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Live Feed Discussion-August 12

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 12

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  • #2
    Morning everybody.

    Becky sure does enjoy lecturing people about the game and how she sees it.

    Well the two groups of three have rallied together against the newest group of three to prevent Becky sitting with a connection to all three groups.

    Poor Steve. He finally tries to play the game and makes a total shambles of it because he has no read on what is going on. Never count your chickens before they hatch or take someone elses word for who is doing what.


    • #3
      Morning geo and everyone! I had to miss almost everything last night, but hoping to find some time to flashback later today. I'm still in a bit of shock that Shelli let the immature ShirtGate ruin her game. I'm glad she's gone (or at least I think she's gone. At this rate, I better sit tight until the vote actually happens).

      As much BB as Steve has watched, he ought to know better than to assume someone's fate was sealed on a Tuesday with two days left. His mouth must really be hurting for him to lose his focus and make such a big error as telling Vanessa about the Shelli/JMac/Steve alliance. Gracious, Steve...I'm pulling for you, but you can't make mistakes like that.

      The fun of this year is that its frequently changing shape has allowed me to frequently re-configure what I want to happen. I now really like the Three Blind Mice (love that one of the Twins called them that on Monday. It's cuter than the ADC) because they are spunky and won't quit even when they are down. But I also still like JMac the best, even though I think he's desperately getting outplayed. (You have to keep up, JMac!)

      So my dream scenario: Shelli is evicted first on Thursday night. JMac wins HoH (he could) and Vanessa is evicted second. That way JMac is safer and the ADC gets rid of both of them. (IF I can't lose Shelli/Vanessa, I'd settle for Shelli/Austin).
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      • #4
        Good Morning Geo, NoNo, Ken & all who follow:

        Well it only took me 58 days, but I FINALLY got Ken in an alliance!

        Lots of activity in the house yesterday with copious surprises: (portions of this are from a very late night post with some new additions)

        Steve: silly boy! Confessed to Vanessa there is an alliance with himself Shelli & JMac. Some feel he did this to assuage his guilt & get a jury vote. What it did was give Van all the ammo she needed to showcase to Austwins that Shelli is positioned well & playing all sides while she (Vanessa) has remained true to them. Shelli worked Steve like she was kneading dough not recognizing his delicate state. By night’s end he was reeling.

        After sitting outside contemplating where he was he’s now considering trying to back track to find a way to keep Vanessa (little does he know) b/c her target is Becky which is also Steve’s target. If he feels he’s lost FG completely look for him to gun for DE HOH & target Becky.

        I know people questioned my early choice of the TBM & perhaps now it’s more obvious. No they aren’t the best game players or strategists, but they have something no one else does: solidarity! True the twins have Austin but that is more to do with Austin liking Liz & the reality is Julia won’t mind him being cut or vice versa. James made a stealth move yesterday outlining for Austin how they are similar in that they both are protecting their ladies and by keeping each trio’s vested interest first they could continue to do so. Having said that I expect there will be casualties on both sides however I’ll continue to hope for my preference of TBM, Vanessa, Julia & JMac to reach F6.

        Becky: is now panicking b/c she didn’t do her due diligence. She went ahead making her overt gesture to target & embarrass Vanessa TELLING TBM Vanessa had to go, Shelli had to pulled down in POV & then sealed her mandate by saying people could vote how they wanted. Late last night she was frantic telling TBM they HAD to vote out Vanessa stating she would have dealt with the nominations differently otherwise. Of course they all told her they had her back but the minute she left the room James said all I heard was ME, ME, ME. Followed by Jackie (her biggest ally) of the 3 saying “Sorry this week WE GET WHAT WE WANT!”

        Becky is someone who likes to pride herself on being smarter than everyone else. I’d heard early in the game (exit interviews) how she was always one upping others’ stories. This week we are seeing what they were talking about. She got so caught up in making her big move she didn’t stop to consider it wasn’t what was best for the team. Last week James’ HOH was decided by the group & discussed as a team. This week it was based on HER game & what would position HER best in the house if Vanessa left. She loved how TBM worked as a team but she chose to be a dictator & now she is trying to force them to do what she wants. Ummm not so much. She was way too smug about how she handled this & she’ll pay the price by losing Shelli.

