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Live Feed Discussion-July 30

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 30

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  • #2
    Well, at least Shelli and Clay finally realized that telling Jason and that group that they would vote to keep Jason to set up Becky was a bad idea. Alright that's about as much as I can take of those two.


    • KeninVA
      KeninVA commented
      Editing a comment
      They came to that conclusion yesterday. The hope was that Jackie would come to them to tell Shlay that she would vote Becky out. They would still "consider it" and then tell them no thanks, but then be able to tell Becky, Jackie wanted to vote her out. That might have been enough to get her to boot Jackie.

  • #3
    Good Morning Geo, Ken, et el,

    Just watching BBAD on DVR (doesn't come on in Canada until 4AM (yawn) and it's interesting to watch the social interactions and comments.

    * Becky is now BFF's with Clay/Shelli/Vanessa which I find hilarious ... the only thing I can see is she seems to be pushing to get out James & then target Austin/twins so she literally has zero clue how tight SS group is. Furthermore her sense of timing isn't great as she tells Shelli she is having issues with Clay! He repeatedly asks for her targets/noms & specifically drones on about when she'll take out Jackie. Then when she asks him where he is he avoids the question and responds with "When will you take out Jackie" .. Um Becky you aren't really in an alliance with Clay you are just a vote & another of their minions.

    * Austin & Liz start the conversation about how ADC don't integrate & how anti social & obvious they are. ... Moments later Meg & then Jason enter the HOHR & within 2 minutes everyone gets up and leaves except Vanessa. So, they are unaware of running away from them & treating them like lepers. The most interesting part of this for me is Austin just spent a couple days with everyone ignoring him, but now that he's okay he can't see he's doing the same (and worse) to Jason.

    *Austin is prepared to go full on bully intending to pull an Evil Dick during HOH to belittle Jackie (& possibly Meg/James as well) & also wants to win HOH consecutively so he can make Meg a have not for 3 weeks in a row. Wow this guy sure did recover quick from his woe is me moment. Furthermore it certainly doesn't sound like he intends on losing anytime soon.

    * Not surprisingly Austin's read of the outside world is completely off base. He believes Jason is not liked but SS are beloved by viewers as the "under dogs" Okay buddy. Guess tomorrow night the crowd will set you straight. Personally I'm dying to hear audience roar for Jason's exit as well as their reaction during the comp. Moreover I'm interested how the hamsters will feel about that afterward. Especially people like Shelli who really cares about that kind of thing. I wonder how she would respond if for example her & Clay get applause for getting knocked out (or booed for doing well) & people like JMac & Steve get cheers for doing well. She's so paranoid that type of thing could really throw her & change her target.

    * I watched JMac & Steve both go in and talk to Jason noting how great that was of them & for as much as people have cited Jason berating Steve I had noted many occasions where they interacted and talked about previous seasons which I believe Steve appreciated. Jason's mistake was never talking game to him (though he says he tried so maybe I never saw it). I had always wanted that trio to work together so watching them all in the room it was a bittersweet moment for me.

    I thought Jason had completely given up, but following a minor pep talk from Vanessa he finally approached Shlay to tell them they are the ones who are being viewed as responsible for his ousting & Vanessa is clean. His main point (which might make Shelli's head explode, especially b/c Becky just complained about Clay to her) is Becky told Jason that Clay/Shelli would be her noms in DE & Clay needed to go up & out. Shelli called him a liar & he said he swears on it & has never crossed them in this game. Tells them the only person he ever repeated info on was Austin who would remain his target (along with the twins) and he theirs.

    He tell them they were blamed for his nomination by everyone and if Clay had stayed on the block the only 3 votes Clay would have had would've been Meg, Shelli & him.

    When they ask why he waited so long he said he didn't want to bother them like Jeff did and that he never trusted Jeff. He also doesn't like how James is playing the game & although he would likely have Jackie's ear she's too feisty and he would have no problem voting her out. Tells them his loyalty is only to them Meg and Vanessa. They ask about Steve & he tells them he is getting better with Steve recently.

