boo! I hope you feel better. Summer colds are never fun. I hope you didn't catch it from that Russell character...

            • #10
              But Luanne, Clay and Shelli and Audrey all WERE part of the large group of 8. It was James, Jason, Meg, Clay, Shelli, Audrey, Jeff, and Da'Vonne. So everytime Clay and Shelli and Audrey call themselves the outsiders, I think, " you aren't. You're the insiders who are STILL the insiders but you've switched out James/Jason/Meg for Vanessa/Austin/Liz." So really, the way I look at it is that the Clay/Shelli (and Audrey in some way) have been in power the entire time. They just changed who they were in power with. We really haven't had a power shift....just a shift in and out of alliance members.

              It will get better though....I'm hoping something big happens this week so this group doesn't run the table. I think it will!


              • #11
                I think once Julia is in game all bets are off. Liz is playing a smarter game than I have her credit for. She told Julia she was voting out Jeff and didn't. She has a large alliance keeping her safe until week five.

                I want Austin out. As much as Jeff was a dbag I loved that he messed with Austin over the flirting.

                I have been disappointed in the lack of game play by Steve, Meg, James, Becky, Jackie and Jason. I even forget they are in the house and it has been screwing up my fantasy game.


                • CubbyBrother
                  CubbyBrother commented
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                  I'm particularly befuddled in the lack of play from Steve. Although, I'm sure in his mind, he is playing the game to his plan. I think he is socially bordering on Donny territory where he is astute to everything, yet not getting into any meaningful alliances. He clearly threw the HOH comp last night and I think he needs to go onto the block and stick to realize his game is in peril and then, maybe, we can see him play the game.

                  There are times that I forgot Becky and Jackie are even on the show. If Jackie can somehow align herself, luckily, the right way she can turn into Victoria (which she already may be). And, let's not forget, Victoria was one lucky HOH away from sitting in the final two chairs.

              • #12
                This frothing, maniacal and paranoid side of the lovely Vanessa reminds me a bit of Amanda in BB15. When she used to take too much of her ADD medication or not enough or whatever. Vanessa is also taking pills for her ADD and it's just not pretty. It makes me wonder how she manages to stay so calm, cool and collected during long poker tournaments to the tune of winning 4.5 million dollars.
                Very strange indeed.


                • KeninVA
                  KeninVA commented
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                  MrsKeninVA said exactly the same thing last night. Vanessa to Liz: "Don't make any decisions until WE have a chance to talk."

                  MrsKen to me: "Vanessa is wondering into Amanda territory now."

                • Blogzie
                  Blogzie commented
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                  Mrs. Ken certainly knows her stuff. Vanessa has not only wandered into the territory, she has staked a claim and pitched a tent. Last I heard she was digging a well and installing indoor plumbing.

                • KittyBoodles
                  KittyBoodles commented
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                  I don't know much about ADD, but whenever my pain levels spike really, really high, if I can get myself immersed in one thing - drawing a picture, playing a video game, doesn't matter what it is as long as I can do it by moving a little as possible, sometimes. I can tune out the pain just enough to get through some time.

                  I wonder if playing poker for her is somethin pg like that, where its something she must concentrate on?

                  I could be totally wrong about that, I do know ADD is different than chronic pain, just a theory?

              • #13
                Just like 'super-fan' McCrae from BB15, Jason is sleeping and smoking his way through the game. I do give Jason credit for being witty, all McCrae said for three months was "I dunno".

                They admit to living and breathing BB in their real lives and then after going through the rigorous process of getting on the show, they get in the house and do nothing! When McCrae finally woke up the last week of the game, it was too late. He had no clue of what was going on.

                Come on Jason! Wake up and play the darn game!


                • #14
                  Morning all,

                  I have nothing to add. I did not see much past the show last night, and this morning, they were all over the map, so I don't have a clue who is going to go up. It is clear, Shelli is feeling stuck, since she is aligned with the whole house, as to who to put up. It will be interesting to see if Shelli disucsses Austin with Vanessa, to see what Vanessa does. I cannot imagine her wanting Jmac as a replacement for Austin. But, I am going to predict a guy going home this week.


                  • nonobadfish
                    nonobadfish commented
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                    I'd be real surprised if Shelli even discusses Austin with Vanessa (if she did, I can't imagine Vanessa saying okay.) But the beauty of this year is that these HGs keep surprising me, so who the heck knows. I HOPE she discusses it and I hope Austin goes home because he bugs. (I get irritated when someone like Austin who KNOWS THE DANG GAME comes in and plays like he's on the Bachelor instead. I cheered for McCrae for as long as I could, but gave up on him for the same reason.)

                • #15
                  Originally posted by TTOTambz2 View Post

                  Please don't take what I said about being disappointed in the season as a comment directed at you or the site. You are greatly appreciated and I know you work non-stop I see your continually updates. I'm just commenting on the season in general and maybe I'm wrong but it feels like there used to be a lot more people interacting.

                  I'm sure part of my frustration is not having the feeds so I'm relying on updates to keep abreast of what's happening more. Thanks for everything you do. Might not matter for me much anyway b/c barring a miracle it looks like Jason will be gone this week so I might just not bother after he leaves.
                  Hey You!

                  Hang in there with us. You never know what can happen in this silly game. I haven't a clue as to why there aren't more kids posting away this season. Strange indeed. Which is all the more reason we need your input and your always clever take on things.


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