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Live Feed Discussion-July 18

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 18

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  • #2
    OMG, I know I keep saying it, but do these people ever sleep?

    I love Audrey's paranoia. Shelli just cannot talk to anyone without Audrey running up there.


    • #3
      Morning, geo!

      I love Big Brother. In a nutshell, Shelli and Clay (just the two of them) started out yesterday in an alliance with Vanessa, Austin, Juliz, and another with JohnnyMac. Then they decided that they trust James. And then they decided that they don't want to be in an alliance with Austin and Juliz. And then they decided that the coolest alliance ever would be Shelli/Clay/Vanessa with JohnnyMac and Steve. And around 4:00ish am last night, they decided that a Final 4 of Shelli/Clay with Meg and Jason would be "cool." And then, Shelli decides that she feels drawn to the "other side" (James, Meg, Jason). You can't make this stuff up.

      The good news? Clay wants Audrey backdoored. He thinks Johnny Mac and JASON will be loyal to them. Shelli isn't 100% convinced to backdoor Audrey, but she's leaning that way possibly.

      Here's hoping that Audrey does NOT win PoV so that we at least can keep the door open for an Audrey eviction this week. Even the possibility is good drama.

      I'm off to Saturday Breakfast Group.

      Edited to add....and Steve wants to win PoV, save Jason (after making a deal with him) and then get Audrey backdoored.
      Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-18-2015, 08:17 AM.


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
        Editing a comment
        It would be a two-fer, Audrey gone, and very probably sinking Shelli or Clay in the process. I see your game little fish.

      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        KeninVA, sometimes you know me even better than I know myself.

    • #4
      Morning geo, and all who follow,

      A lot is riding on the PoV comp today. Shelli and Clay have worked themselves into something of a corner. They have made relationships with everyone in the house now, and are actively thinking about switching up alliances. They are in an active alliance with Silent Six, have an ongoing alliance with Jmac, and Jackie, which Jmac wants to expand by bring in Becky, have turned James, for now. The only people left are Steve, Meg and Jason. Jason is teed up, but if he wins PoV, they have to sacrifice either Steve (a dilemma for Vanessa) or Meg. If I were them, I would try to get Steve out.

      I rule out Audrey, because she will burn their game going out the door, and likely be the proximate cause of SS turning on themselves, and very probably paint a huge target on Shelli in the process. Vanessa's instinct on this is right, backdoor Audrey in a double, or wait until after Jury starts, when they have to start attacking each other anyway, and Audrey won't be able to cause much damage.

      Vanessa has faded back down, but seems strangely tied to Shelli. I still think those two ladies are likely to end up as survivors into the short game, and could potentially take each other to the end. The key is having someone able to take out Clay.

      Jmac is at some potential risk this week. If Steve ends up on the block, Steve probably goes home, given that Jason would be hard to turn, and Meg does not like Steve.

      If noms stay the same, Jason is done.


      • crissykins
        crissykins commented
        Editing a comment
        If Audrey blows up their game going out the door they can chalk it up to "she's a crazy liar and you all know that" IMO

    • #5
      Good Morning everyone I can not believe that some house guest are still up. The lights are on in the cartoon room but no one is talking. I think James keeps flirting with Audrey to get information which he runs and tells Shelli/Clay She has told him that he was the target and not Jackie. I think Jackie was Liz/Julia's target.. I guess she is trying to turn him against the twins and Austin. The weekend button boy is on duty. You hear three words and then fish for a while. I did not hear anything that would get the fish moving, must be another room.


      • #6
        Nono, I did hear one thing that I think piqued their interest this morning. They don't trust Austin, especially after he ran and gave Jackie a heads up that she was going on the block. I think Shelli is personally put off by the way he is with the twins and then keeping Jackie as his bit on the side (like he's cheating on Liz). I think Jason saying that he wants to go after Austin was exactly what they needed to hear. They need someone to go after Austin so that his blood is not on their hands.

        I agree that Shelli is getting close to pulling the trigger on Audrey. I just don't know if it will happen this week. They really do seem inclined to wait for a double eviction.