    He says he wants to remain in the game and make jury & celebrate this b-day in the house (Aug 13) He tells them he has always been loyal to them and always would be & wanted to go to F5 with Shlay/Vanessa & Meg or F4. He tells them he would be loyal like he was to Day & would go down with their ship. Then for the piece d' resistance he says he'd like to see them be the first couple to make F2 & apologizes to Clay that he'd probably have to vote for his girl as the winner!.

    So ... I can't find updates past this point (but based on the one entry I read for today here it says they are still voting him out but will go to Jackie to let her make the decision... I guess that is to trap Jackie & use it against her with Becky) So apparently his plea didn't work.

    At least he hit all the hot buttons. I thought perhaps given Becky complaining about Clay shortly prior to this to Shelli might have moved the needle closer (and I'm not sure she even told Clay which is even more interesting as I think it might have him leaning closer to keeping Jason). Let's see if the DR can get in their heads, but as Ken has said for days it really doesn't seem like Jason will stay.

    Too bad, I was hoping he would. AND I can't wait to find out if he was really going to stick to the deal he offered or back stab them. Guess we'll find out tomorrow unless Shelli or Clay start to panic.


    • KeninVA
      KeninVA commented
      Editing a comment
      He told Meg and Jackie, if they saved him, he would not target them for a few weeks, then split off from them to get at least one out. So, he was sincere in that plea, but Vanessa had already articulated why Jason was the best boot, even with Becky as a potential rival in a few weeks. Shelli, I think, really wanted to change her mind. Clay was very firm. It's not that he doesn't like Jason, I think after yesterday, he evicted Jason in his mind, processed the emotions of it, and has moved on. Jason really is an evicted person talking to him.

    • jules242
      jules242 commented
      Editing a comment
      When I saw Jason talking with Steve and John on BBAD talking about how skinny they were and wouldn't make it on survivor, I was hoping Jason would speak up and suggest a weak guys alliance to go against the women running the house. I know they don't really like each other...but it would be a better shot at staying than Shlay.

  • #4
    Good morning all- I am glad Jason at least made an attempt to stay in the game. I just wish he had closed him mouth, gotten out of bed and played BB earlier. I wanted him to make jury. Jason's mistake was not -not talking game to Steve. It was talking about Steve behind his back but loud enough that Steve could hear. Steve was very hurt by Jason and had to have a long talk to the cameras about letting it roll off his back like water. Jason's group has made it very hard for Steve.

    I did not watch any feeds yesterday and will wait until late tonight to watch. Running out of data so I am picking what to watch.

    I think Vanessa's tears in the DR and in the HOH were real. She really feels bad for sending Jason home but it is a game. She IS tender hearted. I have read a lot about her and her life. She was married to Chad Brown. He was 20 years older. She considered him her best friend until the day he died. She DID NOT leave him 6 months after he was diagnosed with cancer. He was diagnosed in Feb and went into remission in June. I read an article where he talked about how much research she did and how she handled it. They did separate in Jan the next year. They remained friends and she was with him through a lot it. She has talked about seeing him waste away. Watching him die changed her outlook on life. She put together a Memorial Tournament in his honor.

    After watching the show, I understand why they did not switch Liz and Austin out. They had to keep Liz in the game incase they needed to redo anything when they edited. The story line was how much Austin was into Liz and how she was not into him.

    Not sure who I want to win HOH tonight. This next week could be interesting depending on who wins.


    • nonobadfish
      nonobadfish commented
      Editing a comment
      You're right, LuAnne. She didn't leave him 6 months after the cancer diagnosis...she left him 10 months after. There are many articles out there about how disappointed people were that she deserted him, and that she is greatly embellishing the amount of support she gave him. They even discussed that she didn't show up to his funeral, although she did enjoy the limelight at the Memorial Tournament. It doesn't really matter because no one knows what goes on behind closed doors or what reasons people do things, but she's not as kind hearted as she pretends. A lot of it is an act.

