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Live Feed Discussion-August 11

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 11

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  • #2
    I can't believe this house. Things may or may not flip, but I love the possibility.

    I'm ok with either of them going. I think it may be better for James and Meg to keep Vanessa, but then Vanessa and Austin and the twins are still together, so they would be at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Shelli is an immediate threat to James and has a better chance of winning DE HoH I think. And, they probably lose Becky and Johnny Mac if they keep Vanessa.

    I think the fact that Shelli knew ahead of time is pretty well covered up because only the two of them know. Did JMac or Steve Know Shelli was told who Becky was putting up?


    • KeninVA
      KeninVA commented
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      Both know she was told. Becky really exposed herself there.

      This is actually JJM's best move. Make a deal with Vanessa, who will keep it, put Shelli out, and now they only have to worry about Austin and the twins, and potentially Jmac and Steve. They think Jmac is on there side, and that Steve won't come after them. Jmac, I think, won't, but he did discuss with Steve, we have to pick a side, and it is not clear that Jmac is all in with ADC.

      They don't actually have Jmac, and after today, Becky can't tuck in under Vanessa and the Austwins. If Vanessa stays, Becky is going to have her own little meltdown.

  • #3
    Morning geo, and all who follow,
    Becky gets emotional, Vanessa gets emotional, and Shelli gets emotional. Meanwhile, James takes off the Beanie and puts his thinking cap on.

    It is an understatement to say I am beyond disappointed in Vanessa’s post nomination behavior. She is focused on the wrong things, lets Becky get under her skin, and then goes into her best Shelli/Clay impersonation, telling Austin and the twins, they owe her. Just a terrible move. In BB, you make moves for yourself. The name for a player who makes sub-optimal moves for their game out of loyalty to someone else is “evicted house guest”. Vanessa, who has been preaching individual game should know that.

    Vanessa held herself together in the immediate aftermath of the nomination, and then felt the need to confront Becky. She was actually pretty calm with Becky, who got short with Vanessa, yelling at her that Vanessa had forced her to make a promise she would not keep, and she did not like Vanessa anyway. Then she stalked off to the HoH room. This confrontation hurt Vanessa’s feelings, who then went into her own sulk, leading to the Shelli imitation from her bed. But before doing what she should have done all along, hide under the covers, she barges into the Goblins (Jackie, James, Meg) who are imitating the 3 blind mice. Vanessa rants semi-incoherently about Becky, gets shut down by Jackie, who tells James Becky’s version of the Jason boot. Vanessa then, finally, thankfully withdraws, and in the end, takes to her bed.
    Shelli meanwhile, takes the opportunity to re-integrate with Austwins, and Jmac, and whips up rage against James, over his wearing Clay’s clothes. He is doing it to play dirty, and stick his finger in Shelli’s eye, and so must be punished. This leads to what starts as a prank to steal Clay’s clothes back but leads to Shelli confronting James.

    As all the hamsters begin to wind down, James turns to his compatriots, and says “We have to get Shelli out. She is still too salty to for us to be safe, and she is becoming friends with everyone again.” The Goblins (ADC minus, 3 blind mice) talk and by the end, James has swung Meg hard, and Jackie soft to the idea that Vanessa can be trusted to keep a deal, that they can get her out in the double, and as James says “I didn’t get what I wanted, when I was HoH.”.

    Lots can go wrong between now and Thursday, as Vanessa is scrappy, but not that good at the soft skills of diplomacy. Her best play, even without this unknown to her turn of events, would be to get James alone, make her pitch, and see what happens. That would bring Meg and Jackie into the fold, which along with already having Julia, would bring Liz and Austin back in. If Vanessa is smart, she realizes Steve can’t be trusted, and says nothing to him, other than general campaigning, along with Jmac.

    So, while not out of the cave she dug into yesterday, I see daylight streaming into it. The question will be can Vanessa?

