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Live Feed Discussion-July 20

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 20

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  • #2
    Morning everybody. Does everyone have a drama hangover from yesterday? I know I do and things should be interesting today after the Veto ceremony. I am bummed that I have to go to work and miss it. Such is life.


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      Good morning BBU,

      Drama hangover explains it well, Geo. Also, a gift to the live feeders....they did this during the day and on a Sunday, thank you Audrey!

      Audrey is toast and she knows it. She commented to herself yesterday afternoon "I said I would go out with a bang" at least she kept her word to herself. Except for veto ceremony, she will stay hidden having her pity party. What is sad with her game is that she had potential, she just couldn't shut her mouth. The constant game talk, the constant need for reassurance, failing to heed good advice. I wonder if she is like this in real life.

      JMac, Liz and Steve were virtually invisible during the melee. Wise on their parts.... let the bombs drop and then sort through the remnants.

      Van is having to regroup. She worked James hard last night playing to his ego. She tried to make a deal with Jackie who wasn't interested. Van would be smart to sit back for a day or two. Be observant, listen, and make forward decisions later.... you know, like a poker player!

      I thought I saw tiny bits of game come out in Jackie yesterday then poof gone. Does she not realize she is going to have to align with people?

      I don't think Jason totally discounts what Audrey told. He will keep it to himself and be very watchful for proof. I'm really starting to like Jason more and more.

      Becky is another I just can't get into. Is she just laying low in hopes of getting to jury because I just don't see her having any game whatsoever.

      Again, thank you Audrey for the exciting day!


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        That was wild yesterday, huh, geo and twirly?! Morning everyone.

        We've had some really good live feed days this year, but that was the best so far. First Audrey/Clay, then my favorite part where Clay tried to block Audrey at HoH with Audrey trying to get her foot in the door and beg Shelli. It was wonderful. Audrey actually thought Shelli would pick her over Clay. And then the actual Shelli/Clay/Vanessa/Audrey fight with screaming/crying/gnashing of teeth. Oh, that was fun!!!! (And only Shelli was impressive. The other three? Vanessa looked bad, Clay looked bad, Audrey looked bad.)

        I didn't watch the House Meeting Minus One from last night....but it sounds like a doozy. While I loved the daytime fight, I'm too dang tender-hearted to watch the night time meeting because it reads like mob-craziness. Don't misunderstand...I think Audrey should go and it's a smart move on their part to get her out now. But once it's been decided, it hurts my heart to see them be mean to her as a group. Somewhere her mom and dad are broken-hearted watching that.

        On the other hand, I think the House Meeting Minus One brought another awesome insight from Super Fan Clay. (Read that last sentence with extreme sarcasm). His reason for getting Audrey out: She's bringing paranoia and lies and stress to Big Brother. Clay's description of why they are all there this summer? "Play the game, enjoy the people, make memories."

        Yeah. Right.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          I did not think it was hard hearted at all. They never attacked her, just her game moves. It is worth watching the first half, since Shelli and Clay reformed the original band, with Meg, James and Jason, and Shelli totally threw Liz under the bus to them, telling Meg, James, Jason, Jackie was Liz's target, and James was just a pawn. All the dissembling was for naught. James, Jason and Jackie know Audrey was truth telling, which won't save her, but has put a target square on Vanessa, Austin, and Liz. Jason was heard telling James, after this, we know we can trust Clay. Look for Austin, Liz, Vanessa to be major targets next week.

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          From reading only, it didn't come across as hard-hearted. Sounded like game. Good game considering Audrey's M.O. And they made a point to say they weren't going to ostracize her -- which almost comes across as bad game, because they know how dangerous she is once she gets talking. So let's see how the week plays out but it sounds like they were trying to do the best game move in the most gentle way possible with a player like Audrey.

        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
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          Oh...that's good to know. I was getting my cue from some big dogs on twitter who said it was too much attack. I'll flashback when I get home. I'm especially interested in the re-forming of the original band, Ken. That's just wild that they now want to be back with them. I think that was Clay's original desire, but Shelli liked the other group better. Now Shelli thinks she likes this group better. Do you think Clay never stopped liking the group with Meg, James, and Jason the best? (I'm so behind, y'all may not see this to answer, so I'll re-ask in a new post in a bit.)

      • #5
        NoNo, I don't think Clay understands that the game he is there to play isn't tiddlywinks!


        • #6
          There's got to be more to the "Back to the Nineties" Twist, right? It can't be only that the Whack Street Boys perform....what kind of twist is that?


          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            A lame one, like 90 percent of the twists this show uses.