        Vanessa: recovered nicely from her Monday melt down, but in truth the TBM were already there for the taking. T-shirt gate made the situation crystal clear for James & when Van told of "the Generals" an moniker Becky had attempted to use earlier he knew she was being straight up. Though we got a bit of Vanessa "speed talk" she was far calmer today. Watch for Shelli to start panicking (as Becky currently is) on Wednesday.

        Shelli: Well her ego finally caught up with her as she hadn’t even bothered to talk to the TBM until 11pm Tuesday night & STILL hasn’t talked to James. If she hadn’t played the game so personal she might have had a chance. Vanessa doesn’t even have to stay true to her promise not to speak badly of her b/c Shelli pulled the ultimate betrayal by going behind her back last week forming the alliance with Becky, JMac & Steve.

        Shelli played this game like she feels above people & expects people to protect her, throw away their game for her & do her campaigning. She wrongly assumed once Vanessa landed on the block she was home free.

        But now b/c James put them on the block he is suppose to face her wrath and be punished for playing the game. Her ire was so great she couldn't understand by simply donning her veneer smile for 3 days until she could take him out was the better plan. Instead she allowed the venom to drip from her lips as she plotted James demise. Thinking Vanessa was replicating Audrey & channeling the ET look she took to the back yard to attack James & get the twin minions on board.

        What she neglected to recognize is Vanessa has developed those relationships far longer, done more to save them & made actions they can reflect back to. Suffice to say she has no capacity for empathy; her ruling principle is what have you done for me lately & what will you do next for me? She never stopped to think about the alternative!

        Prior to Clay leaving I said his departure would hurt her game AND THIS IS WHY... despite the fact Clay was not a great player he handled the social part of their partnership by keeping all parties feeling safe & happy. If you recall she would often lament about not wanting to have to do that ... "talk to people." Further she would constantly vent her anger on the topic/target du jour to Clay. Vanessa would have assumed this role, but Shelli moved to realign on all sides which meant she was aligning with a team who wanted Vanessa out. With Clay gone & Vanessa the new target she found herself in a new situation but w/o parties willing to provide that venting service or social maneuvering for her.

        JMac is not a gossiper & doesn't like people who are cruel, Becky needs to extol on her own brilliance & isn't open to hours of bashing unless it involves how she (Becky) has taken over & how brilliant she is, the twins are Cyndi Laupering the game (i.e. they just wanna have fun) & Steve doesn't have the capacity!

        IMO this demise was inevitable & I always felt once Clay left she would exit shortly after simply because she doesn't have the capacity to do two things: BE NICE & BE GENUINE!

        It's no secret I've held her in disdain most of this game b/c she cut Day's & Jason's throats w/o a concern for the fact she was killing their dreams or how condescending she was in doing so. The fact she'll walk out the door over a flippin T-Shirt is poetic justice!

        The only thing that could make it better for me is if James hands her the other 2 freshly laundered shirts as she walks out Thursday saying he wanted to make sure she had them with her in jury!


        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          Thanks Blogzie. As per the feeds, no I don't have them. I read 4 different sites for on-going updates & watch BBAD. I thought about getting the VPN/feeds but I'm nervous to b/c I'm an NBA blogger, Editor of Space City Scoop (Rockets) and feature writer for Raptors Republic. I'm also not the most technically inclined so I worried it could cause issues with my laptop which I obviously can't afford. Suffice to say it's Murphy's Law with me/computers, lol. My friends tease me that I need to go with a computer geek so he can take care of my laptop. LOL

        • Blogzie
          Blogzie commented
          Editing a comment
          TTOTambz2 All the more amazing! You certainly put a lot of work into it. I'm sure you know that there are hundreds of live feed 'snippets' on You Tube. I don't think I could get through a season without the feeds. I'm spoiled. But I do enjoy watching BBAU and BBUK without them.

