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Live Feed Discussion-August 13

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  • Live Feed Discussion-August 13

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    Morning all. Happy Eviction Day.


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      Good morning BBU

      Eviction Day is here......are we positive who is going? I feel fairly sure that Shelli will be going.

      I turned on feeds a bit ago and saw what I thought was a fraction in TBM. Jackie in HoH with Becky. Becky lamenting that Van will be staying, Jackie not taking a firm stand but swaying. Meg and James in HN worried that Jackie is swaying, concerned about how much time she has been in HoH with Becky. Meg/James decided that even if Jackie flips, with the Austwins they still have votes to send Shelli out. I leave to get ready to work, turn feeds back on and all seem right with the TBM.

      It took me a very long time to warm up to this season and even longer to really pull for anyone. I'm still not 100% behind someone, however, I did realize this week how much I didn't want to see Vanessa leave. So, I guess I'm in the station, standing in line to buy the ticket for the Van/James train. But, I could join the theme of the season and flip and flop....and flip and flop. I think I'm more sure in who I want gone than I am in who I want in F2.

      This has been a great season so far!


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        Good morning all, don't you just love it when something in real life makes you log out of the feeds before you want to. I was afraid to read this morning. I thought maybe the votes had flipped again. I was happy Vanessa is staying. I still think there is a good chance she goes on the first HOH.

        I think Steve may throw it again. He does not want to make a move yet. He does not want any blood on his hand. He is not fooling the other houses guest. They know he is throwing because the two times he needed the POV, he won very easily.

        Why does Vanessa always go to Jackie and try to work something. Jackie can not stand her and will never work with her.

        I do not know what to think about Johnny. I thought he was just waiting to make right move, but not sure now.

        If Julia wins and does what she said she would do in the DE, wow, wow, heads will roll.

        I have so much to do today but will check in later. I can not wait to read everyone's thoughts on this crazy game.


        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
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          What is Julia going to do in the DE?

        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          She is saying she will renege on the deal Austwins made with TBM and put up James & Jackie

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        Morning Geo,Twirlly, Luanne NoNo, Ken and all

        Well Shelli made her pitch starting off by telling James he was lucky she was in the room. Say what????

        She's been after James forever and suddenly he's suppose to believe she just switched sides. Ummm NO!

        Becky made progressively more frantic pleas to keep Shelli throughout the day and vacillated between understanding the TBM point then returning to another rant culminating in her storming out of the room. James, (who is one of the more forgiving hamsters) can get past the rat finking but he isn't happy she called him a sexist. Jackie has been put in a very awkward position playing mediator but the mice will evict Shelli b/c they are the team who keeps their sites on their original target best. It was Becky who wanted Van out NOT THEM.

        Steve & JMac are both acting sketchy and both have made overtures indicating they might join TBM.

        The twins (who btw are getting on my last nerve) announced they don't intend to work with TBM & will actually go after James & Jackie if they win DE HOH ... sure hope that doesn't happen. To that end, I think I'd enjoy JMac winning DE HOH so he finally gets his wish to play. Odds are he'll put up the twins & back door Vanessa. That works for me b/c it keeps the mice safe & will refocus the short attention span of the twins onto him. The twins are actually starting to remind me of Shelli in that they feel they deserve to be there more than others, but in reality they've been protected by 4 big shields: Vanessa, Austin, Shelli & Clay and have no true affinity to protect any of those people (though I suspect Julia's ties to Vanessa are real) and literally spend their days opining on how much they hate someone to shifting back to loving them minutes later. Ken made the point you can only trust what they say when together, but even those conversations change on a daily basis.