        • #7
          I was lost to my family yesterday as the feeds pulled me in ....see, Audrey can cause mayhem in the larger world as They all know that realignment is coming, so I see them almost like they're brand new to the game - kinda hyper and giddy. Shelli, I reluctantly give you props for good game work yesterday. Vanessa, how many of those pills you taking??? And finally, come on Jason, be the leader so many are willing to let you be. As far as Audrey - she has brought upon herself a train wreck psychology experiment with mob defensiveness aimed straight at her - aggressive dumb play tends to do that.


          • #8
            It was a great day for watching the feeds yesterday. Thank God for the flashback feature!! It's great to see Audrey finally being called out. I would love a season where all the players were fans and not recruits. It would be interesting.


            • #9
              I've never been an Audrey fan and won't miss her once she's gone, however I think Big Brother should do a better job with their psychological testing of house guests. It seems to me they were far more interested in ratings at having a transgender on the show than truly caring about whether or not she was capable mentally to handle the stress of being in the house.


              • KeninVA
                KeninVA commented
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                I think Audrey is fine. All the histrionics are an act, designed to garner sympathy.

              • crissykins
                crissykins commented
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                I really wanted to like Audrey, I really did. I just can't stand the way she says stuff and then pins it on other people. I knew it would come back to bite her in the butt when everyone started talking and comparing notes. I just thought it would happen sooner. It actually did happen sooner, and I guess they thought she learned her lesson and wouldn't do it again?

              • nonobadfish
                nonobadfish commented
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                I have to admit, I never liked Audrey from her very first interview. But it had nothing to do with being transgender (I didn't even know at the time). I disliked her because she wouldn't stop smacking her gum. How shallow am I? I know...that's pretty bad. But she lost me with the first smack. #PetPeeve

            • #10
              My thoughts on getting Audrey out this week: The actual voting out of Audrey a smart game move for everyone. The only bad that comes out of it is in how each HG handles it. I know some think that it's a bad move for the Sixth Sense alliance since Audrey is a number, but she wasn't really a number. She couldn't be counted as a vote (see hinky votes) and she spent most of her time sowing doubt in each alliance member's head about the others in their own alliance. It was hurting Shelli's game to keep her (even though she was most loyal to Shelli) because it raised doubt about Shelli in many HGs AND because Audrey was trying to split Shelli away from her biggest ally Clay.

              So, IMO, they are doing the best thing they could do (especially since the Sixth Sense alliance was starting to break up anyway.)

              The issue is going to be how they each handle it for their own game going forward:

              Shelli: Handled it beautifully yesterday afternoon, but appeared to be too obvious which lies she got angry over in the House Meeting Minus One last night. She needs to make sure she doesn't overplay this.

              Clay: Somehow he has everyone in the house thinking he's on their side. I sure don't like him, but he must be great at his social game.

              Vanessa: Has WAY overplayed this. It looks like (to me) that she's raised doubt about herself with all of them. It's a lingering doubt, and probably will hurt more long-term than short-term.

              Austin: Needs to lay lower.

              Liz/John/Becky: Doing a good job right now of saying just enough to stay involved, but not drawing attention.

              Meg: I don't see her getting hurt by any of this, and she may come out stronger with new alliance options.

              Steve: Something's off with Steve. I'm a bit surprised with him. His monologue to the cameras yesterday morning where Jason was his target and then this morning's monologue where James is the target seem strange. Is his read on the game bad? For a super-intelligent Super Fan, something's off with his game and I don't know if it's an act or if it's real.

              James: James could come out of this in danger. He's too involved in the drama (not necessarily his fault), but when the dust settles, I think there will be doubt about James (is he lying or telling the truth? I think both?)

              Jackie: I can't figure out if this is good for Jackie or bad. For a minute I thought it was good, but then she won't say the right things to the right people....and she's talking to Audrey enough to raise suspicion. And somehow she still doesn't seem to know what's going on (even though for a hot minute I thought she did).

              Jason: This Audrey mess is the best thing that could happen to him. He's the week's winner (because that dear boy was going home until all of this).

              As for us? It's like we have been given a gift. Yes, we're going to miss the drama of Audrey....but her drama wasn't really good game drama. It was irritating, not fun. And now we are sort of getting a game's not an official re-set, but new alliances and lines in the sand will appear. It will be great fun to watch how they all re-group (like having the first week in the house on the feeds.)

              All new drama will ensue. (Yay Mo' Drama Mamas!)

              (And if TPTB save Audrey? OH MY GOSH. Can you imagine how wild it will be then???????? Win win situation for us, BBU buddies.)
              Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-20-2015, 08:05 AM.


