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Live Feed Discussion-July 21

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 21

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    Morning all. Will there be an Audrey sighting today?


    • #3
      Morning geo, and all who follow,

      No real updates today. We were cheated out of Audrey scheming, and paranoia spreading because of her total meltdown. Just some quick observations:

      Vanessa pulling Jason down lost a lot of value, due to Audrey's meltdown. She could have pulled Jmac, and Jason would have been just as safe. After yesterday, Audrey has zero chance to do anything.

      Shell is starting to get entitled, has let Audrey's info about Vanessa color her thoughts, and is just a wee bit hypocritical, being worried Vanessa lied about the Jeff boot set up, while ignoring the 6 or 8 major lies she told in the HoH room the other night.

      Clay sees the house dynamics, but not necessarily his place in them. He tells Shelli, the kumbaya moment will lead to pressure to nom/him or shelli, out of "fairness", and they have to be careful about the "other side" getting HoH. But, for Clay/Shelli, there is no other side. The most risk they have is from Jackie, who really buys into the fairness doctrine, but would go after Austin, Liz or Vanessa first. This lack of house position awareness can be dangerous, because it cause him to overplay. He and Shelli are sitting pretty, with no one but Jackie bringing up their names for a potential nom. He needs to lay back, and let the events unfold. If he starts to try to make deals, or shore up his position, people will get suspicious.

      Meg told Jackie, the house consensus seems to be, keep the twins in until they both enter, to prevent a prior boot from returning (what the house thinks will happen if Liz gets booted before her sister gets in). This is terrible news for Vanessa. While Austin would be the primary boot, Vanessa would look good as a replacement nom, and while I think she survives against Steve (the likely matchup to Austin) her position is not that strong, and people recognize her as a threat. Given the opportunity to get her out, she might very well be a casualty.

      The only thing different today, is Liz's position in the house. Clay/Shelli on top. Jmac, Jason, Meg, James, and Liz in the middle. Austin, Vanessa, Jackie, Steve on the bottom.

      Look for Audrey sightings today on the feeds. If she fails to make an appearance, all the action will be the hamsters positioning themselves for next week.


      • Delvoire
        Delvoire commented
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        Becky is this years Victoria, even KeninVA has forgotten about her!

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        It must be her strategy. Fly below the visible horizon, and pop up when the Final 3 think they are in the home stretch.

    • #4
      Reading over updates, I see Vanessa & Becky were kind to Audrey only for her to ignore their efforts. If this was strictly physical (think Jocasta last year), she'd be grateful for help. This is a massive pout that her game stunk. Should she be in the house? Probability not, since she doesn't handle losing well making herself ill. Will she learn from it? Hopefully, but only if she looks inward, not outward for reasons.

      In life it's not so much what you're hit with, but how you handle it. I will be interested to hear what she says to Julie and why she thinks she was evicted. Yes, this is a game, but HOW you play it says a lot about you as a person. I'd rather lose with grace and dignity, then win and be despised.

      Going forward, the next HOH win will be interesting. If another SS wins, then the outsiders will continue to be picked off. If an outsider finally wins then the SS will be broken up. If they just knew to pick off Liz, it would be best move to kill the SS numberwise, but doubt that will happen as they target Austin or Clay, getting out muscles. There are cracks in SS but hopefully they see they're stronger together especially once Julia comes in as a real block of six.

      I'm still on the Johnny Reading Railroad in my heart, but see Shelli as most likely to win right now. She plays nice, making good decisions, so can garner votes to win. BUT still two more months of play so lots more stuff can happen to twist & turn. This is more the Tour de France, then the Kentucky Derby.


      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        Bettyboo, I'm not sure that we know what any of the Sixth Sense will actually do if they win HoH. Shelli/Clay (it would be a Clay win) don't want to show which side they're with since they are sitting pretty, so his best bet is throw the comp. Vanessa doesn't want to be seen protecting the SS because she's trying to minimize that target on her back since the "other side" has some strength. Austin and Juliz think that there has been a game reset, so whoever they target will be more about protecting Juliz than about protecting SS. It should definitely be a new and interesting week (well, after Audrey leaves. Until then, it's going to be interesting simply because their conversations will tell us what to be watching for).

    • #5
      Morning all...
      I knoooooooooooooow, KenInVA. We got cheated by a bit by Audrey's meltdown....but we got a double whammy on Sunday, so I think we're even. I don't think we were ever going to get more from Audrey since "Go to the bed and hide" seems to be her go-to reaction.

      Interesting conversation last night with Jason, Steve and Austin. There was a discussion wondering if this was an Audrey campaign or if it was a real problem she is having. Jason said if it were a campaign, they wouldn't be suspending some of the Have-Not rules for her. Austin asked if they were doing that, and Jason answered that they're letting Audrey have pizza so they must not be just a campaign.