        Vanessa is never content to just lie back spent the day running around trying to shore up her ties with EVERYONE: James, Jackie, the twins, Liztin, Steve and even JMac. Her council to Julia to go ahead & target James/Jackie works for her (Vanessa) as it's taking out a target she promised not to go after, but it would actually be bad for the Austwins since they are a solid team of three, four with Becky & likely five with JMac. That means if Julia were to win DE HOH & go after TBM she would be sounding the battle cry since ABM + TrainMac (minus whoever left) would immediately gun for Austwins in the next HOH likely keeping Vanessa around to reduce the trio to a duo. I know I love my mice, but I also feel it's a bad move by the twins as they would be leaving 2 players (JMac/Becky) in the house along with either Jackie or James (as one would likely leave in this scenario) coming after them ... not great odds IMO considering their comp abilities vs one twin/Austin.

        We never got our queen blow-up which isn't too surprising given Shelli isn't one for straight forward confrontations ie. she likes to conduct her vitriol behind backs and closed doors. Can't say I'm sad about her impending eviction b/c I've never liked her and wanted her out for weeks.

        Tonight we get the manic excitement of the DE which it seems like a picture recall comp for HOH, though TPTB could be playing with the hamsters and it could be the second HOH comp. Given the comp I'd say we have several contenders with only James and Austin likely not being good at it or possibly not feeling the need to win it.

        This should be Steve's comp to dominate but will he even want to? If he truly wants to align with TBM then he'll go for it & blindside his old team by taking out Vanessa. More likely he'd gun for his nemesis Becky so I'd say he'll throw it.

        That leaves JMac & Vanessa feeling the most dire need to win and depending on who is in the late running we'll see who else feels compelled to win. I still feel this may be Meg's night b/c it just feels like a comp she could win and given it's Jason's birthday also poetic.

        One thing I'm interested to see is if all the TBM/Becky &/or JMac remain after DE & then one of them win the 2nd HOH if Vanessa sells out the twins regarding their DE plans to target Jackie/James in DE ... will she or won't she tell them that info if she knows she's leaving otherwise? So far she's been careful about protecting the SS but with her back against the wall would that change?

        I'm hoping for a DE HOH win by JMac ... I want to see him live up to our expectations AND I want nice things for NoNo plus I want to see someone from the Vaustwins side leave.

        Happy Eviction Day all... Place your bets & see ya never Shelli!
        Last edited by TTOTambz2; 08-13-2015, 06:47 AM.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          My money, she meant what she told Jackie this morning. Her integrity means a lot to her, in regards to life outside BB, and she won't sell that to win the game. I don't think there is a chance she outs any game convo, which is not to say, she doesn't abandon the ship, knowing she feels like she is at best 4th, in a group of 4. (Austin and Liz definitely think that). At some point, it becomes possible for her to be a number for Steve and Jmac for a cycle or two, but she is not skilled enough, socially or comp wise, to last much past the F7 gate, no matter how tonight turns out (I don't think).

        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          I believe that as well. What I don't understand is why she isn't more forthright. Why not just say to Jackie ... Look I thought I had a solid position in this house & without selling people out I've come to learn I was being used to take out their targets. Ask me anything you want, tell me your reservations and let's work through this. I think Meg/James are a F2 duo & given Becky's history she can't be fully trusted. I believe if I partnered with you no one would see it coming and I'm completely genuine about this. Tell me your reservations.

          She tends to throw out broad strokes instead of being direct. You have to adapt in the house and surely she sees she's at the bottom of Austwins, has Becky/JMac coming for her so what does she have to lose by just laying it on the table? Why not tell Jackie people don't really connect with you b/c you keep things to yourself which is wise, but that's why they are scared of you. Instead she chose to lie saying Jackie is no one's target or even second (she knows Julia & Liz want her out). Vanessa definitely has the best read of the house, BUT she is her own worst enemy.

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        Morning all,

        Vanessa sealed the deal for 30 extra minutes of game life early this morning in the bathroom talking to Jackie. She is still in Austin, Julia, Vanessa or Liz win or go home territory, and I am not sure in a Jmac/Steve initial nom, with one of them getting off, Austin doesn't seal his fate and hers, by putting Vanessa up, who will then go home. Julia gets the deal is not actually worth very much, as TBM discuss follow on plans. Jackie's boot order, Vanessa in the double, Liz, Jmac, Austin, Steve, Julia, and hope Becky gets put out along the way. James and Meg are starting to think about how close Becky is to Jackie, and they know, Becky can't get close to final 4, or they can't beat her.