    Lots of game this afternoon, tonight, as Vanessa has vowed to pick up the fight. Hopefully, she does not blind herself to the lifeline James represents.
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    • ophelia__
      ophelia__ commented
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      Ken you are as loyal to Vanessa as she claims to be to her allies. I commend you for that loyalty, but am not convinced of Vanessa's loyalty at all. She was only loyal to Austin (yuck) after berating him and turning him into her bitch. (For the record, I do not treat my dog like that and think that no one should treat dog or human with that kind of degrading language.) I have no love for Vanessa, nor her supposed superior intellect, which is thoroughly muddied by her emotional instability. Blame it on the meds, or pre-existing condition, it is what it is, and she's unreliable and unstable. That mix does not make a winner in this game, nor is it easy or pleasant to watch.
      Even with my extreme dislike for Vanessa and her 'game', I'm still more desirous of Shelli getting the oust this Thursday. I want James to get his target out of the game, everyone bailed last week, and almost immediately Shelli began her smarmy smiling...her collusion with Becky places Becky near the top of my eviction list, but not before Vanessa. My dream world would have it Shelli, Vanessa and Becky, in that order, leaving the house a little less dramatic perhaps, but hey...we might have a house with no one on meds...has that ever happened? or do TPTB require that at least a few HG's each year are slightly deranged before they get there...?

    • Ladycop
      Ladycop commented
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      Ken, I not only agree with those who say that Becky did not "yell" at Vanessa but also the fact that as the day wore on and Vanessa retold that story it became more and more distorted. She is a basket case, and I think if they boot Shelli first and keep her she will be down (emotional) and not ready to play the game. I completely agree with ADC who said that Shelli has had time to get over her emotional melt down over Clay and will now play pi$$ed and therefore she needs to go sooner rather than later.....but Vanessa must follow her out of the door in a DE.

    • OhThisHouse
      OhThisHouse commented
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      I don't like Vanessa or Shelly, but firmly believe the best boot would be Shelly. Shelly has potential to win more than Vanessa. Shelly, then Vanessa or the twin Liz. Of the 3 Austwins, Liz is a critical boot. JMHO

  • #4
    I will be OK with Vanessa staying. This will definitely be the better move for James. If Shelli stay, then he is probably going home right after Vanessa in the DE. No way Shelli will ever look past James being responsible for breaking up the couple before Jury. If they do this, they just can't get to the F2 with Vanessa because the jury will be stacked with the votes for her to win.

    Should be another interesting day today.


    • #5
      KenInVA! I read the flip this morning and I came rushing here to make sure you were awake and were celebrating!!!!!!!! THANK GOODNESS you already knew and I didn't have to yell loud enough to reach Virginia.

      I think we saw into Vanessa's world a bit last night. She mentioned that being alone always happens to her out in her life, that she is always doing thing for others and then things always work out like this (I'm paraphrasing). I know people are like that...she sees things so acutely from her own perspective and lacks ability to see it from another's point of view because her own logic has her convinced that she alone has the correct assessment. People never live up to what Vanessa thinks should happen, so she feels let down often by others. I actually felt sorry for her. And because I've seen this behavior before, I don't think she's faking anything. She really can't help it.

      I truly don't think knew the ins and outs of BB before coming in the house, and I don't think she was ready for it. (Her agent must have just wanted to get her exposure for her dee jay career. I guess they assumed because she knew game theory that this would be a cakewalk?). I mentioned before that I felt her lack of game knowledge would bite her in the butt. I do think she may now have learned some game lessons through all of this, if she gets to stay, she may do a lot better.

      Oh, I forgot...Morning, everyone! At this point, I really don't care which one goes home. As I have mentioned over and over, I only like JMac. I want him to do well, and I hate for him to get in trouble by being blindsided with Vanessa staying. BUT maybe it will work out where Vanessa's target will be Becky if she stays and JMac will have time to regroup.
      Last edited by nonobadfish; 08-11-2015, 07:12 AM.


      • TTOTambz2
        TTOTambz2 commented
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        Vanessa did mention she's been trying to get on BB for years but the other night she said she's never watched the live feeds or read any sites like these. As we all know there is the TV show and then there is the game (2 very different games!)

    • #6
      I had intended to post how disappointed I was in Vanessa's lack of fight. I had been looking forward to a good battle with Shelli, and all Vanessa was giving us was woe. But then I saw the flip, and now the week has great potential again for excellent drama. Should be super fun.

      I hope Shelli finds out and it all comes out in the open. I'd like to see a real war for votes. And I think the twins would like to keep Vanessa, but Austin has been badmouthing her (he still is stinging from the way she treats him, demanding to know every day if he's lying to her). Will he want her to stay over Shelli? I think so, but I'm not 100% sure. And what will Steve do? Come on BBHGs....let's all pick sides and fight it out. (And I hope they burn the dang Clay shirts. WTH? Seriously, Shelli?)