        • birdiefriend
          birdiefriend commented
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          I wish we could get a message to James about the shirts! I also wish that after they vote, TBM return to their seats and put on their sunglasses, showing their solidarity!!

      • #5
        I'm so looking forward to today's episode of CryNasty; The Big Brother Edition.


        Vanessa Rousso as Alexis Carrington
        Shelli Poole as Krystle Carrington
        Becky Burgess as Fallon Carrington Colby
        Steve Moses as Steven Carrington
        James Huling as Adam Carrington

        Austin Matelson as Lurch the Butler


        • GYPSYGAYLE
          GYPSYGAYLE commented
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          literally Laughed Out Loud ... hilarious !!! (especially Lurch)
          Last edited by GYPSYGAYLE; 08-12-2015, 07:31 AM.

        • soflaguy
          soflaguy commented
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          Will Crynasty also have a cat fight in the pool?

        • Blogzie
          Blogzie commented
          Editing a comment
          Yes, Guest! I'm not going to be happy until Vanessa and Shelli are knee deep in the hot tub and Shelli rips Vanessa's green beanie off her head and throws it over the wall and Vanessa snatches Shelli's scotch taped weave and drowns it. As the camera slowly pans away, you see the water in the hot tub turning orange from Shelli's bronzer. And then, of course, the obligatory shot of Steve hiding in the hammock room.
          Last edited by Blogzie; 08-12-2015, 08:41 AM. Reason: I got tongue tied.

      • #6
        Oh and is anyone besides me dying for the inevitable segment we'll get tonight of the TBM immediately following the nomination ceremony? I can't wait !


        • #7
          Since I missed much, I don't know who is whose target now. If JMac wins the first HoH of DE, he puts up Vanessa, I assume. If Meg/James/Jackie win the first HoH, I did read that they plan to put up Vanessa and JMac. Who do Austwins put up if they win HoH? Would it be JMac and Becky? And I'm assuming Vanessa would put up JMac and Becky?

          And what would Steve do? Maybe by that time he'd put up Vanessa if she keeps being ugly to him? (Vanessa's emotions get her in so much trouble. She really ought to be hiding her anger at Steve for her long-term game).

          If the DE PoV is the 'Clown Shoe' PoV (run and find something in a big pile), Vanessa shouldn't do well, but JMac should. Of course, Donny won that PoV last year, so one never knows. Sometimes it simply depends on how badly you want it.


          • TTOTambz2
            TTOTambz2 commented
            Editing a comment
            Hey NoNo:

            If Jackie or Meg wins they will put up Vanessa & JMac with Steve as renom

            If James wins (IMO) he'll put up JMac & Steve & only put up Vanessa as the renom though I suspect if Becky starts pushing more than she did last night she could find herself as the re-nom. For now James will play along, but he knows too much now of what Becky said behind his back & that she was the one outing everything from his HOH. The plan is to have Austwins join TBM & tell Becky either late tonight or Thursday they are keeping Vanessa but will have her back. Becky is actually pretty funny b/c she is trying to push this on TBM as if only they had told her she would have handled Vanessa's nomination differently and how vulnerable she is. She used phrases like "you have to vote out Vanessa".

            This from the girl who took $5k but didn't vote how James wanted. As for letting her know what they wanted .. THEY DID TELL HER even questioning why they would take down Shelli in a re-nom. Becky was so intent on taking out Vanessa who she viewed as the deterrent blocking her from having a partner she didn't bother to stop and ASK what the group wanted. She was smug & over confident stating that Vanessa had nothing on her, either forgetting what she did as the rat or assuming she'd sufficiently covered her ass. She played all week saying "My side" in reference to TBM protecting JMac/Shelli/Steve that again she didn't consider how that could affect TBM.

            If Vanessa wins she will put up Becky/JMac & Steve is the re-nom. Vanessa is OVER Steve & as she put it to Julia last night Steve is the wolf in sheep's clothing. Vanessa nurtured & protected him throughout the game and at the first sign of trouble he ran off to work with JMac/Shelli & by extension Becky.

