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Live Feed Discussion-July 27

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 27

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    Morning all.

    They're still at it but it sounds like Jackie will now be the one going up.


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      Apparently it is back to Jason going up.


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        Morning all! I have a big day today and a big concert tonight (I'm attending the concert. I don't have a big concert that I'm playing or singing in. Because I can't play. Or sing. How did I get on this subject?)

        ANYWAY, I'll miss all of the big hoopla when Jason is backdoored, and as much as I love drama, I'm sort of glad to be missing THIS drama. It's like when I read books where all of the evidence points to the wrong person and I know that person is innocent and I have to spend the entire book in an anxious state while I wait for the innocent person's name to be cleared. I hate those kind of books. (So now we've talked about books and concerts. I'm kinda wondering why do I read those books when I hate them and they make me anxious?). Jason going on the block because of crazy accusations that have no basis in reality makes me feel the same way those books do. I don't like this gameplay style. Can we get them to stop this crazy "find a reason by terrorizing everyone until the right fake lie can be manufactured?" Alas and aleek.

        I blame this style of play on Audrey. She started this crazy accusation trend and then she obviously was cursing the house as she wandered around in glasses, hoodie and blankets. And here I thought she was just heading to the bathroom....little did I know she was spreading her mojo from room to room.

        It ought to put fear in ALL of the HGs because it appears to be the modus operandi of the Sixth Sense. Every single HG should wonder, "Is my turn coming?"
        In past seasons, the HoH picked a target and nominated that target in the spirit of winning the game. This year, it feels more like the HoH is a dictator and instead of playing the game, a crazy lie is used to proclaim the target guilty for trial. (Vanessa, for example, doesn't appear to care about actually winning the game...instead it's like she cares most about being deemed smart and intuitive and the best and RIGHT.)

        Having said all of that, Jason was given a miracle last week, and as much as I like him, he spends too much time talking and making me laugh instead of using his excellent BB knowledge and skills to win this game. He should have taken some action steps when Da was evicted, but he didn't work it right. Meg, James, and Jackie are going to follow him out the door (deservedly so) if they don't let his ouster set a fire under them. Get up, people!!!!!

        I'm hoping that the threat of a DE (possibly a week from Thursday) will cause some of their brains to activate, and they'll realize that the Sixth Sense (they're NOT dead people) is real. I sure don't want to see a F6 of Shelli/Clay/Vanessa/Austin/Liz/Julia. Julia is the only one of that bunch that I like. How did that happen?

        I guess that's a positive for PollyNoNo: My least favorites conveniently grouped themselves into one alliance so I'm less confused. That was very sweet of them. And another positive: All heck is going to eventually break lose. There are so many cracks in trust all over this house, and it's going to be glorious drama when things fall apart.

        Y'all have fun and behave.

        Proudly a new member of The #IGaveUpOnVanessa Club
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        • ~Linden~
          ~Linden~ commented
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          I'm not a member of the drama club. I don't like this kind of drama. I like it only when the one I like is kicking the butt of someone I don't like. The HOH group make me feel icky. I hope you are right Nono. I hope this lights a fire under our kids. They need to name their alliance the Scooby Doo's. It's like they are up against the evil people pretending to be master monsters every week. Someone needs to step up and be Scooby Doo. lol

        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
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          Perfect, Linden. The Scooby Doo Alliance. I want that to happen....

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        Morning geo, April, nono, and all who follow,

        The house reconfigures again, a player comes out of the shadows, and post pov will be a feedwatcher bonanza, as Jason gets blindsided today.

        Clay/Shelli/Vanessa completed reconfiguring the house tonight. Clay brought Jmac in on the large alliance, and then Becky was brought over into a 4-some with Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa. What Vanessa does not know is that Clay brought Jmac over, with promised to him about Becky, and agreed to the idea of a F4, but did not actually commit to it. He is extraordinarily skilled at making these half promises, while leaving the impression that he is all in. He has also worked hard to insulate Shelli and himself, and have largely succeeded.

        With that task accomplished, Vanessa can truthfully say, the majority of the house does not want Austin put up, and so the search for a "reason", a hallmark of Shelli and Vanessa, kicks off in earnest. Much hilarity ensued as Vanessa constructed convoluted logic trains about who the phone booth reward went too, and who the hinky votes during Jeff's boot were. At one point, she was talking to Steve and Liz, laying out her proof for why the hinky votes were some hapless pair, all the while, Liz and Steve are virtually whistling past the graveyard. It is funny both on Vanessa, and for the fact that neither Steve or Liz know the other was the second mystery vote. I expect it to make the show Wed. When all the attempts to manufacture a "reason" failed, the group decided it just had to be for the best reason of all, Vanessa's position in the house.