        Right now, the sure thing is Shelli goes home first.

        In the double, the targets are Jmac, Steve, Vanessa, James, Jackie and Becky, depending on who is HoH. Safest in that group is Becky, followed by Jackie /James, Steve, then Jmac, with Vanessa likely to go home against anyone but Jmac (if in the speed of the double, James votes with his perceived self interest, and votes out Jmac over Vanessa).

        Short notes:

        Meg and James discuss voting out Shelli and lying about it. Jackie rescued them from that by confirming she is voting out Shelli first.

        Jackie has a pretty good read on how to dismantle the remaining Sixth Sense. (Vanessa in the double, then Liz, Austin who will likely beg to be sent to Jury, then Julia, viewed as a weaker comp threat, and unable to think about the game in a strategic sense.).

        Vanessa failed to re-order the house (a real missed opportunity, I think) , and what might turn out to be the big gun competitors, Jmac and Steve, are about to come out of the woodwork. Jmac might actually succeed in bridging the Steve/Becky divide, which would give them a huge leg up in pushing to the mid jury phase. (Becky will have no problem flopping away from TBM, Jackie's blind spot to Becky is going to be her undoing.)

        There are 3 styles of play at work here. The first are the defensive fear based players. This is Steve, Jmac, Austin (and to a lesser extant, Liz). There are the odds calculators, which is Vanessa, James and Meg, and then there are the emotional players (loyalty driven or anger) in Jackie, Becky and Julia.

        TBM are going to get Austwins out, because Austin, especially, plays from fear, and doesn't understand concepts like spreading risk, economy of force, or group strength. He incorrectly thinks that TBM will stick to the "deal" for the six of them, because they operate from the same fear based game he does. They don't, and so won't feel compelled to let this 6 person truce last more than F8 round. The spoilers in their march, will be Jmac and Steve, with Becky, who could easily be the last three standing.

        Exiting times tonight, as a large group of HG's are at risk, everyone but the idiot Austin are planning to fight for HoH and PoV, and the potential for the demise of SS to be revealed by Friday morning (Vanessa out in the double, Jmac/Steve F9 HoH).
        Last edited by KeninVA; 08-13-2015, 07:06 AM.


        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
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          I would very much like for Shelli and Vanessa to be out the door tonight, however they make that work. It would be fun to watch them battle their way back in. If I can't have Shelli and Vanessa gone, I'd like to have at least two of these three evicted: Shelli/Vanessa/Austin. That is all.

      • #7
        Morning, everyone! Happy DOUBLE eviction day.

        Thank you, TTO, for wanting a JMac HoH win tonight. I sure do hope it happens...I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep, and I saw several things that either made me happy or made me worry.

        Made me worry:
        1. Julia told Vanessa that she would nominate James and Jackie if she wins HoH tonight. Vanessa did NOT discourage her. (So again. Vanessa lies. Swears on her life but lets her minions do the work. When will we learn?). I don't know if Julia can win HoH, but it makes me nervous.

        2. Everyone keeps talking about nominating JMac. If he goes out tonight, I can only have high hopes that he fights his way back in.

        3. The ADC seems to think Vanessa isn't going to be good in tonight's memory comp. They're basing that on her poor Comic PoV memory performance (She did come in next to last). I hope they're not underestimating her comp skills.