            If Julia/Liz/Austin win they will put up JMac & Steve & will likely use Becky as re-nom. Though Austin is ready to cut Vanessa any time now as he likely wants to sever the ties from her to the twins. She may even go up as a re-nom depending on what they promise Becky in terms of safety, but either JMac or Steve are their target.

            If JMac sticks with his original plan he will put up the twins & back door Vanessa

            Steve is the biggest question mark. His target is Becky so it's possible he puts up Meg with her from the onset. Much will depend on whether he gets blind sided by the vote (Shelli leaving) & whether he feels he can't mend the line in the sand. He went all in with JMac/Shelli so I'm really not sure what he'd do. It's possible JMac could get him to put up Vanessa & it's equally possible he would target someone form TBM. He is the only one I'm not clear on.
            Last edited by TTOTambz2; 08-12-2015, 08:45 AM.

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          Good morning all- The game this year has flipped and flopped every week. I love it. I love that this year the HOH does not always get their wish. I love that the houseguest decide which of the two they want out. Becky's mistake is putting up someone she did not want out. She should have put up two that she was willing to lose. Becky is not one of my favorites and I am happy she has gotten caught in her two sided play.

          I have always liked Vanessa, but just wish she would not go so fast and hard. I think she may be gone in the double if she does not win. Jackie still wants her out and I understand why Jackie feels that way. Vanessa should have told her what was going on the week Jason went home.

          I hate that Steve feels like he can still throw the HOH. He needs to win this week to build back some trust. I like the fact that James, Meg and Jackie want to leave him alone for a while. I hope he can build back that trust with Vanessa. I feel like she is the only one that really talked game with him and has never joked about him. She has tried to protect him through out the game. I know she has thrown out his name, but I think she felt like her group always had the vote to save him. He is going to be sick before this week is over. I worry about him.

          My real question is will the 6 stay true to their word? I think they will. I do not think all 6 will make it to F6 but do not feel like any of them will put each other up. If they make it to final 6 it will be interesting to see which "3" are the strongest. Austin has to know he can not go into the F3 with both girls. James will have no problem going to F3 with his two girls.

          This year I am not glued to the feeds but I think it has been a very good year....


          • beckyd30
            beckyd30 commented
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            I just hope Austin gets knocked out in the DE.

        • #9
          Morning all,

          It is clear to me, that Vanessa has bought herself 30 Minutes of safety come Thursday night. There is still about a 70 percent chance that both Shelli and Van walk out the door. But with 24 more hours, I believe her goal, reconfigure the house, can be achieved. The key is getting Jackie to understand the danger she is in by keeping Becky in the game. James is already there, and in fact when I left the feeds at 3 a.m. BBT, it was clear he was starting to question Jackie's judgement (not her loyalty, her judgement). James is 100 percent convinced of the truthfulness of Vanessa's recitation. Meg, who was only half believing, fully believes now, because Vanessa was so detailed, and had so much supporting evidence, that Meg was forced to believe it. And Jackie, who pushes back that Vanessa put doubt in Becky's head, by telling Becky they were trying to vote her out, does not hold weight with James or Meg, because they know, they were trying to get Becky voted out. So was Jackie, but she has conveniently forgotten. It actually adds more weight to Vanessa's argument that she was being loyal to Becky, and fighting to keep her in the game, when she was on the block.

          Vanessa has re-cemented the twins to her, and based on the follow on conversations between Austin/Vanessa and the twins, they are rolling together again. Austin has said, say what ever anyone wants to hear, but he must know, cutting Vanessa to ride 3 on 3 with TBM would be a stupid game move, and cutting her before they get Becky, Jmac and Steve out makes no sense from a game standpoint.

          Vanessa needs to close the deal with Jackie, to cut Becky loose. When that happens, the house will be 7 on 3, which has the potential to hold for the DE, and the follow on HoH cycle. Essentially, the F11, F10 and F9 gate. Basically, get rid of Shelli F11, Jmac or Becky F10, Jmac or Becky F9, with Steve as a dump out position. But, she has to close with Jackie, who denies all evidence in front of her.

