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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 9

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  • #2
    Morning all. This season is just the gift that keeps giving. This should be a fun week and no matter what happens at the first eviction on Thursday, it's all good.

    Steve wins Veto and Vanessa is the plan to go on the block. But will all go as planned?
    Last edited by sdkgeo; 08-09-2015, 07:26 AM. Reason: Because I had Shelli on the brain and it should have been Vanessa


    • KeninVA
      KeninVA commented
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      Vanessa is the plan to go on the block. You have Shelli on the brain, geo.

    • sdkgeo
      sdkgeo commented
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      LOL, thanks Ken. That's what I meant

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    Morning geo, and all who follow,

    Jmac comes out in force, Becky maneuvers for her end game, and Vanessa is stepping to a blindside?

    Lots has changed since Friday. Steve is now a question mark for me, as to what his end game plans are. It has become clear, Jmac is 1 on this affinity list, and Vanessa was number 2, but does that remain the same, or is he going to be all in on Shelli, Jmac, Steve? I don't know. I think, without one of his patented mumble sessions to the camera, we are not going to really know, at least not me. I think the fact that he is aware that Becky would be a part of that group gives him pause.

    Becky's planned nomination speech is interesting to me, since what she accuses Vanessa of, flip flopping to power, and plotting to backstab Shelli, was actually her game. I am sure she is hoping to elicit an emotional response from Vanessa at the Nom ceremony or immediately afterwards. Whether Vanessa obliges is anyones guess.

    Steve, who had amazingly said he planned to throw the veto did not. I am sure his change of plan was due to Jmac not playing in veto, and his fear that he would end up left on the block, with someone who would stay behind in the eviction. Jmac has done a good job of stabbing Vanessa to him, but how much Steve actually buys, versus just listening for info, is an unknown. Vanessa had told him that "the group" had planned to put Jmac or him up as a floater, and had reviewed the bidding, including who she viewed as floating. So, I don't think Steve was actually caught by surprise. And of course, Becky shared the plan with him.

    Becky is working hard to preserve Shelli and deflect further attacks on her, to move the target to Austin or the Twins in the coming double. Has she actually turned Shelli against Vanessa, or is Shelli doing her best ride the middle, we don't know. I think Shelli is the most accomplished free agent right now, with the possibility of Steve, Jmac, Becky, as a foursome, going against Austwins, and ADC (the Goblins, AKA James, Meg, Jackie).

    Vanessa senses she is a potential target, but James has started lying to her, and Becky is re-enforcing "the plan", and Vanessa shows no outward sign of realising she will be betrayed. But she does tell Austin, if I am betrayed, I will make it my mission to make sure Becky cannot win. Based on Jason's post eviction comments, about how genuine he found Vanessa, I don't take it as an idle threat. The Jury Phase has started, and as Dan learned in Season 14, jurors don't like being played, hard. Becky will have to backstab ADC all the way to the end game, all the while proclaiming her fidelity to them.

    Vanessa will go on the block tomorrow. The hill she has to climb is with Steve, whose vote she has to keep, and with James and to a lesser extant Jackie, who I think is too emotionally vengeful over the Jeff boot, to think through the game.

    For James, in my mind, booting Shelli absolutely makes the most game sense. He believes Vanessa will keep a deal, and she, I am sure will offer a good one. In addition, he must know he can't make a deal with Shelli, no matter what anyone tells him. I am sure Vanessa will point that out. In reality, Jackie should follow Jame's logic, and should be suspicious when Becky runs her game to let Shelli go through the next Double, and instead target Austwins, who have not proven good competitor's nor have they been particularly hostile to either her, or to James. Since they don't have a problem breaking deals, they could take Vanessa out in the double, while buying a lot of insurance for themselves from Vanessa and the Austwins. Vanessa's hill is that James is becoming focused on booting Vanessa, which tends to one track his thought process, making him inflexible, and as previously stated, Jackie is definitely holding a personal grudge against Vanessa.

    Vanessa's next hurdle would be Steve, who is drawn to Jmac, and has to weigh being on the bottom of a Shelli, Jmac, Becky alliance, vs feeling like he is on the bottom of a Vanessa, Austwins, alliance (I say feels, because Vanessa has not actually ever harmed him in the game, and I am still not sure that she wants him as F2, though Steve is afraid that Vanessa at the end, wins the game).