      Are they letting Audrey have pizza? Jason usually is on top of things, but I wonder if that's just a rumor or if it's actually true and we just missed it on the feeds. Hmmmm...


      • ~smee~
        ~smee~ commented
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        nonobadfish , I did see Becky making a pizza for Audrey maybe about midnight BBT, so I am sure that is not a rumor. She somehow dropped it in the oven and some got on the heating element, starting a small fire. Her reaction was kinda cute, and that of the other hamsters, too. I'm not sure if anyone actually cleaned the heating element, tho...
        (More storms last night, and I had trouble sleeping, so I tried watching the feeds awhile. Not much was happening at the time, with the oven fire being the only drama not hiding under a blanket.)
        Last edited by ~smee~; 07-21-2015, 07:20 AM.

      • Twirlly
        Twirlly commented
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        I was thinking last night that they had to allow her to eat, especially giving her meds, and I'm sure it wasn't slop! So, she got to throw a temper tantrum and for it she received food, sleeping in the dark, hell, she probably got to take a nap in DR on something that isn't a dentist chair too. I see this as so unfair to the other HGs, especially the HNs.

        Last year when Jocasta was truly sick they didn't let her sleep in the dark during the day!!

        I see a bad precedence being set here.

      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        Thanks, smee! Sorry about the storms and trouble sleeping, but glad you were awake to see. Twirlly, I'm kinda okay with her having pizza and sleeping in the dark because they probably did need to let her eat food after giving her meds, and she probably really needed sleep after taking them as well. I bet that was part of their deal with her: "Go back in. Don't self-evict. We'll give you meds and let you take care of yourself until you feel better." It probably would be worse if they'd made her eat slop while on the meds. Yuck. I'd rather them let her break some Have Not rules instead of allowing her to self-evict and cause havoc for the other HGs. She's going home anyway....eating or not eating won't change that. (They can even give her penalty votes for eating, I suppose. It wouldn't matter much). Once she's calmed down, maybe she won't have to be medicated the next few days. I really hope (for Audrey's sake) that she can get up, feel better, and make the most of her last few days in the house.

    • #6
      Obi Wan & myself were writing at the same time. It's funny, but although we're not in sync I think we'd agree that there's lots of game left w/each HOH having the potential to flip the house. Wonder if anyone but Meg will throw this HOH? It's crucial for the balance the game for the numbers on each side.


      • #7
        One more thing, and then I've got to go get ready. I'm really going to try to work today!!!!

        Steve told Liz last night that everyone knew she was a twin and to stop wasting energy on trying to hide the secret. Liz told Steve that the Twin Twist ends when there are 10 HGs (which means they are pretending that it goes a week longer than it actually does). I think Steve believes them, but now Austin and Liz are thinking about bringing Jason in to their secret so he will help protect Juliz. If they do, they will tell him the Top Ten lie as well. I wonder if he will believe it, or if he'll see through their plan but play along?

        There's enough conversation about the twins that I think it's POSSIBLE that they become a target if Jason wins HoH (or has influence on someone who wins HoH). I agree with KenInVA (uh oh) that Austin is more likely a target, but we may see a swing towards getting out a twin when this week's eviction happens and the twins still aren't in the game. (I do think this Top Ten lie is smart on Austin's and Juliz' part, though. Just wonder if it will work or if it plants more doubt instead.)


        • #8
          Oh and one more thing (there's always one more thing):

          Late last night, Jason and Jackie had a conversation where they said that they didn't know for sure if Clay/Shelli were really with them, but that they were definitely getting closer to being with them. I like the fact that they realize that maybe Barbie and Ken aren't quite what they seem. I thought that Clay had them fooled. So while I think Clay/Shelli are safe this week, at least eyes are open. Yay! Now I'm really gone.


          • #9
            I see where Jason/Jackie, Shelli, Clay and others are conversing/strategizing. Is John doing this with anyone. I know he may feel safe this week, but still....


            • #10
              I agree cashg3 - I want to root for JMac, but all I have seen out of him so far is volunteering to go on the block. What is his strategy? I like to root for underdogs, Steve, Jason, Becky I see some gameplay from them. But JMac?


              • #11
                Good morning everyone.... Thanks to storms and visitors, I missed all the excitement (not) of Audrey's melt down. Not being in the house, it is really hard to tell how much is real and how much is her poor sportsmanship. My first thought was not fair to let her eat and keep the lights off in the day time. However, if her melt down is real, I understand them allowing this to get her through the week. My third thought was if real, how can they let her stay till Thursday. I think they have decided that since she is leaving Thursday, what difference does it make if she eats. My question to the ones that watched late yesterday and last night, did she go to the bathroom??


