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Live Feed Discussion - July 24

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 24

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    Good morning everyone!


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      Good morning, my friend Kittyboo and EVERYONE!

      First: Julia just told Vanessa that Austin was the vote to keep Audrey. Yay Julia! No more blaming it on Steve (because you know Vanessa won't keep that a secret).

      Second: I find myself in the strangest state of mind this morning. Without Audrey, I don't dislike Shelli and Clay as much as I did. In fact, I'm kind of middle of the road with them. I acknowledge they must be playing one heck of a social game...everyone loves them. I think Jason is on to this and knows they are playing all sides, but he still likes them too. My only real complaint (besides the fact that they are BORING and never make me laugh) is when they start smirking about how "golden" they are. If they'll calm that down somewhat, I can deal with them staying in for awhile. (I would laugh if Clay ends up still on the block on Thursday, though. And it wouldn't make me cry if he somehow got evicted).

      Third: Vanessa's mind is amazing to watch work. But SERIOUSLY I hope Jackie actually stays HoH because I'm afraid Vanessa will completely undo her game if she has another week of power this soon. And she'll undo what's left of my mind if I have to listen to her talk circles all week.

      Fourth: Austin knows Big Brother really well...he's a live feeder. And yet he still is playing this poorly (and is very yucky with his actions). He mentioned head injuries from wrestling, and I'm going to believe him...maybe that's his issue. I'm ready for him to go and then let's watch the twins play (and say, "I knoooooooooow" in stereo). Austin did do one smart thing for his game last night: He considered being the hero and going up on the block to throw the comp so that he could keep his twin safe, but then decided that would be too "obvious." Ha. He wasn't worried about obvious...he was worried about himself, which is the way it should be when you play Big Brother. You don't lose the game over some girl you just met.
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      • Blogzie
        Blogzie commented
        Editing a comment
        In regards to your strange state of mind about Shelli and Clay:

        Snap Out Of It!

        I get acid reflux just thinking that either one may very possibly win the game.

      • cutencuddly
        cutencuddly commented
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        Shelli and Clay are MUCH more palatable without Audrey.

      • Delvoire
        Delvoire commented
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        Just because one watches the game, does not mean one can play the game effectively.

        Austin has made a lot of big mistakes from teaming up early with Jace (2 strong males make easy targets) to a showmance with Liz (those never work out well for both parties). He's created his own disaster here and it will be interesting to see if he does get the backdoor this week.

    • #4
      And what's up with Johnny Mac? I love him (and love that my Brit loves him....did you notice she loves Jason and JMac both? We Arkansans are smart that way. ) But did he throw the HoH last night? And then he went to sleep? As Vanessa said, "Is he playing this game?" I know he's playing low-key and keeping his head down, but I'm hoping that he picks up the pace a bit or he's going to be out of the game. The Dark Moon Alliance left him out and I think he could have easily been a part of it if he had just been awake.


      • Tjeffy
        Tjeffy commented
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        Good morning,
        I think with JMac he is tired from slop. He hasn't complained but he's so skinny and I only remember him eating slop. I don't remember him fixing protein shakes or nothing. Also he thinks he has Shelli and Clay and Vanessa did promise him safety one week into jury. He holds his word and he expects it from others. But I do think his tail needs to get up and play BB. I love him to death because he's so funny but I think with people telling him no one would "vote out baby Jesus" he does have that false sense of security. I hope he kicks it in gear after jury starts. I'm so curious to see him play.

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      I'm talking to myself this morning (which I do very well....I'm an expert at having conversations with myself. Out loud or in my head. I'm a little off, you know.)

      My Post-Audrey List of Favorite HGs (This is so I can document for myself and compare later):

      1/2. Jason and Johnny Mac (tied)
      3. Vanessa
      4. Steve
      5. Juliz (I like Julia best)
      6. Meg (because Jason likes her)
      7. Becky (because JMac likes her)
      8. Shelli
      9. Clay
      10. Jackie
      11. James
      12. Austin


      • TTOTambz2
        TTOTambz2 commented
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        I'm pretty close to yours though I fully have Jason number 1 as I picked him from the get. Shelli is my number 12 (b/c I find her so annoying & fake) and Austin last b/c he's creep mode wrestler.

        I also place Jackie higher for marching to her own drum and turning up her play now that Jeff is gone.

      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        pretty much I agree... Jason is also my number 1 and Sheli and Clay are my bottom.... Sheli would make butter liquify...smarmy. And Im not disliking Jackie as much as most.

    • #6
      Who is John talking game to, other than when Shelli and Clay asked him to go on the block and throw it. Does he talk game with Becky or is that just personal stuff.

      Well, at least Becky will be somewhat relevant to the game for a change.