    So, for today, I don't actually expect much game, at least there should not be much game, but Vanessa continues to surprise me. Mainly Becky reinforcing Shelli's lack of threat, and Vanessa's untrustworthiness. Jmac will work Steve, and Shelli will continue to smile and proclaim loyalty to all. If Vanessa does not meltdown today, then all the action will occur post nom ceremony tomorrow. I expect Vanessa will throw Becky under the bus hard, with James, and if I was her, I would get Meg and James in a room, and go through the Jason boot timeline, by the minute. Since Jackie and Meg know Becky is already talking about leaving Shelli in the game, that has potential to raise a lot of red flags. But, we won't know the actual plan, until the event.

    ETA: Late add. Just watched Shelli and Steve talking. Steve is all in with Shelli. Vanessa's game is done. Shelli, Becky, Jmac, Steve have very good odds of being the final 4 at this point, as long as the Becky - Steve axis is not connected until F6.
    Last edited by KeninVA; 08-09-2015, 07:31 AM.


    • KeninVA
      KeninVA commented
      Editing a comment

      There is some small chance she turns James, Jackie, Meg, but it is almost too small to measure, and without turning them all, I think she does not turn two of them, and with Steve flipped, it seems almost an impossible reach.

      And as for returning Jurors, in the U.S, game, they always get sent back, as it should be. I hate returning players, and especially this new trend of bringing a juror back, who gets the advantage of decompression, game sharing, and perspective.

      There is an outside chance Vanessa convinces Steve to force a tie, to make Becky be the deciding vote, and then gets James to secretly turn, but I don't expect that, since he would be aware that was possible, and would not risk voting against Shelli, and having that used against him later.

    • Blogzie
      Blogzie commented
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      If Vanessa is voted out, will you finish watching the season? It's you I'm worried about.
      We need you here. You're kind of like the Dad, although I'm sure I out-age you...
      I've never given up on a season and I've watched all 17 of them (as they were happening), whether I've wanted to or not.

    • KeninVA
      KeninVA commented
      Editing a comment
      Blogzie, I will still be around. Maybe not as active. Not much strategy right now, outside of Vanessa. If it becomes ADC/Austwins trading blows down the mid game stretch, there won't be much to see, other than Jmac and Steve hoping to not get caught up in the cross fire. And I think Shelli doesn't make that deep a run.

  • #4
    Found a quote from Jordan Peels (from Tweet last summer):

    Big Brother is like a sleep-away camp for sociopaths.


    • #5
      Good morning all- Ken, another good analysis. I agree with everything you stated. I hate losing Vanessa but can see where she destroyed her game. Not sure who I will pull for besides Steve. I like James, but it is hard to pull for James, Meg, and Jackie. They continue to miss clues right in their face. They should realize that Becky is wanting to save Shelli. If the three of them wanted Shelli out last week, they should want her out this week. James should know that Shelli will be gunning for him. I am so disappointed in Austin. Is he throwing all the comps or is he that bad. It should be a slow day today but jumping Monday afternoon.


      • heatherp85
        heatherp85 commented
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        I agree about them not noticing Becky wanting to save Shelli. Even after POV when the stars aligned for a Vanessa boot the ADC kept having to remind Becky that yes, Van goes home first, but they (Vanelli) both go to jury Thursday. I hope that was a red flag for the trio, but I fear they are too caught up in their good fortune and safety this week.

    • #6
      Wish we could see the Veto ceremony live tomorrow. If they can keep the secret for the day, the back door should be classic. But, I suspect that Vanessa is not feeling secure despite the reassurances, so won't be totally shocked. Johnny needs to put on his worried face as his part of the performance.

      Shelli as always will happily kiss another supposed team-mate adios. Like Derrick, the longer she stays in the more dangerous she becomes. She has managed to bewitch all but maybe James, Jackie, and Steve into protecting her.

      So Vanessa will go nuts, throwing Shelli under the bus and backing up and running over her again and again. Meanwhile the Ice Queen will act like she doesn't know what she's talking about, innocent Shelli could NEVER do that bad stuff. Vanessa will offer anything to stay, but will find out the truth everyone knows in Vegas: the house always wins. She bet on Austin and lost.

      I would love a tie vote, so Becky would have to show her Shelli preference. If I was in the house I'd be nervous of how easily and efficiently she can lie. Wouldn't trust her word if I was a team mate.

      But for we fans, darn good tv. It's hilarious how we all stopped our lives yesterday to breathlessly await the Veto results. You would have thought man was landing on the moon. We'll be just as anxious tomorrow to see the post-ceremony fall-out. Never a dull summer.