                • ~smee~
                  ~smee~ commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Luanne, I do not know for sure, but I did hear Austin & Liz talking about that --Liz was saying, "is she even peeing?" and Austin said, "she probably doesn't need to because she isn't eating or drinking anything," and Liz said, "that is not healthy -- she needs to pee." (Not exact words, but close.) The little I watched in the middle of the night, they all seem to be concerned about Audrey, but every time they started to talk about her, we got nonobadfish and her little friends swimming around.

                • Luanne
                  Luanne commented
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                  Thanks, I would be in big trouble if I tried that.

              • #12
                cashg3 and sf35772- I want to root for JMac but want to see more game from him. I think he talked game with Vanessa or Shelli. I did not see it but someone wrote about it because they were surprised . Ken, do you know, I know he has talked a little game with Steve. With this cast, he may be waiting to jump in. A lot of them should have waited before forming so many alliances.


                • #13
                  Johnny seemed pretty quiet and reserved last night -- I think he is just nervous because he is still on the block, and this is Big Brother. You cannot be sure you are safe in his position until Julie actually says you are, no matter what.


                  • Myragirl
                    Myragirl commented
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                    As he very well should. In BB you should never be comfortable being OTB. And really if the otherside had smarter people, someone in addition to James who could see the truth in Audrey's game blowup, didn't have people like Meg and Jackie who obviously know nothing about BB, and think they are in summer camp, if Shelli had any doubts that most of them bought her spin of what happened, JMac could have been in real jeopardy. I think he has a good read on the house. He just needs to put his foot down about being a nominee going forward.

                • #14
                  Vanessa really should have saved JMac to cement a relationship with him. She was and is still high on the boot list for the other side, even though she saved Jason. I remember Meg, Jackie, and Jeff talking about their boot list week 2 of Austin/Liz/Vanessa unfortunately for them, Vanessa and Austin, the then outsiders got power and Shelli realigned with them partly because she targeted Day who was a part of that side instead of Audrey and was unsure of the repercussions, and partly because she wanted to be protected in the event that the power dynamics changed (which it did). The real insiders are Ken and Barbie. I find most of the HGs hypocritical. Meg and Jackie are targeting Vanessa/Liz/Austin but are shocked and angry at the possibility that the same people could be targeting them. Ken and Barbie with their multiple alliances and lies are targeting people for the exact same reason. What happened to BB being a competition? What happened to the fact that the other HGs are also playing to at the very least make Jury or even win the grand prize? What happened to the notion that if you aren't a friend, you are an enemy, and should be a target? Vanessa did overplay this week and the last, but she isn't wrong for wanting to make a deal with Jason and Meg who she is clearly not aligned, while taking off Jason from the block. Most favors in the BB house come with a price tag, and IMO Meg and Jackie are showing their recruit status by expecting any less from Vanessa for taking Jason off. Forming alliances, making deals, building relationships to shield oneself, and winning comps has always been a part of BB, and I am yet to see a winner who didn't employ some combination of that as strategy to win.

                  I do think Jason sees the house clearly for what it is. He knows that Shelli and Clay are calling on integrity and loyalty every step of the way, while boldly lying to their faces. What I am confused about is his insistence on remaining on that side of the house, without building any kind of relationships outside of it. I wouldn't expect that from any superfan.


                  • TTOTambz2
                    TTOTambz2 commented
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                    Actually I think the reason Jason remains close to Shlay is precisely that reason. He knows Shlay are somewhat aligned (as per an earlier convo with Jackie) with Vanessa, Austin and the twins, with their 5 (James/Meg/Jason) and he sees them interacting with Jackie/Becky/JMac and Steve. My thoughts are he feels they are the hub of the house so if he is closest to them his protection is greater.

                • #15
                  Thursday should be fun, I can't wait to see what Audrey reveals or says to Julie.

                  I guess by this point we can get rid of the old moniker "the pawn always goes home". I don't think the pawn has gone out the door in quiet some time.

                  I also think Vanessa made the right move, in her head, by saving Jason and not J-Mac. To her, J-Mac is already on their side, or tied to them, since he has thrown 3 BOTB's, in her eyes anyway, we all know the last one was not thrown. To her it looks good to make a short deal with Jason and think she already has sway over J-Mac. Not saying that's a sound plan because I believe J-Mac can be a real wild card if he wins HoH. I just hope he doesn't let other people take over his HoH if he does in fact win.

                  How epic would it be to have a J-Mac/Steve HoH next week??


                  • ~smee~
                    ~smee~ commented
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                    Epically epic, for sure.

                  • *Pasha*
                    *Pasha* commented
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                    Not only epic....but something I would LOVE to see!!!

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