    • Luanne
      Luanne commented
      Editing a comment
      You may be right as usual. I have tried to find the articles you talk about but for some reason can not. I just found another article written by a friend of Chad's the day after he died. In that article, he talked about going to see Chad earlier that year (the year he died) at Vanessa's home in Las Vegas. He states in the article that even though they have been divorced for a few years, they remained very close and were good friends until the very end of his life.

    • nonobadfish
      nonobadfish commented
      Editing a comment
      Luanne, in an effort to be more fair to Vanessa, I will say this: She is a public person, so there are always going to be negative stories and many of them may be false. The Big Brother community uncovered a number of them a few weeks ago and there were podcasts and YouNows about them. Vanessa may be much nicer than she is being portrayed by these people who don't care for her. But what I did take away from all of it, even putting the obvious negatives aside, is that she is not a particularly good sport; she gets very angry when things don't go her way; and that she uses her emotions to play games with people. She even plays the audience so that you never know if she is REALLY emotional or if she's faking. That's all great gaming...and very necessary in her world of poker. I hope she is actually being caring in the Big Brother House....I want that part to be true. (I'd say more, but if I don't run now I will have to go to the office with unbrushed teeth, and that would be bad for everyone.)

  • #5
    Morning geo,TT, Lu, and all who follow,

    Jason is going home. He campaigned to Shelli and Clay early this morning, but they were already inoculated. Jackie is not going to approach them with part three, since Jason left it that they would have to solicit her. They are not going to fall into that trap, and she will not either. This sets up an interesting dynamic, since Becky wants to be the sole HoH, and tells Big Pharma (Clay, Vanessa, Shelli or CVS) that she wont boot Jackie, but will target James in a backdoor. Becky does not understand the game mechanics, and her plan of nomming Steve and Austin has huge holes in it. Her, probably sincere, belief that she can steer Jackie as HoH, is also based on a false premise. If Jackie is in the house at the next HOH, when they think the first double hits, Becky will have no time to influence Jackie. So, while not a terrible outcome to have Becky win HoH, it is not even close to ideal. She is way to linear a thinker, and does not think through the potential outcomes, and the risk to her and the general's.

    All the action shifts to HoH tonight, and whether Jason/Meg/Jackie can win both HoH's. If they can, Silent Six faces it's first real test, can they steer the target away, bagging Steve or a twin, in place of Austin, Vanessa, Clay or Shelly. I actually think James is the most direct threat. I calculate a probability of 5. percent, that both HoH spots are won by ADC. So, while not impossible, the odds are slim that on a random competition, ADC can save themselves. TPTB can shift that by using what they know about each HG to give better odds to Jackie/James/Meg (like hang on a wall), but right now, with what is known they have a 5 percent (5.4) chance of mission success. In my world, this would be a mission abort.

    The second problem, will be if a split HoH occurs, getting the ADC HoH to not nominate Austin. That allows the dominant side of the house to nom Austin for the throw, which is likely to be super obvious. Like, in the last comp for example, spill all the paint in one spot on the floor, grab all the letters, and hold them over his head. It will be painfully clear to the other nominee that they are not getting off the block.

    There won't be any real game action today, though Jason's last day in the house is likely to be poignant. Jason is done.
    Last edited by KeninVA; 07-30-2015, 09:27 AM. Reason: fixed error in my math.


    • ~smee~
      ~smee~ commented
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      ''Big Pharma'' -- I actually laughed out loud.

    • Walleye
      Walleye commented
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      Big Pharma, I'm using that one Ken. Brilliant!!!!