          I expect Vanessa is going to make a side deal with James today, for longer term safety than just the double eviction cycle. I expect James will take the deal.

          Jmac is behind the house right now. He thinks there are two groups of 4 that Steve and he have to pick a side on. But, the TBM and Austwins, at least publically have joined forces. That is not a deal in stone to final 6. Julia and Liz both have said, they don't keep to their deals, why should we. But, for TBM, they are going to ride with that for awhile. They are O.K. with Jmac shooting at Austwins, but they are not going to target them, ahead of him. I think he has missed his window.

          Vanessa, and the Austwins are going to follow the same script, nom Becky and Jmac, replacement with Steve. Austin will want Jmac out first, and in truth this makes the most sense, separating Becky from Steve, and letting her float to power the following week. And of course, Vanessa will be at most risk, since she will nominate Vanessa against a twin next time. This logic holds for the twins as well, except Julia, who will want to figure out how to preserve Vanessa, has a social relationship with Jmac, and has a relationship with Steve. For her, she will want to cut Austin as the first out, giving her an advantage over her sister. I expect some of this gets ironed out today and tomorrow. In a Jmac/Becky match up, if Austwins vote out Becky, she will go home, since Steve will vote Becky out as well.

          On the TBM side:
          I don't know what James will do, but he is likely to not nominate Vanessa, especially if she extends another deal to him. She wants to work with him, and I think in truth, he would like to work with her, and he knows she will keep her mouth shut, and not burn him. I actually think his HoH in the DE would look the same as the others, get rid of Becky or Jmac or Steve, to keep a group of strong competitors from forming.

          Meg is unknown to me, but I suspect she noms Vanessa and Jmac, which is also Jackie's plan. In any of those set ups, I think Vanessa goes home over Jmac in a close vote. It is possible that James votes Jmac out though, if he has a Vanessa deal, Becky is safe, that he would cross Jackie, and become the fourth vote to boot Jmac.

          So, Jmac last week told Steve, either Vanessa or I are walking out the door this week, and I think that is true. There is no scenario where Becky, Jmac and Vanessa are still in the house at the end of Thursday night.

          Lots more game today, as Vanessa continues to work to re-configure things, Becky, who is realizing her game is melting down, starts to fight back, and Shelli starts to campaign, but too little too late (As Meg and James said, if Shelli comes to them with a safety deal, they won't believe it, and it will be further evidence that Becky is working to save Shelli, putting Becky into more danger.).

          Going forward, I expect Vaustwins to continue to work to hang together. They will all happily let Vanessa go, if she gets nommed against one of them (except Austin, who would likely be surprised to know what Julia thinks of him.). But from a game standpoint, driving the game down to F7, with 4 in a long term group, gives them an advantage, vs going 3 on 3.

          Short note: Austin for all his idiocy, was near perfect in his analysis of the flaws in Vanessa's game. It happened yesterday around 5 in the backyard, Austin and James coming to agreement, to protect the women . It is actually worth going back to watch.


          • nonobadfish
            nonobadfish commented
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            Thank you, Ken....I needed to know who all of the targets were since I was out and don't have time to go find out. You know I hope that it's Vanessa out instead of JMac, but I wouldn't mind losing Austin or Becky if I can't get Vanessa evicted. (If I do lose JMac, it might do him good to get to the jury house, figure out what the heck he missed, and win his way back into the house, though).

            I love to argue with you, you know. So here's today and tomorrow's disagreement: I don't think James goes against Meg/Jackie to keep Vanessa. He may throw HoH so that he doesn't have to put himself in that position, but if Jackie and Meg want Vanessa out (and they are given the chance to make it happen), I think James sticks with his girls' plan.

          • Blogzie
            Blogzie commented
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            Sadly, I agree re: JMAC. He's a nice guy who gives us great DR's but he hasn't turned out to be the player so many of us had hoped he would be. My first clue was when he shed tears for Clay, not once, but twice.