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
        Editing a comment
        And you get your match up. I still think most of the bus driving will be over Becky not Shelli though. Does anyone else besides Becky, Jmac and Steve know that Shelli was read in on the Vanessa plan? I don't think so, and so the odds that Vanessa will find out are small. And her sensibility won't allow her to throw Shelli under the bus, I don't think. I expect her campaign to be much more geared towards her benefit to James, and Jackie's game going forward, and the risks of a Shelli, Jmac, Becky alliance to them.

        And I agree, betting on Austin was a fatal error. She should have let him go.

      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
        Editing a comment
        This week Shelli is feeling a bit more secure so probablely her best play is to sit back and let Vanessa self-destruct. She could become deadly if she feels the house shifting. I still sense she had a hand in the Vanessa freak-out before the vote. She's more sly than in your face which is why players like Becky still buy her lies. But, yes, I want them busted up since together they've been better than any other two pairs.

    • #7
      I think after the chat between Steve and Shelli in the wee hours of the morning, Stealthy Stevie is now under her spell as well. It must be her tungsten teeth.


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        Well, everyone needs a mommy, right?😈

      • Blogzie
        Blogzie commented
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        Or a wet nurse.

    • #8
      Hey Ken, wondered what your thoughts were in regards to Shelli selecting Vanessa to compete in POV in terms of why Becky & JMac didn't seem phased by that?


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
        Editing a comment
        I think Jmac takes her at her word, red flags would have been raised all around the house if she had done that. I am not sure what Becky actually thinks. I did notice that the Steve, Jmac discussion, did not include Becky, except as a side rider. Jmac was definite the alliance was Steve, Jmac, Shelli. Becky was not brought into it, and Jmac denies being in an alliance with Becky, which actually he is not, I don't think.

        I don't understand Becky at all, other than she is a very skilled liar. She smoothly says, Vanessa has nothing on me, and I have lots of dirt on her, but the reality is, she does not know Vanessa's game, but Vanessa has her double dealing down in spades. So, do we actually know she is not upset about Shelli picking Vanessa? I don't think she would tell anyone but Jmac that. After all, for all the loyalty talk to ADC, she is playing them pretty hard. Her discussion with Jackie was how defeated and alone Shelli will be, once Vanessa is out of the house.

      • TTOTambz2
        TTOTambz2 commented
        Editing a comment
        Oh you said a mouthful... Vanessa is gonna make Becky look a fool

        I wanted to see how close our takes on the situation are: IMO....

        As for JMac-Becky when it comes to Steve he knows Steve isn't all in with her & has always had issues. For now he's saying we'll work with them for the week & b/c he knows Steve likes Shelli he's working that trio with him. JMac told Steve the way to go now is complete honesty (while he was lying to him lol).

        Later he told Becky he's smoothing it over with him to keep her appeased.

        IMO it's kind of like the JMac vs Vanessa situation Steve was in, except JMac knows enough to look at time & situation. I think he believes once Vanessa is gone it'll be easier to pull the two of them closer or he'll pull someone else in... if Shelli leaves I'd say James will get the nod. The reason I know he's closer to Becky is he told her about the F2 Steve asked for & he agreed to (but that it's not real.. same story he told Clay).

    • #9
      Good morning BBUers. It's 9:05 on Sunday morning and Shelli is on the block and Vanessa is all but on the block. All is right in my world.

      I think Vanessa goes in the first part of the DE and either Liz or Becky goes in the second part depending on who wins the second all powerful HOH. I'm good either way.

      Becky has drawn a pretty big target on herself for the SS. All of them will be gunning for her now.
      And ADC will have to go after Liz as the lynch pin in the Austwin alliance.

      All of this will happen after 4 days of GLORIOUS drama from Shelly and Vanessa. It's gonna look like Freddy Kruger broke into that house. There's gonna be blood on the ceiling. Mwa ha ha!

      Last edited by ~Linden~; 08-09-2015, 09:12 AM.


      • #10
        KeninVA commenting on Betty Boo's post said:

        "And I agree, betting on Austin was a fatal error. She should have let him go."

        This was in response to Betty Boo saying that Vanessa bet on Austin and lost.

        Okay, I have a thought. I know, it's rare, but I do occasionally get them.

        We are now more than half-way through this season. And it's been a really good one.
        After this Thursday's DE there will be nine players left in the house.

        Austin will be one of them.

        Speaking of fatal errors...

        You do realize this means that Austin could possibly win this season?

        I knoooooow-uh...

        It's a mortifying thought!