  • #6
    Good morning all...
    I'm looking forward to the Twin Reveal tonight (will they pretend that no one knows?) and also to the HoH battle. It would be SO nice if they would decide to do away with the Dual HoH just the same way they just kind of casually dropped the Takeover Twist, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    After watching last night's show, I'm even stronger behind JMac, so I'm hoping he gets an HoH win. I don't even care who he nominates...I just want to see him play the game.

    My most favorite part of this season will be when the Smug Sixth Sense starts to crumble. (I made up a new name because you have Shelli/Clay who are the epitome of smugness. They wear smug on their face all day. You have Austin who is so smug that he actually believes that he's a 'good guy' and the outsiders are 'bad guys.' Then you have Liz who is smug mean girl personified. Vanessa is smart enough that she deserves to be smug, so I give her a break. I'm hoping that Julia will come in and decide that smug is not the way she wants to play.)

    They may not crumble until F6, so I've got a LONG wait. But I'm waiting happily here knowing it eventually has to happen. (Smug Shelli gave me some of her popcorn while I wait.)
    Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-30-2015, 07:36 AM.


    • #7
      I have a busy day and night, so don't know if I'll be able to post (hoping I will, but if I'm not here, I am in spirit). So I'm typing my weekly favorite list so I can remember it next week and laugh at myself for how off I was.

      With Jason gone:
      1. JMac
      2. Steve
      Tied for Next to Last Place: Meg/Julia/Becky/Vanessa/Jackie
      Tied for Last Place: James/Austin/Liz/Clay/Shelli

      Uh oh. This week my admiration for some of the HGs has taken a serious hit. If anything happens to JMac or Steve, I'm in BIG trouble. Oops.
      Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-30-2015, 09:26 AM. Reason: Because KenInVA reminded me that Jackie exists.


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        And Jackie becomes the eventual winner, popping up at the end, having been forgotten until F2, when TPTB, realize they a need a new Final HoH comp.

      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
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        Okay, there is a Jackie. I don't care for her either.

    • #8
      I know that all of the assessments are correct and that Jason is going home. But what I don't understand is Clay and Shelli's logic. KeninVA, and nonobadfish, wouldn't it betroth Clay and Shelli to save Jason. Going on what I have seen, it seems to be that they are on the bottom of the sixth sense alliance. Vanessa, to me is closer to Austin, (proven in not going with the plan to put him up), Liz and Julia, and Steve (I still would truly like to believe that there is something there). It seems like they would have a better chance of going further in the game by siding with ADC. The ADC crew in my mind would be targeting Austin, Liz and Julia, and those two would be last on their list of targets.

      Does that make any sense? I just see Clay and Shelli handing Vanessa the money by aligning with her.

      Go what's left of ADC, and JohnnyMac win HOH.

      My favorites now are:

      Steve - I enjoyed that segment with the cameras
      JohnnyMac - but we have not seen much of him
      Jackie - to me she is beginning to play the game
      Austin - sorry, he brings some of the entertainment value is well


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
        Editing a comment
        The problem for S & C is that shifting to ADC would still put them at the bottom, with no insurance that one would not be put out at the double, and no chance to build alliance's outside of ADC. If they got Vanessa to go along (she would not), they could theoretically reposition themselves to straddle the line again, but Vanessa would likely burn them. And, she would know, since to demonstrate they were with ADC, they have to vote Jason out.

      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
        Editing a comment
        herm is here, Ken can answer this better than I can, but my take on it is that the entire Sixth Sense alliance would be better off if they kept Jason over Becky. My reasoning is because Becky is going to team up with JMac to take them down. Jason would not team up with JMac, nor have Jason (and his ADC) shown any ability to actually take down anyone. Jason's not a dangerous player even though we all hoped he would be. That ADC group really just likes to lie around in bed and chat.

        What I don't know, though, is which part of the Sixth Sense Alliance JMac is closest to...I don't know which part he would try to take out first. (I think this is a ways down the road). Is JMac more dangerous to Vanessa? Or Austin/Juliz? Or Shelli/Clay? Either way, I am glad that they're evicting Jason even though I like him better than Becky because I want JMac to have some people to fight the Evil Sixth Sense Empire with him. (So after all that rambling when I'm supposed to be working, the short answer is I think Clay and Shelli will end up being sorry they didn't keep Jason.)