        I read people comparing Vanessa last week to Amanda, but Shelli and Clay really seem to be more like Amanda and McRae. You have people falling all over themselves to run to them with information.


        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
          Editing a comment
          I missed that, geo....good catch. That makes sense.

          I did get some clarification on James because I couldn't figure out why he would pull JohnnyMac from the block instead of Jason with his PoV. He evidently was just talking because he thought that's what people want to hear. He just told Audrey that he wouldn't try to win PoV because he doesn't want blood on his hands and Meg would kill him if he didn't pull of Jason. So James is just floating right now (although I'm not sure telling Audrey anything is a good move). And now I really am gone to breakfast group (why am I still here? I'm late.)

      • #7
        Ken, thanks for spelling out all the alliances Shelli/Clay have made. I would like to see Audrey go but agree this would not be the week to send her out. She would tell everyone everything (which she does now) I like Jason and would like for him to make jury because he really needs the money but he will not help their game. I would hate to lose Steve this early so hope he does not go on the block. Shelli would like to send Austin home but I think he would explode more than Audrey. Shelli and Clay needs to pick an alliance and stick with it.


        • #8
          sdkgeo, I watched a conversation between Shelli and Vanessa. They both think his head is not in the game because he is obessed(my word not theirs) with Liz . They think he really does not care if he wins the game. They both have decided that they will not talk game around him. It was funny because he walked into the HOH when they were talking about him. Austin is a hot head and he would explode if he ended up on the block this week.

          All the house guest have gone to bed except Julia. She is putting on her make up. Off to get some work done around here. Have a great day all.


          • #9
            Shelli starting to back pedal from putting Audrey up. Clay working her hard right now about Audrey going. She is considering putting up Austin if she has to chose someone.

            Earlier Steve was in the SR talking to himself. He was wound up about Audrey. Kept repeating that he cannot let her out of his sight, he has to stick to her, interrupt every convo etc. While he is having his meeting with himself, Audrey was in HoH running her mouth. Uh..Steve.. less talk, more action!

            And, now, Van is talking to Austin about being sick of Audrey.

            After PoV picks things are going to get real interesting!


            • DeeAnneG
              DeeAnneG commented
              Editing a comment
              I would be happy with either of the A-s.

          • #10
            So it sounds like Shelli and Clay want to drift back to Meg and Jason, the cool kids. I think they feel they fit in with them better. They just drifted too far to far to the outsiders because of Vanessa being in power last week.


            • OutOfTheDarkness
              OutOfTheDarkness commented
              Editing a comment
              Maybe the 3rd trying to post will be the charm.

              Think Shay is seeing that Van, Austin, twins & Audrey are no fun. All game talk or obsession convos. They see the others having fun, & wonder why they not having any. They a

          • #11
            Geo, Clay wants Audrey out. He was working Shelli hard after she came back from DR and was back pedaling. Van is also going to pressure Shelli about getting Audrey out. Right now I think all are just waiting to see PoV players. If Audrey isn't picked, then it will be full court press on the PoV player to unify in a decision.


            • ElizaJ
              ElizaJ commented
              Editing a comment
              It sounds to me like production has got to her since she is back peddling after leaving the DR.. I don't know who it was but there was a brief conversation a week or so ago where the HOH mentioned "they" (production) was trying to talk her out of putting up Audrey.

            • TTOTambz2
              TTOTambz2 commented
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              ElizaJ .... it was Shelli saying TPTB were trying to get her to keep Jeff

          • #12
            Finally figured who Clay reminds me of - Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.


            • joahnn00
              joahnn00 commented
              Editing a comment
              LOL, the other day I was thinking he looked like Prince Charming in Shrek, same personality

            • fflat1
              fflat1 commented
              Editing a comment
              I'm so tired of him. Not only does he act like a misogynist towards Shelli, but he really doesn't play the game intelligently.