        Please someone, anyone, tell me that he doesn't have a chance in hell.

        I've got to go and apply a cold compress to my brain.

        I just hate it when I have thoughts.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          I think Vanessa would vote for him as well, and very well advocate for him in jury. Vanessa values loyalty, and unless the final two are Austin and Shelli, she might well push him for the win. ADC actually talked about getting him out third the other night, ahead of one of the twins. Jackie walked that back with Becky the other night, but I think after Vanessa is done campaigning, Becky becomes a common enemy during the double (or Shelli, to cut Becky off and force her to rely on them more).

          Sorry, I can't agree that Austin has no shot to win the game.

        • Blogzie
          Blogzie commented
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          Oh mon dieu!

        • ~Linden~
          ~Linden~ commented
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          Ok, if Austin is up against Becky at the end, he might win. lol

          This week will blow all of the SS out of the water. Austwins will have to pick between mommy and mommy. One mommy is gonna be ticked off.

          Vanessa may very well vote for Austin IF he's in F2, but that's still only 3 votes. I don't think Shelli will vote for him. And I really don't think J-Mac, Becky, Jackie, Meg or James will vote for him. And I don't think Steve will either based on his (Austin's) non game play.

          And for some reason, I think Shelli will be in the F2. Not sure who she'll be up there against but I'm thinking J-Mac or Steve. Shelli is really good at this game. She's really good at making friends. Or making people *think* she's their friend.

          All of this is just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. lol And this IS Big Brother.
          Last edited by ~Linden~; 08-09-2015, 09:53 AM.

      • #11
        Before I head off to real life, what I think Vanessa should do (not that she will do this, I only get half of her brain.). Given her suspicions, she should be spending some time today, imagining the moment of getting put on the block. This visualization technique allows her to experience some of the emotion ahead of time. That will keep her head clear, so that she can observe the other players around the table. In fact, I would try to practice not looking at Becky why she is talking, and instead try to focus attention on each other player, to see if they all knew, including Shellie and Steve. James, Meg and Jackie will probably be easiest to read, as I expect Meg will give her blank stare, Jackie will smirk, and James will have a hard time looking at her.

        Then, she needs to remain calm, take it as the game move it is meant to be, and accept the offered hugs, and condolences. She should then shore up Austin and the twins, and then feel Steve out, both for what he knew, and what direction he is leaning in.

        Then she needs to get the ADC minus Becky, alone, and totally go through the game she has played with Clay and Shelli and Becky. (the Generals). She can totally pull Austin's name in as an early betrayer (not winning the PoV in her first HoH). But, she knows Shelli's and Clay's game. The point of revealing Shelli's game is not to drive the bus directly over Shelli, but to point to public actions, that helped them, and Becky, when she was HoH. Jeff was done at Austin and Clay's behest. Leave out Austin, but not Clay. Becky was in an alliance with her and Shlay. Shelli and Clay threw Austin under the bus, but not Becky. Shelli asked Vanessa not blow Becky's game before the Clay boot, which Vanessa wanted to do initially. I think at each step, she needs to acknowledge that she was not just helping them, but herself.

        Then she needs to walk them through the Jason boot timeline. All of it, and the multiple times she offered to go through with the Austin nomination. She can get Liz to potentially help her corroborate that she was going to still nom Austin at 3 a.m. on Monday morning. The effort here is to not damage Austwins game, but to make sure they see the connections to Becky that Shelli and Jmac have. If Vanessa has even an inkling that Steve was in on this betrayal, he should go under the bus as well. Not by outing any discussion, but by ensuring they do not discount the close relationship between Jmac and Steve.

        I would then offer a F6 deal to the three of them, no noms, no backdoors, pointing out she kept Jackie in the game, despite pressure from Clay, Shelli, and Becky. Then, I would point out the game advantage for them of removing two threats with one vote. And then ask them to think about it, and let her talk to them again later.

        I expect Meg will be worried, since she views Vanessa as a witch, and Jackie will be dismissive, but James, if unpressured, will listen. And that might turn things around for her.

        It might not keep her in the game, but it might, and it very well could help Austwins, going forward.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          That is what makes her such a flawed player. She sees the board, and should be able to make a compelling case as to why keeping her makes the most sense, but she can't calmly articulate it. She tried to walk the James/Clay/Jmac fight to Meg and Jackie, and could not coherently explain it.

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
          Editing a comment
          Would have been hard for her to coherently explain the James/Clay/Jmac fight since she was a driver in the deception. She was so tightly entwined in all the betrayal of that week that it would have taken an uber-sociopathic-genius to figure out how to tell it without damning herself.