      • Lisalulu
        Lisalulu commented
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        They should realize that with Vanessa saving Austin she will most likely have the loyalty of him and Liz (and Julia by association) over his loyalty to Shelli or Clay. That gives Vanessa an mini army of 3. If they kept Jason, they'd have him, Meg, James and Jackie... mini army of 4... hello??? play the numbers on that one....

        I love Jason but I think there are so many better ways he could have gotten himself out of this. Like when Vanessa said don't give up ... ask her how she would approach campaigning in his shoes... god knows her ego would love to give advise and educate.

    • #9
      I am guessing this will be another fast game since some time will be wasted on the Julia 'surprise'. But, would be happy to be wrong and see an endurance to really test who wants it the most. Sadly even if the Outsiders win both slots, they've all drunk the SS koolaide at times and think they're part of the bigger team. Especially Becky & Steve.

      Jackie definitely had her eyes opened this week and is the fiestiest to fight the Borg. Johnny has always seen clearly, but having no better options, went along to get along. He could be dangerous if paired with Jackie. James finally woke up this week after sleeping for a month, but is he mentally strong enough to fight the force. Meg got her feelings hurt, but has no strategy.

      Jason actually led the Outsiders to their ultimate fail by his example of being King of the Kamp Kids. He held court around the campfire giving away BB knowledge while never using it for his own game. His big fail was his ostricization of Steve, which was personality not game driven. But Jason prefers to be around girls, since they don't threaten him. If he had partnered with Steve and brought in Johnny, like Shelli and Vanessa have in a pairing of equals, they could have cleaned house. The Outsiders lulled themselves into believing there was time to make a move. Not this year.

      Moving on, the HOH win I'd dread most is Austin since it would be unbearable to watch his over inflated ego. Also wouldn't want to watch a Clay win. Would be happiest with Johnny and Jackie BOB win, but suspect they'd go after Austin rather than the masterminds, Shelli and Vanessa. Another split HOH and I'd put the win in the SS column.

      Right now the Borg is still just eating its young, but when they are forced to go after each other, the game will get vicious. We saw some of it with the near nom of Austin. Have Jackie and Johnny win tonight and the SS sharks will start thrashing, throwing out Steve, Austin or a twin as their sacrifice kill. But if the win stays in house, then Jackie or Johnny will be focus as most dangerous to them.

      I'm saving my caramel corn for the ultimate cage fight between Shelli and Vanessa.


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
        Editing a comment
        A Jackie Johnny co HoH probably results in Jackie's eviction. Jon nominates Austin and James. Jackie nominates a twin and Steve/ or both twins. At BoB, Austin picks up James, and holds him in the air. At PoV, anyone else in the house who wins, pulls down either Austin (most of the house) or James (MEG). Jackie has to be picked to play and then win the PoV to be safe. Otherwise, she is the replacement nom and voted out by the majority of the house (likely unanimous, given that James or Meg, have to live with the survivor. In the event Jackie did win, and pull James down, Johnny will put up Meg, who will be voted out by Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Steve, Becky, likely Shelli, likely Clay.
        Last edited by KeninVA; 07-30-2015, 09:43 AM.

      • ~smee~
        ~smee~ commented
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        Yup, Guest, that's how I see it. I don't think Johnny is going against the house until he has no other options. He is much closer to Clay than he is to anyone in ADC.
        Last edited by ~smee~; 07-30-2015, 10:49 AM.

    • #10
      I'm still fascinated that Vanessa sent Austin to Shelli and Clay to plead his case. Did she see them as the ultimate deciders or was it just a ploy to get them on board with what she had already decided to do? At first I thought it was for approval, but now believe Vanessa was directing the sheep to her pen. Think Vanessa is stronger alone than Shelli would be without Clay. Slay take out Vanessa and they move on. Vanessa take out either of the pair and she moves on. Like I've said, can't wait for this battle.