              • Livzee
                Livzee commented
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                i agree that Audrey drama was weird and made reading the lay of the game really hard. Bye bye

            • #11
              Morning all,

              Not much time to provide analysis, but the house went through a major shift last night. Audrey on the ropes, but not out yet, once Jason is off the block. Vanessa squarely identified as the major threat in game that she is, Liz/Austin identified targets for James/Jackie and Shelli/Clay skating back to the the ADC, apparently unscathed. Feeds after PoV will be fun to watch, and Audrey, despite a rough night, is going to be scheming up a mad storm later. Meg will likely be the Audrey police, unless Audrey can convince Jason, once he is safe, that keeping her for a week, and blindsiding JMac out makes the most sense. I don't think she can do it, but it is her only realistic play. Post thursday, the house reconfigures to :

              Shelli/Clay - (Vannessa) tied loosely to Shelli; SHLAY tied to Jmac/Jackie ; Shlay tied to James/Jason/Meg

              Jackie, Jmac, Becky tied, via Jackie to James and Jason

              Meg/James and Jason


              Vanessa/Steve (she will lose steve in a heart beat to improve her position)

              Steve/jmac (Jmac has already cut steve's throat, and will let him go in heartbeat.).

              Assuming Audrey goes home Thursday night the best position in the house : Shelli/Clay

              Bottom of the house: a large group, Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Jackie, Becky, Steve

              in the middle: Jason, Meg, James, Jmac

              Out the door: Audrey

              The large bottom group is the result of Audrey's outing, and the skill Shelli/Clay played off the reveal, and that they had already been working a Jason/Meg alliance, before all this came out. Vanessa was trying the same thing, but without the interpersonal skill to pull it off. So instead of 2 large groups aligned, with now clear targets, the house is really aligned in a triad, with Shellie/Clay at the top, and Austin/Liz/Vanessa on one side, and James/Meg/Jason - loosely Jackie on the other. Who gets targeted will depend on who has power next thursday. I don't expect anyone but Clay to be throwing the HoH next week (It would be glorious to have an old fashioned endurance based on will power, like pressure cooker, this Thursday).


              • #12
                Originally posted by nonobadfish

                As for us? It's like we have been given a gift. Yes, we're going to miss the drama of Audrey....but her drama wasn't really good game drama. It was irritating, not fun. And now we are sort of getting a game's not an official re-set, but new alliances and lines in the sand will appear. It will be great fun to watch how they all re-group (like having the first week in the house on the feeds.)

                All new drama will ensue. (Yay Mo' Drama Mamas!)

                (And if TPTB save Audrey? OH MY GOSH. Can you imagine how wild it will be then???????? Win win situation for us, BBU buddies.)
                I agree, after awhile it almost seems like abuse (whether it's Audrey abusing us or the house, or the house abusing Audrey, I'm not sure). But it gets old and we need fresh meat.

                I like the idea of a game reset and and a shuffle, too. Maybe "the other side of the house" will get it together and start figuring things out so things change. Get an interesting HOH pair next week and we'll be in business!


                • #13
                  Shelli and Clay, separately, are both looking better -- and more easy to root for as potential winners -- with Audrey cut from the house.


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                    Do we have private messaging? If so, any hints on how to get to it?


                    • Luanne
                      Luanne commented
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                      Go up to help-- then manage your account. There is a section on private messaging. Hope you find what you are look for. I have not used it .

                    • Blogzie
                      Blogzie commented
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                      I did spend some time yesterday trying to figure out how to work private messaging and I didn't have much luck. It could be that I'm an idiot (which is very likely) or perhaps TPTB have not activated that feature, for whatever reason.
                      Last edited by Blogzie; 07-20-2015, 08:40 AM.

                    • cutencuddly
                      cutencuddly commented
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                      Thanks, Luanne.

                      Thanks Blogzie. I guess not activated. You're one I was thinking about PM-ing.

                  • #15
                    Good morning all- Thank you Ken for breaking it all down. Shelli is good. She really does have a good heart and it comes through. She is able to put someone on the block and convince them that she did not really want to do it and is truly sorry. Shelli and Clay have worked the side alliance so well. Vanessa has not handled the past two weeks very well and I do not think she has a chance to win the game. I keep hoping to see more game play from a couple of them. Becky impressed me when she won HOH but she has pulled back again. Love Johnny Mac - I think he has made moves that have not been shown on the feeds. His strong support of Jeff indicated that he had talked game with someone. Was not a fan of Jackie but boy did she put Vanessa in her place yesterday. Telling Vanessa she did not need her to include her in her deals as she was ok with both Jason and Johnny. Golden.

                    I was able to watch some of the drama yesterday but not all. Will be going back to catch up. I thought the drama would be after the POV not before. Shows you what I know.

                    Have a great day everyone.


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