        At one point, Vanessa's gut said cutting Jackie was her best move, and I actually agree. Steve, walked her back from that. He did so, because his target is Jason, who is driving the Steve Boot train. This is the best kind of BB play for me. An underrated player, who has unknown influence over a major mover in the house, convinces them to make a non-optimal move, that is optimal for them. Jackie is the better cut for Vanessa. Jason is O.K., and does not hurt her, but he does not represent the real potential threat that Jackie does. But, she has kept her promise to her, and has brought Becky over, so her risk going into next week is as small as it can be.

        Clay/Shelli convince her to make this a blindside move, which is actually not so good for Vanessa, but is not going to kill her in the house with Jackie. All the action today, will be post PoV, with the fallout from Jason's blindside. Meg, James and Jackie are now the hunted in the house, since Jason will be on the block, and there is scant chance he gets saved at this point in time. With this cast, anything is possible, so I don't count it out, but I believe Shelli and Vanessa have enough strategic sense, and control of the various house factions, to drive Jason from the game.


        • #6
          Good morning ALL- I left the feeds yesterday when the bus was going round and round. It looks like it has finally stopped. Good for Steve. I would have been ok with Jason getting to jury as he is a big fan. I am ok with him going out because he wants Steve out. I am ok with it because of the way he treats Steve. I think he would like for Steve to sit over in a corner and not move around the house.

          I thought the other side was just content and not talking game. Meg and Jason were talking early this morning. I had a hard time hearing. It seems that they have been talking game a lot with Becky and Jackie. They are working the two sides= Clay/Shelli vs Becky/Jackie. They know that James will float to either side depending on who is in power. They want Steve out first. I heard Vanessa's name mentioned. I think Meg indicated that she has been not trying to win. Jason wants to win the next HOH and Meg knows she will have to start winning soon. They talked about how they hope their other side puts up Clay/Shelli together so they can say they do not have a choice and have to vote one out. They would like to keep Clay over Shelli. The reason I do not put this in live feeds is I miss so much and hopefully got the above right.

          I am amazed at how easy Clay/Shelli have covered all their bases. The anger will fall on Vanessa and Clay/Shelli will say they did not know this was going to happened. I read where Vanessa told them if she did this they would have to draw the line in the sand but Clay and Shelli will not. They will act surprised at the nomination.

          Who is not in the large alliance, Meg, Jackie and James?

          I hope I am able to watch when the feeds come back but have lots to do today.

          Thanks to Lexie for the article, the live feed update posters and all of you for your thoughts and post.


          • #7
            "Becky is in too tight with those others, so we have to break our promises and put one of those others up."

            "Oh, Becky is not aligned with those others and she'll vote with us? So that means we can safely put one of those others up."

            "America totally loves Shlay and Liztin."

            Gag *aaaaaack* choke *gurgle*

            Yep, I definitely found people to dislike. But a lot of good it will do me. They're sending the only likable ones home so that they can keep the creepy stalker type. What did America do to give CBS such a low opinion of us? You think we LIKE young women being turned into pawns and sex toys for disturbed obsessed men? You really think we like that?

            I guess they must think we do. And we keep watching.
            Last edited by cutencuddly; 07-27-2015, 08:04 AM.


            • CubbyBrother
              CubbyBrother commented
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              I quite often wonder what past houseguests feel like when they return home and get a glimpse of what America really thought of them. I would love to get an insight to all of the other houseguests last year after Julie announced that Donny won "America's Favorite" by the widest margin ever. I'm sure that arrogant guest with the singing sister thought that everyone loved him (not sure why Julie tolerated him) and with him being so egotistical he probably didn't even notice the overall negative feeling for him.

              One more thing---I know a lot of houseguests come on as super fans. In the same respect, a lot come on hoping to "be found" and create a new career of fame and fortune. Now that we are 17 seasons in and probably close to 190-200 guests, who as been found because of Big Brother?

              Jeff does work on Anybody else doing anything? (I don't really consider fame and fortune).

              Anyone else make it big?

            • Lisalulu
              Lisalulu commented
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              The only 2 that I can think of off the top of my head are both from Season I. Jamie became a news anchor and she is the founder and CEO of IT Cosmetics. Eddie (the winner of season I) has done some acting, I thought I heard he was producing also but I could be wrong on that.... ohhhh and Howie is a weatherman somewhere. Wouldn't consider any of these overly "BIG" but they have had some success

            • NJRUBBfan
              NJRUBBfan commented
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              Jessie Godderz is a pretty huge professional wrestler these days. I don't think he gets that opportunity without BB

          • #8
            Sometimes we get what we ask for. Or what we didn't realize we were asking for.