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
        Editing a comment
        Both Clay and Shelli, but especially Shelli, relies on Vanessa to direct her moves. She even says it. Shelli does not rely on Clay for advice on how to resist Jason's appeal, she relies on Vanessa.

      • ~smee~
        ~smee~ commented
        Editing a comment
        BettyBoo, I think a big part of V's reasoning was the desire to be able to share the blame with Shelli and Clay. She knew she probably was going to switch -- she really wants Jason gone for game reasons -- but she is all about sharing the blood, the blood, the buckets and buckets of blood... ::eyeroll::

    • #11
      Hindsight being 20/20 and finally catching up on the tv broadcasts, Jason really screwed the pooch on this one.

      He really should have never tried to throw Austin under the bus. Granted, he didn't know that Vanessa and Shelli were in an alliance with Austin, and it almost worked out in Jason's favor, but he really should have kept that trump card to himself. He could have used that information to save himself if need be instead of wasting it and it eventually biting him in the rear.

      That's been an overall theme this season though, these house guests can not sit on information. The only time I've witnessed this was when Vanessa found out about the twins, but even then they had to include others to help protect the twins, which could have been a horrible move.

      It will be interesting to see if someone else decides to inadvertently put the target on their back today, when game play should be at a minimum due to the known exit that will take place.

      Here's hoping there is some sort of shake up or, heaven forbid, a takeover happens to help avoid a dry week.


      • Patycake
        Patycake commented
        Editing a comment
        Jason and everyone elses mistake is trusting Shelli and Clay. I don't think Jason was trying to throw Austin under the bus, I think Jason just has a bad case of motor mouth like most of them. If they hear something they can't wait to tell someone. They learned nothing from Audrey. Then there's Vanessa who is a master at twisting words to give them a completely different meaning. After all, Jason was telling Shelli and Shelli called Vanessa in. Despite Vanessa's acting job on last night's show, Vanessa never had any intention of booting Austin. Let's face it, Vanessa is not gullible enough to think Austin would just give her $500K

    • #12
      I still think Shelli and Clay are missing their opportunity to take over the game, of course, I realize they already think they own it. The 6 cents put far too much emphasis on the numbers this week. They could have easily taken out Austin and had an even better chance of maintaining the power. The line in the sand was unnecessary this week. It has been the premise of this season to play fast and hard. They need to slow down a bit to see what is actually going on. Vanessa is aligned with everyone but Meg, James and JMac as far as I can see.

      Unlike most of you, I find Steve to be mean, possibly even evil. I think his socially stupid, timid is just an act. Steve is going to act his way to at least F4.


      • ~smee~
        ~smee~ commented
        Editing a comment
        You are right about his DR last night, key4bb. I just didn't pay that much attention, but he was pretty over the top about Becky's bad luck. I actually realize he's not Ian -- never thought of him like that. Just pitied him more because no one seems to spend much time talking to him, and no one seems to like him. But these hamsters know him so much better than we do, because they are with him 24/7. Guess there must be a reason he isn't liked --- maybe he really is not likable. Hmmmm.

      • herms is here
        herms is here commented
        Editing a comment
        A good reason to dismissIvely is because she is staying over Jason. There is something that I dislike about her a also.

      • joahnn00
        joahnn00 commented
        Editing a comment
        I'm with you I think he is mean too. I also do not think he is socially awkward, it's his cover. He definitely has an evil side. He is also a big fan of Christine from season 16, she had a nasty side too.

    • #13
      John seems to be closer to Becky but we have never seen him talk game to her. She has stated he has not. He has talked game with Clay. He has talked a little game with Steve. I am not sure which one he really wants to work with. He seems to make fun of Clay in the DR. I do think he has not been trying to win HOH and do not think he will tonight. I just do not know where he actually stands in the game.