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          I don't think so. Having watched the fight, it had a very straight progression.

          1. Clay told her: James is getting into Jmac's head, telling Jmac that Vanessa and Shelli were coming after him.

          2. Vanessa confronted James. James convinced her he did not say it.

          3. James confronted Clay.

          4. Vanessa went to Jmac to do damage control, and find out why Clay said what he said. Jmac denied the conversation.

          5. Vanessa went to Clay, to tell him that Jmac was basically calling him a liar. Clay denied, Jmac got dragged in, they both said we did not say it, then Clay said, I did say it to Jmac, then Jmac said, no I lied before, I did say you were in Shelli's head and need to go..

          And then they got emotional. The problem is in the retelling, she tries to ascribe motives, which she has suppositions about, but no real knowledge. Vanessa was definitely worried that Jmac was lying about how he was going to vote, or at least Clay was (which he was lying, he knew Jmac was going to vote to keep him). And Austin had already started to waiver, thinking if Jmac votes to send Clay out, I can vote with James against Shelli. And had Clay won, Jmac had already lied to Clay, telling him Vanessa had pushed for James to nominate Shelli and Clay. She did not.. she had pushed for James to nominate Jmac or Steve.

          ETA: And she made the right call at the time. Austin should have killed that comp. I can't wait for his DR. Had Clay won, he would have backdoored at Jmac's urging anyway. JMO.
          Last edited by KeninVA; 08-09-2015, 12:26 PM.

      • #12
        Austin's Top Ten Strategies For Winning Big Brother.

        10. Groping and pawing.

        9. Eating mass quantities of protein.

        8. Not showering or washing his hair.

        7. More groping.

        6. Never wearing a shirt.

        5. Ditching his Judas alter-ego.

        4. Being Vanessa's whipping boy.

        3. More pawing.

        2. Throwing every comp he's played in.

        And Austin's Number One Strategy For Winning Big Brother:

        1. Constantly obsessing over his hair.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
          Editing a comment
          I've rethought my Austin answer above. Vanessa did tell someone, Austin can't win, if we hold him to his promise. She very well might hold him to it in Jury, if he is still in the game. As she pointed out, it was a promise he made, that we as jury members can hold him to.

      • #13
        Hey Blogzee, had to giggle when in my head I heard James asking what's the French for mon dieu. Oh Mylanta.


        • #14
          Thanks to everyone on here for your analysis... My summertime morning paper. Vanessa has encountered the perfect storm. If she hadn't gone ballistic on JMac, he would have stayed in the shadows. Steve has chosen sides, but even if not, Jmac, James, Meg, Jackie is all it takes to out her bc Becky will surely boot her. Though she's a great player, Vanessa's annoying house blasting got on nerves and exposed her schematic. I like James Jackie and Meg but together their strengths do not meld, and they are staying too isolated.


          • #15
            Austin can win. At this point in the game who would have expected Jordan or Rachel to win their seasons? Survive the DE and the triplets are a stronger block as numbers diminish. Have a weak player like Meg or unliked players like Becky or Steve in the final two and he could get the needed 5 votes.

            Right now Shelli is in the cat bird seat with a resume of not only 2 successful HOH s, but probably surviving twice when she should have gone home. But, unlike Derrick, she is considered a visible target, so could remain in danger. Anyone is one wrong move away from a fatality this season. Shelli survived last week because of Clay wanting out. Austin survived since other targets were considered more important. The unsettled nature of this season sure makes it intriguing to watch.


            • KeninVA
              KeninVA commented
              Editing a comment
              And the flaws in all the players makes it hard to predict how the house is going to react. Going forward, if they get past the double, Jmac/Becky are probably playing the strongest game, though I expect that to come to a screeching halt, when Vanessa goes on the block.

              Jmac being front and center will make it hard for him to continue to skate by, though Becky and Shelli will look like bigger targets, but... Shelli is the bigger target for one side of the house, and Becky will be for the other side. And, as a parting gift, I am sure Vanessa will have some deep talks with Julia about the board, and what she see's and thinks Julia should consider.

              It is going to be a wide open game, unless after the double, Austwins and JJM merge forces, which is entirely possible.

            • Toober
              Toober commented
              Editing a comment
              The idea of Austin winning makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Fatal flaw indeed for Vanessa to have kept him over Becky/Jason. (Blame Liz for that though) Still hoping Ms Rousso can save herself from elimination this week.

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