      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
        Editing a comment
        Jmac made the comment that Clay has a god like figure. And, in truth, his influence of the last 3 weeks has all stemmed from the Shelli/Clay relationship. This whole downward spiral beginning with the Jason boot, was because JJM were not happy enough for Clay winning PoV. That opened Shelli/Clay to the keep Austin, boot Jason move. Followed by the both on the block, unanimous blindside eviction of Clay. And now, a fight over Clay's shirt. Jmac was wrong, Vanessa was not the common denominator, it was Clay. God-like indeed.

      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
        Editing a comment
        Shelli's immature reactions (they didn't cheer enough for Clay; he stole Clay's shirt) are going to be her downfall eventually. In her pre-game interviews, she commented that she had never been without a boyfriend for anything length of time, but she wanted to use BB as a venue to be her own person. Yet after a recent divorce (and breaking up with someone she was dating right after the divorce), she comes into the BB House and finds another guy. And because of that guy, she makes a few immature game decisions. She has the skills to win the will be interesting to see if she fails because she couldn't be alone without a guy even for the summer.

      • HunnyBunny
        HunnyBunny commented
        Editing a comment
        I would prefer Shellie be completely blindsided and I would love it if Vanessa was surprised that the vote went in her favor as well. That would add to her confusion and perhaps trip her a bit going into double elimination. I want Johnny Mac to win one of the DE. !!!

    • #7
      Someone made a vine of the clip the other day when Clay said, "I have a friend...he's like our token black guy" and Shelli answered, "Oh, I love those." I had heard about it, but had missed it on the feeds. When I saw it last night, it made up my mind for me at that moment: I want Shelli gone. But I'm worried about my JMac. I don't have anyone to cheer for if he leaves, so while I personally want Shelli evicted this week, I don't want to hurt JMac's game. Oh, the dilemma. #GoJMac
      Last edited by nonobadfish; 08-11-2015, 07:13 AM.


      • Ramona7581
        Ramona7581 commented
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        Yes, those comments were absolutely ignorant. I'm glad Clay is gone and hope Shelli sits beside Julie soon!

    • #8
      What the halibut? As soon as I mention sending in champagne to Vanessa if she stays, the house starts talking of flipping the house??? If they could make it a Thursday nite blindside just to see the Ice Queens face go all thin-lipped, we are not amused, maybe I'll toss in some caviar.

      Its a good long term game to get rid of Shelli and her nasty little stealth game. Vanessa is more isolated, having no true allies, so is an easy dump later. Shelli has the twins with Austin, Johnny Mac and Becky in her orbit so is more dangerous for a run to the win.

      I suspect that the talk is what we hear each week - verbally going over options only to reinforce what they had already decided to do. I would be surprised to see Shelli leave before Vanessa this Thursday.

      Does anyone think Vanessa could DOR? She doesn't need the money and I can't see her sitting around for weeks in Jury knowing she can't win. I know she's a gamer, but also think the lure of just going home to her girlfriend may be strong. Enquiring minds?


      • Twirlly
        Twirlly commented
        Editing a comment
        With the possible return of a jury members, I don't see Van DORing. Although you wouldn't guess it if you didn't already know, Van is a poker play.....a great poker player. Win some, lose some is how you have to view every game. I don't see her being such a sore loser that she would walkout.

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        I agree Betty. I don't forsee any chance Vanessa walks. Late yesterday, she told Julia, I am coming out to fight tomorrow. I have a plan. This actually scares me, as a Vanessa fan, since I can easily see her turning ADC against her again. And Julia is not with Austin, even a little. She is definitely team Vanessa in this, and I suspect will make Liz toe the line. And Austin, miserable idiot that he is, should show a modicum of loyalty. He has screwed Vanessa over 3 times already. You can't cry over spilt milk (at least unless you are not Vanessa), but Austin going out, would have been best for her. The problem would have been losing a twin next, and then it would have been Vanessa's turn.

        My wish, ADC keep their mouths shut, and Becky is caught in a blindside, watching Shelli walkout, and then a glorious Vanessa HoH. I would enjoy Shelli walking, followed by Becky to Jury house, where they can plan Shelli's wedding to Clay.

    • #9
      Good morning BBU

      So glad that James finally decided to use his head for something other than a visor rack! This move is the best for him. The Goblins were even thinking far enough ahead to ponder who might come back from jury, taking that into account. Did someone put some game in their slop? I think Steve will vote out Shelli too. He knows Van will go hard at Becky, which is what he wants. That leaves them to secure one more vote and I believe Austwins will fall in line.