      I think Shelli will go before Clay. If by some chance he leaves first, Shelli will try to stay with Vanessa. If they both stay in the game, they will turn on Vanessa.

      I think it is great how we all see the house guest differently and how we all feel comfortable stating that. Some like Steve, some do not, some like Clay/Shelli, some do not. Some like Vanessa, some do not. Does anyone like Austin???? That is what is so great about BBU.


      • cutencuddly
        cutencuddly commented
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        Yes, people have posted to say that they like Austin.

    • #14
      Originally posted by Luanne View Post
      J. Does anyone like Austin???? That is what is so great about BBU.
      Only as the butt of many internet jokes going around.


      • #15
        I'm also excited to see the twins play together. When Julia comes in I think Liz drops Austin like a hot potato. She will no longer need him as a buddy. Austin will then go back to Julia needs to go and that will push the others to target him. I also think that Julia likes John more than some of the others in the house and will try to pull him in with her and Liz. John might accept since Becky turned him down for f2.
        I do hope HOH will have some form of endurance element to it. Like hanging onto the wall type thing. Probably wont but would be nice to see Austin and Clay falling off pretty quickly. With Shelli close behind them. That would probably give James, Meg and Jackie the best chance to win. Maybe even John if he wants to win. I'm with nono on the Smug Club. Clay and Shelli already counting jury votes and determining the are going to win. Vanessa sees their game and I think will help with one of their demise. She would want to keep Shelli and the rest of the house will want to keep Clay. I also can't stand that Shelli's pushing the strongest power couple is John and Becky. Does she really think people will say oh yea they're stronger than the couple who have had 2 HOH's and control of the house for 4 weeks? I would find it fun to drop hints to Shelli that Clay was people's target and sit back and watch the fun. Shelli would loose it and I would be laughing the whole time.
        Vanessa needs to not win HOH again for a month. She has control in other ways. She gets so paranoid she comes up with the most ridiculous theories. Throw in Shelli's off the wall nonsense and we get CRAZY. Vanessa also needs to socialize more with others. She just waits til they come to her. Unless she has a question about something then she'll track them down and demand the answer she wants.
        What is up with Becky? She complains to Shelli about Clay, what was she thinking? She should have taken that to Vanessa. Shelli will use that against her first chance she gets. I did like Becky earlier on but now find her silly. She turned down f2 and joined f5 as the bottom player. She is right she needs numbers but has turned down the ones that she's had the closest relationships to.
        John has got to be catching on that he's just being used by the Smug Club. I think he's been ok with that so far. I think he started realizing that when he was the last one to find out about Austin and was told by Steve and Becky about the Jason back door. He also got to see how Clay acted about being on the block. All the while Clay expecting John to just go along with whatever they tell him to do. Also I hope Steve tells John that Clay and Shelli are telling others about their f2. That will also push John away from them. I like John too much for him to be teamed up with the Smug Club.

        My wish list.....
        BOB gone.
        Jackie, James or Meg HOH.
        One of the Smug Club gone.
        Austin and Liz romance breakup.
        Vanessa and Shelli turning on each other.

        What will happen.....
        BOB will still be in affect.
        The Smug Club winning both HOH's.
        Liz gives Austin that kiss if he wins HOH. YUCK
        Vanessa and Shelli still playing nice.
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        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          It would be more fun to tell her you saw Clay whispering to Meg, and stroking her cheek and hair. Paranoia and Jealousy... A winning combination. That's how they got rid of Amber last year, without blood.

          Also: Vanessa already drove a wedge between Steve and Jon last night. She made him think through the implications of Jon telling Shlay, and what that meant for Steve. As long as Vanessa keeps Steve close, he won't break away, and do anything to damage her game. Steve is lost to Jon at his point.
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        • Tjeffy
          Tjeffy commented
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          OH Ken that is a far better idea. Would be something to see for sure.

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