        Made me happy:
        1. Ken is wrong and James is not doing any side deals with Vanessa. He's sticking completely with Meg/Jackie and is willing to let them decide how to vote and he'll follow their lead after he has his say. (I know it appears that Ken being wrong is what makes me happy, and while that makes me smile a tiny smile, what I'm really happy about is that Vanessa isn't going to get James, at least not while Meg and Jackie are there. ((((KeninVA)))))) )

        2. JMac might be good at this HoH comp. Steve should be VERY good at this HoH comp.

        3. Late last night, Vanessa was trying to get Austin to bully James/Meg/Jackie and tell them that if they vote out Vanessa, the Austwins will come after them. What made me happy is that Vanessa is staying true to form and even if she makes it through the DE tonight, she's going to continue to make enemies which hopefully means she'll be out soon.


        • KeninVA
          KeninVA commented
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          While Vanessa did not approach James (and as I said, approach James/Meg/Jackie together, with Julia if possible), James and Meg were fully prepared to vote to keep Vanessa without telling Jackie or Becky. They are not as tight as you want to believe, IMO. Watch them between 2:30 and 3 a.m. in the have not room, when they are alone. James tells one story in front of Becky and Jackie, and a completely different story with just Meg. If Vanessa survives 2 more weeks, the cracks will start to show. Life is good because they are safe, right now. James will be happy to see Becky or potentially Jackie voted out, to preserve Meg.

        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
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          I saw that, Ken. In my excitement that Vanessa was not going to get James, I over-exaggerated (as I am wont to do) and didn't use all of my words. I don't see Becky as part of the ADC, and I don't think they see her that way either. So when I use the term ADC, I'm only referring to James/Meg/Jackie, not Becky. I do believe James/Meg are the closest, but that discussion of voting against Jackie was just that...a worried discussion. They had to get out their worries (as all of them do) and make sure that Jackie wasn't playing more for Becky than for them. So I'm not talking about what James says in front of Becky.

          In two weeks there will only be 7 HGs. Cracks will show everywhere. What I don't want to happen (and this is what I was excited will not happen) is for James to plan a long-term alliance or F2 with Vanessa like you've been wishing . I just don't see it. Why would any HG want Vanessa (or Shelly) to get anywhere close to the end?

        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          Ken. I agree James has reason to not trust Becky & while he is easy to forgive the depth of detail Vanessa gave him about the sexist comments really bothered him. However, as much as Meg may be his number one, I still think he'll come back to a safe haven with Jackie once they get past this eviction cycle. Jackie was put in a position to play the middle as she recognizes they need the numbers & doesn't want to alienate Becky. I also don't think Jackie will completely forget what Becky did otherwise she would have told her more about their concerns regarding the sexists comments. To my knowledge she didn't share those details which means she's trying to keep them unified. It makes sense James would want Meg as his F2 partner b/c he'd win. But Meg was the one to remind Jackie no girl had ever beat a guy to plant the seed for them to go to F2 together!

      • #8
        I don't think this will happen, but I am going to at least point it out: In the last few seasons, the DE has included a Quiz HoH and a physical PoV (Clown Shoe Run and Find Something in a Pile Comp).

        But there have been years where the first HoH was the physical Clown Shoe style comp, and they used the Quiz Comp as PoV.

        Since Becky was studying for the Memory Quiz comp, it IS possible that they could reverse the order of comps tonight and put the physical before the quiz. (Or they could make the memory comp they all studied for as the second HoH comp later tonight).

        TPTB have played these sort of tricks on us before. So it could be anyone's game. Probably will be the way we think (Memory Quiz HoH, Physical PoV), but one never knows for sure.


        • TTOTambz2
          TTOTambz2 commented
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          Last couple of seasons the POV has been a maze (though it might have been the second DE I'm confusing it with)

          Year Ian won it was the shark maze
          BB15 I think it was a car maze
          Last year it was a spider web

          So i might be confusing the 2 DE but suffice to say it's likely a maze or clown shoe. Since they'll want James or JMac to say given their popularity I think it will be clown shoe. And no one will ever convince me they don't make it easier for the person they want to stay by either not putting both shoes in (for people they want to lose) or putting them in easier to find places for people they want to win (hence Donny beating all the young guys).