      Van needs to believe that nothing in this house is personal, it is why she always needs a reason for a move. Had Becky told her that it is all game, blah, blah, blah, Van would have handled it much better. She suspected it was coming, she just needs the reason and all Becky gave her was personal. Becky was in fact hateful to her. For me, Becky has been rather ****y with this HoH. I like her less and less each day. Yesterday she was telling Austwins that Van is all about herself and her game.....uh....Becky....this isn't a game to see who shares the money. There is only one winner and you have to lookout for yourself...... this is not KumBBaya!

      We will have drama for the next two days. Now that the Goblins have found the clue lets see if they actually follow the yellow brick road or veer off when they see the pretty butterfly over the meadow.


      • Petefish44
        Petefish44 commented
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        Yes, yes, yes to all of this!

    • #10
      I just feel compelled to say this, James is willing to take this step because he believes if he makes a deal with Vanessa, she will keep it. That is pretty powerful currency in the house.


      • Jankinonya
        Jankinonya commented
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        James and Vanessa have been my pick since week 2. That is my F2 dream team!

      • nonobadfish
        nonobadfish commented
        Editing a comment
        And I feel compelled to answer you that James is a fool if he thinks Vanessa keeps every deal. Please don't make me list all the deals that she has broken again. Oh....wait. I said yesterday that I was NOT going to keep having this conversation because it makes me feel as crazy as Vanessa to keep restating my definition of a lie over and over, so I'm stopping right now. But you can carry on without me, Ken. There are others out there who like this argument more than I.

      • ManaDee
        ManaDee commented
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        I'm with Jank! While I wasn't a huge fan of James at first, he keeps growing on me every week. I can get on board with a Vanessa James F2!

    • #11
      Oh Ken, when I read the updates I was grinning from ear to ear seeing ADC were leaning towards keeping Vanessa.

      Not sure if you saw my post last night, but I basically said Shelli's inability to not play personal was going to cost her & for the life of me her pulling the mean girl routine over a T-shirt was so juvenile I was slack jawed over what a stupid move that was. All she had to do was sit back for 3 days and she just couldn't bring herself to let it go. I missed the confrontation with James...what happened? Did James ask her if she took the shirt?

      Shelli was so sure she was safe she over played her hand. Like I said last night she's been on the block now for 2 consecutive cycles and the minute she felt safe she got biatchy and mean! Plus it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see how calm she's been this week versus last week. Vanessa has to clue in to that fact.

      In fact watching BBAD it was super obvious how comfortable Shelli feels. The minute Vanessa went up she ran right back to the Austwins (& I wonder if JMac noticed as I caught him watching Shelli alot last night, not in a normal way either, more like he was taking notes...Thoughts?)

      As much as Austwins pulled away from Vanessa yesterday she was way too emotional and I'd agree this whole over reaction and lack of insight on her part was not becoming at all. Regardless, I do understand her disappointment in her team not caring to check on her. I also think it won't take much to get them on side to keep her. If ADC do decide to keep her (which is honestly smarter for the 3 of them) the issue will be whether they tell Becky and whether Vanessa tells Steve beforehand. Hopefully they all come together and read the situation right. Ideally Vanessa has Austwins on board & just 2 of the ADC vote to keep Vanessa since 5 is all they need. If they want to keep Becky in the dark they can simply claim only James voted the other way b/c he couldn't trust Shelli (& blame a vote on Steve)

      I feel Becky got a little too smug and messy in this HOH & made some critical mistakes. Telling everyone she had her 3 votes like she was the boss of ADC I found odd. The fact she was drawn to work with them is because they work as a team. Despite that she TOLD them Vanessa was going & TOLD them Shelli would come off the block. However she did nothing to bridge the issues Shelli had toward James (though JMac did). Instead she tried to set her personal game up on all sides not recognizing she was basically pulling a "Shelli".

      In the same situation James took all the ownership for his decision and when Vanessa went to say something negative about Becky, Jackie shut her down. It's why I do love ADC even though they aren't fully game savvy they definitely work as a solid team and what is best for all three.

      It's poor game management by Becky and again like I've said all season Shelli plays this game personal & like it's the entire house's job to give her the money. As much as I was disappointed Vanessa didn't take a page out of Jason's book upon the blindside I was more disturbed by Shelli trying to get the twins to play high school mean girls to steal the shirts and act 15.