            With the evictions of Jace, Da'Vonne, Jeff, Audrey and now very possibly, Jason, what are we getting? Well, for starters we will be rid of three of the 'J' names, so there's that.
            But, even more important, five of the more interesting characters are gone. Or soon to be gone. Love them or hate them, they all gave us good feeds and drama in the house. Sometimes they even gave us laughter. Or tears of joy or frustration. With some of them, we absolutely couldn't wait for them to be gone. We wanted them off of our lives feeds forever. We loved to hate them or hated to love them.

            But now, just a third of the way through the season, what does that leave us with? Boring feeds and less drama. I'm afraid we might end up with the second half of the season where the only ones left in the house are somewhat boring. Less exciting to watch and to love or hate.

            What or who (whom?) will we be left with?

            James spreading honey on the refrigerator handle? Meg waking up just long enough to giggle? John, who I love to love but his best moments are in the Diary Room? Becky scrubbing the toilet? Jackie putting on eye makeup? Clay and Shelli being Clay and Shelli?

            Yawn! You get the drift...

            Be careful what you wish for...


            • #9
              Well I see we've finally settled on a target. Can't say I'm pleased but Jason put his game in other hands by sharing too much information. I will miss him if he goes tho because he makes me laugh.
              The fallout from the renom will be crazy. With Austin planing on calling out Jason. I have a feeling that Jason will make the monster look like a fool. Jason is very quick witted. Austin will probably be so arrogant that he'll let all his secrets be known. I expect everyone but Becky and John get caught up in all the mud slinging.
              I see that Mom went all kinds of crazy on her son/brother. Being a Have Not is not fairing well with the princess of entitlement. I need a dethroning in the next few weeks.
              Julia is not going to be happy with the change of events. She knows that Austin will target her before any of the others in the alliance. Julia is the leader of the twins. When she comes in we'll see her lead Liz into the outing of Austin.
              Vanessa is one of the worst HOH's I've ever see. Her "give me a reason" approach and I know 1000% that he/she has lied to me will no longer have an impact on the other players. Leaving Austin in knowing 1000% that he lied to her is ridiculous with that being the reason she wants to put Jason out. Even if he did lie on telephone and being a Jeff vote it had NO impact on the game. Austin's lies will/have an impact on her game.
              Before Jason leaves I think his take on the house will have a far greater impact than Day or Audrey did. He will know that the SS are an alliance and will lead the rest of his group on the trail. He may not know all but before he leaves he'll have figured out a lot. They will believe him and that will put the SS in the direct line of fire. I hope.
              I think Meg and Jackie will be affected most by the betrayal of Vanessa. With James as a third. Meg will try harder to win HOH's and Jackie will have a real target in Vanessa. Especially with Vanessa being the one to get out Jeff and Jason. Revenge will be what she is seeking and I think that she will do her best to get it.


              • ~Linden~
                ~Linden~ commented
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                I really really hope the Scooby gang wakes up and starts playing the game. They have all floated along on the Shelay river for long enough. If this boot doesn't light a fire under their collective BE-HINDS then they might as well just DOR. I'm tired of watching them laze around doing whatever the other side says.

            • #10
              Miss Whiskers just explained life to me. There are cats and there are mice. Cats chase and kill mice. Mice do not chase cats. Mice could IF they worked together, since they have the numbers and they have teeth, but instead they run for their lives and let the slowest mouse get caught. So is it in life, so is it in BB house.
              Last edited by BettyBoo; 07-27-2015, 11:08 AM.


              • #11
                There is a large cheesire cat (earlier several on here mentioned their poor kitties as victims of Vanessa's mayhem!) But I mean THE chessire cat sitting in a tree looking over the wall into the BB backyard. It makes Alice very confused and mayhem ensues. The queen is not happy on popcorn; the jester has been scolded; the fool will continue to be the fool but also the molester. The minions may finally awaken.


                • #12
                  Regarding Austin and Liz:

                  As opposed to Amber in S16, Liz absolutely encourages Austin. She will tell Vanessa and Shelli that he is a creep and that he disgusts her, then she turns around and runs into his arms. Prior to the show starting, she had said that her strategy would be to 'flirt' and that is exactly what she is doing with Austin. She also did it with Jace and Jeff. She does little or nothing to discourage Austin. I don't like Austin at all and I'm starting to like her even less. You reap what you sow.