          I agree with you regarding James he is loyal through & through. I'd actually like to see JMac win tonight and take out Vanessa or a twin. I'm also hoping TBM get a win in the 2nd HOH, it would be great if Meg won just for a change and she took out Liz. I believe things happen in 3's and with Shelli leaving (JOY), Vanessa following in DE & then Meg getting out a twin it would be a nice 3-way win. I think JMac will come to their side via Becky. Of note: today is Jason's birthday so hopefully he gets the double header of both queens exiting & all I keep thinking of is Liz's nasty goodbye message to Jason (cruelest of the season... go back to your mother's basement) so that's why I want the 2nd HOH to go to one of TBM to get out Liz

        • nonobadfish
          nonobadfish commented
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          You're thinking of the second DE of the season, TTO. There is nothing to say that they won't use the maze as tonight's PoV, though. They can do anything they want. But in the last few years, the PoV comps for the first DE have been the Clown Shoe style comp. Go to attwx site and you can see all the comps and when they were played for each season.

      • #9
        One more thing. The twins are starting to really irritate me. Their act was fun for awhile, but I'm over it. They know nothing about Big Brother. They are only there because the Twinning show didn't cast them, and they want the show exposure. They have done nothing except be a vote, and now they have become convinced that they are expert gamers who are far more deserving of being in the game than other HGs. Their entertainment value has run its course for me. I don't necessarily want them evicted yet because they aren't going to win the game either way, but I do want to say, "I'm Twin Tired."

        (I was already Twin Tired even before Julia announced that she wants to get out James and Jackie. If anything, that at least is a game move which shows Julia's trying to be relevant. It's a bad game move, but at least she's moving.)


        • herms is here
          herms is here commented
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          Nonobadfish, I agree with you completely. I am also over the twins. I can't stand it whenever they are on the screen. The only reason they are still there is because there are bigger fish to fry. I am an avid TBM fan (Meg in particular) and then JMac, Steve and Vanessa. So I am to hoping for a Meg HOH for Jason's birthday. That would be sweet.

        • ~Linden~
          ~Linden~ commented
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          I didn't like or dislike the twins. I didn't think much about them. It was a dud and dun twist that fizzled the first time they did it so I don't understand why they did it again. BUT when I heard Julia saying (about the joke played on Steve that Julia LIKED him) what makes him think he can get a girl like me? I wanted to b*tch slap her. Ask Bill Gates wife what happens when you like/love/marry nerds. Heifer.

        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          nonobadfish, I am over them too.

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        Good morning, BBU folks! Hope all is well in your worlds!

        I'm happy that Shelli is leaving, but I hate that Vanessa is staying - even for 30 minutes!

        As soon as she thinks she's safe, Vanessa starts the same old backstabbing, double dealing, low down, two-faced, snake-in-the-grass, talking-down-to-others nonsense that showcases her true lack of integrity/loyalty/character! (Did I cover it all? Probably not.)

        I hope she ends up right back in that nomination chair tonight!

        I'm so tired of her 'let's make a deal so I can get someone else to break it' and her 'deny, deny, deny' as well as the 'my integrity, my honor, my loyalty' rants. Enough!

        Vanessa: You need to keep your poisonous little fingers off of JMac and my Mouseketeers!

        I'm thinking JMac and TBM are wise enough to steer clear of any alliances with her, but it is BB...


        • #11
          Will we see one of Vanessa's patented tearful melt down fights with her target a la Jeff, Audrey, Clay sometime this afternoon? I can see her attacking Shelli, Becky, or John.


          • joahnn00
            joahnn00 commented
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            Yep she will, it's classic Vanessa behavior.

          • BBhead
            BBhead commented
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            Best line of the season goes to JMac: "The trend is Vanessa screams at someone, their face goes black (on the memory wall). Maybe he figures that if he screams at her, HER face will go black. I hope he does it too, but not if it means he goes to jury right after.

