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Live Feed Discussion - July 22

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  • Eeh, warning, Frankie has his own page in new TV Guide. All most lost my lunch when I flipped the page & that pink hair hit me.


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      As a regular feature? Or a one-time thing?

  • Mmmnnn listening to Vanessa just chat and I swear I hear Cher in her conversational voice. Strange, since never sensed that before.


    • I am sure the transgender world is a small world. I would bet Audrey knew about the show "I am Jazz" and being on BB might have earned her a show of her own. Her actions have most likely voided any chance.

      Has Russel reappeared? Maybe time for a APB.


    • Yeah, Audrey's little song and dance (complete with cape and hood?!) was strange.

      Also when she was trying to pry info and names out of Shelli, she kept saying how much Ativan she is on, that's she's numb and can't remember names... Then she'd pull out entire convos complete with names. O_o

      I do agree she's attempting to play production as well as others. But her sole purposes when talking to Shelli were two things - create doubt and paranoia (she did upset Shelli to tears) and to gather info on who said what.

      She's got to know Shelli isn't casting a vote (unless there is a tie) so Shelli can't save her, her only hope is to talk coherently with the HG's who WILL be voting. Even if they say "when you go tomorrow" or things like that, she theoretically could have still gotten votes to stay, but she is still ignoring many HG's, refusing to talk to them even when they tried to open a dialogue. That's not how you get votes to stay, by becoming a hermit or sticking your head in the sand.

      Look at Dan's Funeral and how he pulled off a stay even planning the entire thing while being tortured alone in a punishment room - no HG could brng him food in bed, and he couldn't turn off the lights, etc. However, Audrey isn't in Dan's (BB game) league. Can you even imagine if she got a punishment during a comp like Dan did? Or like others have that were similar? Or wearing a unitard or whatever else previous punishments were?
      Gosh, even Ian made the best out of having to wear a dog suit - and - have to be 'walked' to the restroom, no sitting on furniture, etc. He even told them he took that as wanting the entire BB experience... And that guy went all the way to the end and won, even his marathon hammock swinging was somewhat endearing as that's how he dealt with internal issues and plans.

      Even when Britney was finally told she was going and about the Brigade, sure, she was hurt (and surely did get hurt) but she had her cry, and except for Enzo who was not nice at all to her when they told her - the other guys were as polite as they could be. She picked herself up and continued, and left the game head held high - and was invited back for another season.

      I don't think Audrey will be invited back. And I don't think she'll get any type of show after BB or whatever extra (amazing Race or anything else) just by her actions here. Maybe she had good potential, but she played way too hard and fast, and talked about everyone to everyone, was laughing at Da'Vonne before she left... and the house caught her in her actions and lies. Once that happened and she found out she was going, she basically "left" - I think the only reasons she didn't DOR (walk out) are that she:

      1: break the contract
      2: no pay
      3: no future with CBS and / or BB in any way, shape or form due to (1).

      I don't know if she was lying to Shelli when she said she had been assured she would not get "boo'd" when she walked out, or that 'they' are making up special Julie questions for her... But if those were not lies, that's not right (what other HG would get that treatment) and also, if she's that sick or unstable, or unwell to handle questions or go to Press Day (which she said she wouldn't be attending) - and - if she's on the amount of Ativan she claims she is (she wouldn't be able to have recalled all the things she told Shelli while tryi to get info) then BB perhaps should have just let her DOR or, help her by way of the DR back door - to get her any help she needs - and then tell the other HG's that the game continues.

      Oh, and what's with what's his name (with his supposed girlfriend at home - who, on Twitter - announced to us she's no longer his girlfriend! Wait till he gets out of the house... Oh boy, ) chasing the twin? He creeps me out! Ack!
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