      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        Morning, geo! That's a very good question. I know John was talking to Becky a long time last night in the Have Not Room and it at least included a little bit of game when Becky asked about Shelli and Clay (and John said that they 'have his back' ). But if he's talking to anyone else, I don't know it. (I only read about the Have Not room convo...I was watching Vanessa and Jackie, so there may have been more gametalk. Did you watch it?)

    • #7
      This group of houseguests are crazy to watch. I don't think I've ever seen so many different the same people no less. On the plus side...we haven't had to sit back and watch one group get picked off by another. Not too boring this year.


      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        Morning, dee!!!! I'm definitely enjoying it. ❤️

    • #8
      One more thing and then I've got to go get stitches out of my foot (the stitches are the result of my klutziness. I may be the biggest klutz in the world....that's why I laughed so loud when the ironing board fell with Meg last night. I self-identified):

      Last season they had TWO weeks of the number of HGs staying the same. The first was when Zach was evicted, but Nicole came back in from the jury. The second was when they hit the Reset Button and no one was evicted.

      So even if the twins come in next week, there is still a very good possibility that an evicted HG returns as well (later in the game). Just because we get the twins doesn't mean we won't also get a Returning HG.

      It's something to think about (and it doesn't necessarily have to be a jury member. We didn't see Julie tell Audrey anything about the twins or who voted to keep her. I don't THINK they'd let Audrey have a chance to come back in, but who knows????)


      • Blogzie
        Blogzie commented
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        I said it last night and I'll say it here again:

        We have not seen the last of Audrey.

      • Myragirl
        Myragirl commented
        Editing a comment
        Please let it not be so. I really do not want to have to watch Audrey again in this game. I love the reset and the scrambling right now. Plus, it'll be rewarding her for her horrible behavior. If they do it now, they will be setting a bad precedence for future BB players.

      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
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        I doubt that Audrey will return because they did show her Jason's good-bye message and he said he was voting her out for Day. That wouldn't be fair if she had a chance to come back in.

    • #9
      Morning nono

      I don't dislike Shelli and Clay, although I feel like Shelli is somewhat fake and Clay a little slimy. I just want them to feel some heat. So many are talking about the twins being a pair that has to be broken up, but I don't see anyone mentioning Clay and Shelli as a pair that needs to be broken up. Whaaaaaaat?

      My list:
      1. Jason
      2. Julia
      3. Meg (I'm surprised how likeable she is)
      4. Vanessa
      5. Johnny Mac
      6. Becky (hard not to like a chick that can survive getting knocked out by a train)
      7. Liz
      8. Steve
      9. Shelli
      11. Jackie
      12. Austin (I gave him the benefit of the doubt but the whole just get me and Liz to jury thing is creepy)


      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
        Editing a comment
        I agree totally about the fake and slimy part. And I agree totally about wanting them to feel some heat. (I should have broken Julia and Liz up on my list...I would have put Julia way above Liz, too. )

    • #10
      Originally posted by DeeAnneG
      This group of houseguests are crazy to watch. I don't think I've ever seen so many different the same people no less. On the plus side...we haven't had to sit back and watch one group get picked off by another. Not too boring this year.
      I agree DeeAnne. It's almost like every week is a reset.


      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
        Editing a comment
        Maybe that's the Takeover Twist that they seem to have totally dropped: Alliances reset every week. (Seriously, is this the fastest they've ever dropped an announced twist? It only lasted two weeks and then...oops. Never mind. No weekly Take Over for you.)

    • #11
      Morning all,

      Vanessa rises from the ashes, Jackie comes out to play, and a new 8 person power alliance is born.

      Like a large bore engine, dropped down from redline to midrange rpm, the screaming, smoking game Vanessa has been playing settled into to cruise last night. Vanessa is in an 8 person dark moon alliance, made a major opening with Jackie, Vanessa's biggest threat in the house, kept Shelli and Steve on her side, and has brought Becky into the fold via Dark Moon. She also pulled Julia to her, by revealing Austin's plans to cut her, which means the twins will fall to her, when Austin leaves. Combined with her secret deal with Steve, and only Jmac is likely to target her over the next few weeks. This, for me, is a remarkable climb from just 4 days ago in her house standing. I also note that for Vanessa, the current expected Noms, Clay/Becky by her, Liz/James by Jackie, while not ideal, has kept Steve off the block (prompted by Vanessa), set Austin up to remain calm, and let Jackie take the heat for the blindside. If disaster strikes today, and Clay/Becky remain on the block, then with a little luck, noms stay the same, and Clay can be sent home, without any blood on her hands, since the house would make the boot. I leave Vanessa with one last thought, this morning she told Becky and Jackie, as they were marveling at how calm everything was, "See how good things can be when women are in charge.".... and I note that this will be her 2nd stint as a co HOH, when a guy will leave the house.