            • BettyBoo
              BettyBoo commented
              Editing a comment
              Can't wait for him to be a have not or get nommed. His real character will show. Until then:

              No one's been like Gaston
              A kingpin like Gaston
              Yes, as a specimen, I'm intimidating!

          • #13
            I am so excited for POV today. My hope is that Audrey doesn't get picked and that opens the door for renom should John or Jason wins it. With Vaneesa and Clay pushing hard to get Audrey out. If Audrey goes that is one of Clay and Shelli's allies gone. Leaving the "outsiders" intact for one more week. I think that whoever sits beside Audrey is safe, no matter what spews from her mouth. At this point in the game everyone knows Audrey's game. It's going to be hard for her to change that. Luck plays a big part in these plans so I'm hoping the BB Gods are working today.


            • #14
              Oh, BB gods, please grant our wish and smite the evil sorceress. Let her never make jury or worse the final. Let our Johnny Mac triumph over them in battle to be forever victorious in BB annals.


              • PumpkinPie
                PumpkinPie commented
                Editing a comment
                I'm on that prayer chain with you, Boo.

              • psucolleen
                psucolleen commented
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                I'm lighting candles and singing "Kumbaya" in solidarity!

            • #15
              While the HGs sleep...

              There's a 2011 article on ESPN online about Vanessa and her former husband Chad Brown. It's called "Facing Life's Challenges Together" by Gary Wise. I bring it up because I've been researching a little in an effort to discover how Vanessa has transformed from a million dollar poker winner to this emotional Big Brother player. If you read this article, the pieces come together a bit better.

              Turns out that Vanessa used to be known for her emotional outbursts. These quotes from the article by Gary Wise:

              "There was a time when Vanessa Rousso would flash some of the worst reactions in the game as a result of a bad beat or a knockout. Rousso wore on her sleeve her desire for victory and disdain for those moments in poker that inevitably deprive us of it -- even those she shouldn't control. It's who she was."

              Then the article talks about Vanessa's husband Chad Brown (who she referred to as her soul mate) finding out he had cancer. Gary Wise's words again:
              "Gone is the girl who would shriek and sob about relatively little things like the turn of a card. In her place is a woman who understands there are more important things than poker; one who has found an even keel as a result. You wouldn't want to have to learn the lessons she has, but they're a silver lining."

              That explains a lot to me. Vanessa's natural bent is toward the emotional side (she used to shriek and sob at the turn of a card?), but she trained herself (and life taught her) to be more even keel. Now that she is thrown into the Big Brother house, it's normal that she has reverted to the emotional side again because it's her natural bent. Hopefully she'll find that even keel again. While I enjoy the drama, I really think she's more fun to watch when she's not quite as cray-cray. The drama will be there either way.

              (Other info from my research, but none of it important to the game: After 2 years of marriage, Vanessa and Chad announced their divorce 6 months after the article was written. No reason given. I think Chad was in remission at the time, but he died from the cancer in July 2014. Vanessa only recently came out as gay.)


              • KeninVA
                KeninVA commented
                Editing a comment
                Vanessa had a long conversation with someone about coming out to her husband and family about being gay, and what she went through with his death. It was a very interesting journey for her. I don't forget that she was the "golden child", feted in poker for her wins at a young age, youngest graduate of Duke, etc. She described making a living at poker as soulless.

              • psucolleen
                psucolleen commented
                Editing a comment
                "nono the investigative fish"!! Thanks, nono! It's interesting how, although she nicely turned things around in light of what life was dealing (no pun intended) her and her husband, it's easy to see how in an evironment such as BB, she can revert to those earlier tendencies. I don't blame her whatosever. We are a product of our experiences. I think I 'm one of the few who still likes her. I find her very dynamic (especially after watching that home tour). But, I've not watched the feeds much whatsoever so I'm not tainted by her non-stop talking. ;0)

              • ~BBPam
                ~BBPam commented
                Editing a comment
                Thank you all so much for these posts ... I can always count on you for doing the research, Ms. Nono-the-bestest. I'm just reading up on today's events, finally (fingers crossed) I have most of my 'puter issues fixed.

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