          • YoBubba
            YoBubba commented
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            Doctor John is this years Donnie. Everyone likes him. I love his sense of humor!

        • #10
          I was worried Jackie wouldn't get on board with the switch to get Shelli out.

          How quickly things can change. Becky messed up bad.


          • TTOTambz2
            TTOTambz2 commented
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            To Ken's point the biggest factor being Becky didn't come completely clean and had opportunity to . They pulled her in & demonstrated they don't hold things against people. The only reason for her to hold back info was b/c she was either still deceiving them (she is with JMac/Becky) or b/c she didn't completely trust them.

          • NJ_RonM
            NJ_RonM commented
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            I think the relevant expression to describe Becky is hoist by her own petard.

          • Blogzie
            Blogzie commented
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            @NJ_RonM: She blew up her own game...gotta love some Hamlet.

        • #11
          Great insights! Maybe YOU should try out for BB. You think everything out so clearly KeninVa!


          • #12
            I hate Vanessa as much as I hated Derrick last year. If she ends up winning this season, I'll be done with BB forever.


            • cutencuddly
              cutencuddly commented
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              I truly hope she doesn't win, but I don't dislike her as much as I did Derrick. I am giddy about what a good chance there now is that one of the mice could win the season .... but I don't want to count the chickens too soon.

            • Luanne
              Luanne commented
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              I am sorry you feel that way. I have only hated one player and that was Evil Dick. Every year there are players I like and dislike. My likes usually do not line up with everyone else. I did not like Derrick last year and I think the only person that did not like Dan's style of playing. BB is my summer addiction and I would never completely stop watching because of the house guest. I hope you do not give up on this game. Next year may be the year your favorite wins.

            • ~smee~
              ~smee~ commented
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              Please don't leave us OOTD. I never waste my hatred on any of the hamsters, I save that for vicious torturers, murderers, and child molesters, Hitler, BinLadin & their ilk, and maybe, the Donald. I was with Luanne in my dislike of Evel Dick and Dan and Derrick. The houseguests I like are usually not popular at all; but every year I am drawn in by the actions in the house. It fascinates me like a train wreck, and just like a train wreck, sometimes I want to rush in and save someone (usually from themselves).

          • #13
            TBM have been looking for the missing piece of why Becky wants Vanessa gone so bad. Is it possible Becky realizes how close Vanessa and Shelli are and wants to break that up so she can have Shelli to herself? I'm also surprised that when Becky keeps saying that it was a group decision that TBM don't fire back at her that no it wasn't, it was all Becky. She never asked anyone's opinion, just said this is what I'm doing. And Becky's 'good friend' Shelly is doing nothing to help Becky or herself. First she starts 'shirt-gate' which got James all riled up. Then she has acted smug all week and can't be bothered to even talk to James and when she talked to Jackie and Meg she did nothing to make them feel comfortable about keeping her.


            • Livzee
              Livzee commented
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              Wouldn't it be cool if Shelli then Becky left Thursday night? See, Becky you get your wish- now you can work with Shelli!!!!👑

            • nonobadfish
              nonobadfish commented
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              I think there is a very good chance you are right, deniset. Becky spent a lot of time throwing Vanessa under the bus to Shelli last week in an effort to get Shelli to prefer Becky over Vanessa. I think Becky would very much like to align with Shelli.

          • #14
            We can expect a human interest segment on Steve sometime soon. On my local news last night they were saying that a CBS crew is going to be in Steve's hometown this coming week.

            At this point in the game I'm not sure who I like anymore, but when it looked like the vote had flipped back to keeping Vanessa, I felt better. I don't think I want her to win, necessarily, but she is more interesting than most of the cast.


            • #15
              I am enjoying thinking about jury house. First Shelli then who? If Becky we have the mean girl and the nonstop talker. If Jmac we have 2 loser strategists. If Vanessa, we have I think a stealthy word play cat fight over who's going back in. If Austin we have a week of silence. If Steve we have Shelli shaping him up for real life. If one of the twins, sorority over. It all is pleasing.


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