      I do hope the ADC pull this move off b/c if nothing else today's events showed Vanessa truly will be easier to oust and Shelli really IS A SNAKE. Given Vanessa is desperate & loves her deals I think there is a way to guarantee safety through DE for F&G's minus Steve and ADC making JMac, Becky & Steve vulnerable if any of those 7 win DE HOH. Ideally they could make an agreement to target Steve/JMac since this would literally be saving Vanessa's game.

      On a side note: I'm wondering if Austin is actually questioning how much Liz likes him as he seems almost sulky. Perhaps he's beginning to question it.

      Also given how her team responded (or rather didn't respond) is there a chance Vanessa would abandon them ALL to work with ADC especially if they save her? I've always said I wanted to see a James, Jackie, Vanessa, JMac, Julia & Steve final 6. I'm not impressed with Steve this week so I'd be happy to insert Meg in his place just so I get to continue to see the 3 blind mice m in their sunglasses. AND in all honesty I find it refreshing how much those 3 truly do have each others backs.

      Let's see what today brings & if Vanessa can stay out of her own way. And, please share with me what happened in the Shelli vs James confrontation (and how did the house react?)


      • #12
        Hey twirlly....I love the KumBBya. That's so clever! I don't think Vanessa has ANY ability to see things as not personal when it happens to her. She's simply not cut from that cloth. She says she understands, but she doesn't because every time something goes against her, she harbors it and rehashes and rehashes and rehashes. But I do think she now has seen that she's hit bottom, and she can make some changes that will at least save her if she can drop the attack mode and pick up some diplomatic skills quickly.

        When Meg and Jackie were talking after James left the room, Jackie said they would have to approach Becky with their plan to keep Vanessa and tell her that they wouldn't do it if Becky wasn't onboard. Meg's answer to that was, "We HAVE to vote out Shelli" to which Jackie answered, "We'll convince her of that afterwards." So I think Jackie may really be down with this plan and she also knows how to handle Becky. Jackie really is impressive. (She's still not my favorite, but I greatly underestimated her game skills early on).


        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          I'm with you NoNo... they really do work as a team & Jackie is someone who wants to be respectful to the people she works with. Whether it's smart or not if she was put in a position to be saved but not tell James/Meg they were targeted she would run right back & tell them. THAT is what a real alliance is suppose to do.. protect each other. Sure it's a single winner but Dan had Memphis, Derrick had Cody and even Will had Mike for a little bit (though he did most of it on his own. You don't get to the end without someone having your back, a lesson Vanessa became fully aware of yesterday!

      • #13
        Good morning all- Happy to hear things may change for the Thursday night eviction. I was really disappointed in Vanessa yesterday. She needs to CALM down today, let things unfold. Talk to James. I think he is the key. He knows that Shelli will be trying to get him out. I think he is a straight shooter and he and Vanessa have made a connection. I know it blew up in Vanessa's face but I think he respects the fact that she came to him when she heard something and did not just believe it. One of the reasons he was upset with Clay is that he did not come to him with what he heard.

        I think James can pull the votes if he decides to keep Vanessa. He has continued to talk to Austin and Steve since his HOH. The only reason Steve has turned from Vanessa is because of the things Johnny has been saying to him. Austin will continue to go with the house and if he thinks the majority is keeping Vanessa he will jump on board. Julia will be glad to keep Vanessa.

        Vanessa needs to wait until Wed to campaign to anyone. She needs to get out of the bedroom and mix with people. She needs to show them that she is ok and let the game come to her for once.

        I also want to know what happened between Shelli and James. I know about her getting Clay's shirt back.


        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
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          Luanne, I think James and the ADC are sold on the idea without Vanessa even having to persuade them. So what she needs to do first and foremost is to let James talk without her throwing any of her Vanessa-isms into the picture. I agree with you totally..she needs to calm down and listen and not try to make him feel guilty or like he owes her anything.

          This is a gift Vanessa is being given...she needs to take the gift without analyzing it to death and causing it to blow up.

        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          I have to admit, I secretly (o.k. maybe not so secretly) wish Vanessa and James would hook up as a side alliance. Their comp skills are a reasonable balance, and their temperaments would cancel each others downsides out some. I don't think it happens, but stranger things have come to pass, and they have 6 weeks left, which is a few lifetimes in that house.

        • BettyBoo
          BettyBoo commented
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          Vanessa needs to use the Austin's play book on how to evade eviction. Roll over and play dead, right after begging for forgiveness for anything and everything.

      • #14
        I'm going to have to get ready to leave, but before I go...

