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  • 1 Webmaster, 1 Admin and 6 Moderators

    Let me tell you a story about 1 Webmaster, 1 Admin and 6 Moderators who started a little website called Big Brother Updates....

    They all loved a crazy reality show called Big Brother WAAAYYY back when it first began 17 seasons ago. The webmaster and the Admin, belonged to a group where they started out talking about Survivor and ended up talking about Big Brother ... more and more and more.

    So, the webmaster created a new website called Big Brother Updates, the Admin joined and the wonderful Moderators came along one by one by one.

    It's probably unheard of in the cyber world, but these 8 people have remained together for years and years and years. And, each Big Brother Season, they give 110% to make sure that your Big Brother experience is the best you could ever ask for right here at Big Brother Updates ( affectionately called BBU )

    Many of you have been members of "BBU" for the past 14 years. The Webmaster, The Admin and The Moderators have all come call you their friends, you are loved and cherished by all of us.

    Many of you have joined us throughout the past 14 years and have fit in perfectly, adding your points of view in the Live Feed Discussions, joining us in the chat room and settling in as wonderful members of this community - you are family.

    For the new members that we've gained this season, whether you were a lurker, just reading along and finally deciding to join a discussion, of even if you are still out there lurking and reading - we welcome you with open arms - you are now family.

    We've always called ourselves the little engine that could. We've joined together to push through hard times, good times and crazy times season after season.

    The 6 Moderators volunteer their time endlessly to make sure that things are running "just right" for all of you. The donate their time and more times than they should, the make a donation to ensure that BBU remain up and running. They are family.

    The Webmaster provides us with a place where we can all join together season after season. He stays quite behind the scenes most of the time, but he reaches into his pockets more than you know, to make sure that the expenses that it takes for the website and the server are paid. He is family.

    All of YOU are important to us and while we may be the "little engine that could" - we can't do this without your help. After all family needs family.

    Whether you are a long time member, a new member, an active member, or you're still out there just being quiet and reading the live feed updates, news stories and wonderful live feed discussions, we are reaching out for your help.

    The new website is awesome, it offers us stability, a "like" button" ( lol ) and much, much more. It's allowed many of you, who had tried to register at the old website, but couldn't, the chance to get in and be active in the discussions. We're happy you're finally here!

    We hope you're learning to "like" the new place and we hope that you know just how dedicated we are to BBU and to you.

    We appreciate any support you can give to help us meet the expenses that it takes to continue to be here.

    Our PayPal button is located in almost every page and it offers a quick, safe, secure and easy way to make a donation.

    I'll add one of our wonderful donator buttons to your account, if you'll just leave your BBU nickname in the note section or email me using the contact button below. It's not much, but it's a small way that we can show our thanks to you for your support. And, if you're not an active member, but just reading along, that's okay too, you can still make a donation so that we can keep the forums open for everyone.

    We made the promise to do our best to keep BBU ad free, no annoying pop-up adds, no long time in loading the website, because every ad that's placed on a page has to load and load and load. We want to provide you with quick, easy access, get you the updates that you are looking for and let you post your thoughts while you have them in your head. But, it's not easy to keep up with the expenses, without help, so that's why you find us, reaching out to you.

    On behalf of the 1 webmaster and 6 moderators...this 1 Admin is saying thank you for any support. I would not know what to do with out BBU and with all of you here, who make up this wonderful community and I NEVER want to find out!

    Thanks for any support you can give as we make our way through another Big Brother season!

    Feel free to share "your BBU story" below...

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    This is the only place on the internet where I feel safe to express my many opinions. It is the best site ever. Great people and great fun. Thanks BBU!


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      Thank YOU Walleye


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        I thank you all for this wonderful place that has become home during Big Brother. We all can pull for our favorites and no one will shun you for it. I have met some wonderful people, have shared my ups and downs, and had a wonderful time. I found Big Brother Updates during season 6. I had not watched the feeds, but after joining BBU, I became addicted to the feeds. I love the new site. We have a lot of wonderful new members and most of our older ones. I miss the ones that have not been able to join us this year. I will continue to support this site. I just wish I could do more.


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          I started watching BB during Season 12. I was going to say that I don't remember when I found BBU but now I do. I absolutely do. It was Season 13. The season of velour.


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            Ahhh... the season of velour ... too funny!

            Thanks to you guys for posting your BBU stories : )


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