                  When you were here before
                  Couldn't look you in the eye
                  You're just like an angel
                  Your skin makes me cry
                  You float like a feather
                  In a beautiful world
                  And I wish I was special
                  You're so very special

                  But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
                  What the heck am I doing here?
                  I don't belong here.

                  I don't care if it hurts
                  I want to have control
                  I want a perfect body
                  I want a perfect soul

                  I want you to notice
                  When I'm not around
                  You're so very special
                  I wish I was special

                  But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
                  What the heck am I doing here?
                  I don't belong here.


                  • slyone
                    slyone commented
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                    Wondered who was going to come up with the Radiohead reference! <chuckle>

                • #13
                  This may be the first season of Big Brother I don't make it to the end. While Jason has a lot of knowledge of past BB, he forgot to apply that to his game and he really has no game other then telling other houseguests what happened in season so and so. That being said I like Jason and I don't want him to be sent out. I'm just disappointed he was afraid to take a leadership role and get an alliance together.

                  I love JohnnyMac, but I don't like the fact he and Becky are willing to ride the bandwagon and go after the "gobblins". Or, are they just saying that because they need it to keep Becky safe this week. That's what I'm telling myself. JMac these people constantly used you as a pawn and put you at risk while the "gobblins" kept you safe with the vote. Use your head man!

                  If Shelli were the gamer she thinks she is, she would go after Vanessa and get her out. In splitting the house, Shelli has a better chance of getting the numbers now, then she does when all the Jasons and Megs are gone. Vanessa, Austin, Liz and now Julia are together and will take out Shelli and Clay before they do each other. Shelli needs to stop worrying about Clay's leash and look at the big picture. While Shelli thinks she's at the top of the 6 cents (lol) she and Clay are at the bottom.

                  The game could get interesting again, but all my favorites will be gone (the fun people) but it has to turn around now or it could be lost until Season 18 rolls around for me.
                  Last edited by Patycake; 07-27-2015, 09:04 AM. Reason: Edited to add: I can't stand the whiney voice of Liz and now there will be 2 of them. Can you watch this game on mute?


                  • BettyBoo
                    BettyBoo commented
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                    Giggle, I instantly thought in my head, nooooooooooo, in an extended nasal whine of those two talking together

                  • key4bb
                    key4bb commented
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                    I too don't see myself lasting this season. What sucks is that production is the reason Shelli thinks it was a plan to get out Clay. She said it on the feeds when talking to Vanessa. I can't root for anyone left except maybe Jackie and she doesnt stand a chance. Johnny Mac is just funny but has little to no game. I think we want Steven to be Ian but he is just Steven. Becky ...who and the rest I wont even type their names

                  • Patycake
                    Patycake commented
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                    Once all my favorites are gone, I will probably end the feeds as the 3 weekly shows and reading updates is going to be enough. Let's hope that something changes things this week. Endurance was the best chance for this group, but with Jason gone, even that competition can't be a very good chance except for Jackie. Did I mention I hate BotB? The other possible hope was JMac, but seems he is going to follow in the 6 cents footsteps even though he's not part of their team. Is it the paranoia once you get in the BB house that makes you turn off your mind and close your eyes? I think I'd rather play hard and get kicked out then sitting back and waiting to be picked off because I did nothing.

                • #14
                  I find I've become resigned to this season. There's nobody I totally love and most that I dislike. I will miss Jason's pithy comments, but not his treatment of Steve. Glad that after the POV ceremony that Vanessa can finally shut her brain down again. Her game and Austin's have been blown up by the insanity. Along with the twins, Shelli & Clay have built a team of four who play with them, but who can be easily sacrificed if need be to save themselves.

                  The ultimate question is what will Jason do once the donkey tail is pinned on him - go all gangster and fight or lock himself in the HN room? Will all the sleeping beauties wake up and finally play to win, not just survive another week? Will we be pleasantly surprised by the next HOH win or join in a groan of 'not again'. Will ratings go into the toilet, but the show still get renewed so Mrs. Moonves has a staring role.

                  In the end, I think Miss Scarlett did it in the library with a candlestick.


                  • #15
                    All this sounds like a pretty exciting week to me! I love that some houseguests sitting in the background have come out for a little bit of sunshine this week. I'm happy JMac isn't at risk, and I'm happy we get at least the appearance of unpredictability going into next week. Whether the houseguests are playing well, or poorly, I hate when the outcomes are predictable, and this week has been a little different from the first 4 weeks in that regard.


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