        Is there a BB player left in the house who is a worse gameplayer than Austin? He's still there, so I guess I have to give him credit for something. But he simply floats along and does nothing for his alliance. Yesterday he made the statement several times that there was NO WAY to save Vanessa. And yet the ADC is working on finding a way, and they're not even in her alliance. For someone who actually knows the game of BB, Austin is a real disappointment. I'd be happy for him to go in the DE this week.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          I would love for Austin to be the follow on boot, if Becky can't go help plan Shelli's wedding.

        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          The question is will we see something similar from the twins if Austin leaves .... will they actually start to play the game? Jackie certainly changed when Jeff left (though part of that was her lying low on his demands). I wonder how different Liz would be.

          As for Austin, something tells me he is beginning to question how much Liz likes him becomes he seems like a love sick puppy.

        • ManaDee
          ManaDee commented
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          Totally agree, cannot STAND Austin. He has very little grasp of the house, and is so easily influenced. He also NEVER seems to grasp the undercurrent of what someone is saying to him, and their possible intentions. And anyone that is perfectly willing to throw his game away for some possible nookie in the jury house (which Austin would totally do) is undeserving to play in my book. Plus his infantile behavior re: Liz in the early part of the game (like with James and Jeff) drive me nuts.

          I also think that Austin is a terrible influence for Liz. I like Julia, and I think she would be able to influence Liz a lot better if Liz didn't have Austin to back up bad ideas. Liz would actually be forced to spend a lot more time with other HGs, and possibly improve her game a lot. She has the comp skills over Julia, but Julia is smarter than she is. I know Liz was okay with getting Austin out earlier, but I think as the numbers get smaller she is not going to want to give up her little safety net. Julia would be more than on board with that. What Liz doesn't get, is that with Austin in the house SHE is actually the better boot, because it leaves Julia as a free agent and Austin to become a limp noodle begging to go to the jury house to be with Liz.

      • #15
        We are in a box in a parking lot playing a game.

        ~Steven Moses

        We see it happen every season. Players enter the game with a strategy in mind, only to have to abandoned or adapt it very quickly. They think they have prepared themselves for all possible outcomes. No matter how many players there are in any given season, there is always one player, a silent player, they can never truly be prepared for:

        The House.

        Having watched every season of BB, I can't recall a more accomplished houseguest entering the house than Vanessa.

        A very simple Google search will reveal all she has achieved at the relatively young age of 32. She holds academic records that have yet to be broken. Her bio shows someone who has liked to challenge herself from a very young age. Her skills at poker are legendary. She is the Number Two female poker player n the world.

        Players hope to win the game of Big Brother so that the half million dollar winnings will improve their lives. Vanessa has been living that dream life for many years now. Mansions, cars, private planes, the best of the best. And she earned every penny of it herself. Nothing was handed to her on a silver platter. Playing (and hopefully winning) Big Brother was yet another way to challenge herself. But what she should have realized after the countless hours she has spent in casinos, the house always wins. And in this particular case, it's the Big Brother House.

        It broke her down emotionally the very first week and I don't think she has fully recovered from that. It has caused her to nearly forget about all of her poker playing skills, which if applied properly, should have enabled her to literally sail through the game. It has made her look at aspects of her personality and her life outside the house that she would rather not acknowledge. I think that the real challenge for her, more than winning the game, is having to accepts the parts of herself she may have been in denial about.

        In her BB bio she lists public humiliation as one of her biggest fears, as well as being out of control.

        You have to give her credit, she is certainly facing those fears now. And then some.

        While I enjoy good strategy and game moves and epic blindsides and meltdowns, the most intriguing part of BB for me has always been the psychological aspect of the game and the impact this has on the players in any given season.

        I think The House has been Vanessa's biggest obstacle in this game, without her even realizing it.

        And watching her try to overcome this unknown foe has been absolutely fascinating to watch.

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        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
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          This is spot on. Her inner fears have been made manifest- she could achieve amazing insight or the opportunity may be lost. It is this way for all of us. Sometimes I get what I need to learn and sometimes not. She has played a game where she tries to control the house; let's see if she can actually work with it. Blogzie, I'll be thinking about this on and off all day. Great post. Morning to all... I've read the morning paper. Love summer with BB.

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          Beautifully put

        • cpamama
          cpamama commented
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          She holds the record for the shortest time to graduate from DUKE...2 1/2 years. Just to get into Duke is pretty amazing, but to graduate in 2 1/2 years!

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