      Dark Moon, is a good alliance for the ladies, and should make James and Clay really nervous. Even is it was to survive intact to 8, the women will start taking guys out at that point, probably starting with Clay, unless he gets knocked off sooner.

      Jackie has handled her business well, and I am going to be watching her interactions with Vanessa. There is some real potential for a power twosome, both strong competitors, who both know how to keep their own council, and their mouths shut.

      Vanessa is taking some risks this cycle, but I believe there is a very low probability of it backfiring.

      Pre-BoB scheming and BoB itself are the most interesting things today. The main event this week will be PoV results.


      • Ladycop
        Ladycop commented
        Editing a comment
        As to you statement about when she is a co HOH a guy leaves the house, if they follow their very only trend it is time for a man to go this week. 1. Jace, 2. Day, 3. Jeff, 4. Audrey so 5. Austin (?). If that trend continues who will the woman be who goes next week?

    • #12
      This group of HG's are nice people with a few exceptions. They seem to enjoy each other as a whole unlike past seasons' HG's. I think this is the reason alliances are fluid and vast. The only true alliances that I see are Jason and Meg and Shellie and Clay. Vanessa has positioned and is positioning herself to circle around these two alliances using them to build her power. She still has not aligned with her true alliance. I wonder if she is waiting for Julia's entry to make a decision about which twin is the best for her. Julia seems to be the better fit for her but need to see her fully in the game before that can be decided.


      • #13
        This is the first season I can remember where you WANT to be nominated. You want your name to be one of the four called out at the nomination ceremony. Because that means you are safe!
        Every eviction so far has been through the back door. Nakomis, wherever you are, I hope you are being paid royalties.

        Do you think the increasingly dense Austin will realize his days are numbered when he is NOT nominated today? Or will he continue to flex and stretch and moan and groan and try to hump Liz's leg?
        What will the oh-so-not-scary Judas do? Will he continue to not live up to his hype? Will he realize that his alter-ego is nothing more than a hat large enough for James to sleep in?

        If Zach Rance was still in the house, he would declare that Austin is truly this season's Froot-Loop Dingus.


        • Border57
          Border57 commented
          Editing a comment
          Well, we know for sure he's going to continue to hump Liz's leg. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. LOL!

        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          "Or will he moan and groan and continue to try and hump Liz's leg"

          OMG! You got me in trouble at work for laughing so suddenly and so loudly!!!!!

      • #14
        I am glad that Julia told Vanessa about Austin's vote. She'll tell Clay and Shelli who will tell most everyone else. I am glad that Clay will go on the block even tho he expects to win the BOB with Becky. I'm glad to see Austin as the back door plan A.
        Vanessa got some pretty good info from Jackie last night in their talk in the lounge. 1. Jackie threw out Steve as a mini backdoor and even John as a mini backdoor. 2. Vanessa said something like would John throw it based on Steve being a target and Jackie said yes John don't care. Vanessa said are you sure and Jackie said I promise he won't care. This showed Vanessa that there is not an alliance between John, Becky, Steve and Jackie.

        1/2 Jason, John they make me laugh and I wish they would team up.
        3 Becky most of y'all wont understand why I chose her 3rd. I like that she doesn't play with emotions. I always like those type of players.
        4 Julia she doesn't flirt with Austin to stay safe. Looking forward to see her get to play.
        5/6 James/Meg because I can tolerate them more than the rest.
        7 Jackie She has the desire to go after Austin.
        8 Vanessa when she talks she reminds me of Amanda (bb15) and when she's in power she has to have a reason to put someone up.
        9 Liz too flirty.
        10/11 Clay, Shelli their relationship is icky.
        12 Austin he's just NASTY and CREEPY.

        A few things I've noticed about Clay, Shelli and Vanessa. Shelli, Day and Audrey formed an alliance 1st day. Shelli put up Day and Audrey as targets and they were evicted. Clay and Shelli were in an alliance with Jeff and he was evicted. Vanessa formed an alliance with Austin and Liz within a week or so and now he's a target. Vanessa forms an Alliance with Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz and Audrey. If the plans work out she will have been in an alliance to evict Austn this week. On the outside looking in it looks like there's some bad juju with forming an alliance with them.


        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
          Editing a comment
          that last is a really good point...

      • #15
        I like this season but whatever happened to no.I rating your target right out and letting the chips fall where they may.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          Battle of the Block. It gives too many chances and introduces the second nom as a variable in gaining safety earlier. We said it last year, the house figured out, herd a large group together, and then pick off the stragglers by throwing BoB to control the outcome. The difference between this year and last, the major players (Shelly, Clay, Vanessa) keep reforming the large side, vice keeping one side together. They also chucked out major players, one at a time, removing social game threats (Da for observation, Jeff for influence, Audrey for chaos) at each cycle. Austin's expected boot removes another game knowledgeable, competition threat, leaving Shelli, Clay, Vanessa further in control.

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