          • herms is here
            herms is here commented
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            Is shelli is voted out, then the show is keeping up with the target being voted out a week later. So tonight being DE is really like being a week later so hopefully Vanessa will go tonight as well.

        • #12
          Morning everyone, Vanessa started plotting last night. She correctly recognized when Austin kept insisting that JMac instead of Becky should be the target if Vanessa wins HoH in DE that SS is dead, so is F&Gs, and she is at the bottom of the 4. If she wasn't trying to reconfigure, I would be very disappointed in her gameplay. Austin has cut Vanessa, and is now focused on JMac. I want JMac in the house more than I want Becky. I don't like Jackie's tie to Becky. I think it will be TBM's undoing or at least James', because Becky is very cutthroat, and doesn't really like James. Best case scenario for me is Shelli and Becky in the DE. I want James, JMac, and Vanessa left in the house tonight after DE. They all have a high probably of being evicted with Vanessa the highest and James the lowest. I think that if JMac gets evicted tonight, he has the highest chance of coming back in. But I would rather he wasn't evicted. I want to see how he will play after both Clay and Shelli are out of the game. Here's hoping tonight goes well.


          • Livzee
            Livzee commented
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            If production messes with this, and we know they NEVER do that, Jmac will come back in I think. He is at the top of many polls as most popular with the public. I am hoping anyway.

          • TTOTambz2
            TTOTambz2 commented
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            Amj: though I see your reasoning do you recall Shelli saying "this is the worst case scenario" when James won? That's b/c he and Jackie would have gone on the block that week if anyone from SS had won. Shlay were realigning their game at the time to have a F4 with TrainMac as well as play with SS so the entire TBM were going to be targeted.

            I'd agree about targeting Liz (especially now) but they had no indication at that time she would come after them.

            As for taking out Vanessa over Shelli the reasoning is two-fold. They believe if Vanessa wins DE HOH she will honor her deal she's done it repeatedly with James & second Shelli & Vanessa may both have won 2 comps but Shelli has played really well in most comps of both the intellectual and physical variety. Plus they are going to gun for it to try to take out both Shelli & Vanessa together.

            At least that's how I see it :-)

          • Myragirl
            Myragirl commented
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            amj0715 Livzee and TToT helped make my point. I think JMac is most likely to comeback because he is a fan fav, and is both athletic and smart. Production can make the competition geared to any of his skill set to help him come back. It's just a thought though. Shelli also has a chance. But both Shelli and JMac have won the same amount of competition, 2, while Shelli's are both HoH, Johnny's were POV. Also, JMac did better than Shelli is the last 2 HoH competition which were more athletic and endurance. It could be argued that the reason JMac hasn't won any HoHs is because he doesn't want to.

            James placing both Shelli and Clay OTB last week wasn't personal, it was strategic. They have been in power since week 2, were in an alliance with Vanessa and the Austwins, and were playing both sides. Their nomination was the beginning of the fall of SS alliance, and so that was a very strategic play in more opinion. Shelli again is the better boot this first DE, because she was already lining up JMac, Steve, and Becky, for a potential alliance, then she was amping up the twins on the other side to target James ( I think Julia's intent to nominate James/Jackie in the DE was born from that night of the sorority sisters club with Shelli). Shelli is dangerous, has betrayed James in the past, will betray him again, and only pretending to be all alone. She was also his initial target last week. Most importantly, what is the likelihood of having a third chance at getting her OTB again.

        • #13
          It gives me great pleasure to see Shelli have to beg James for his vote. Especially since she is never going to get it. She could promise him the moon and he would never trust her or believe her because he knows if she stays and wins HOH he is walking out the door. She waited too long to come talk to him and then got into the childishness of 'Shirtgate.' Add to that she is throwing Vanessa UTB every chance she gets while Vanessa refuses to say anything about her. James saw how hard Vanessa has protected Shelli in the past and her stabbing Vanessa in the back is not helping her cause as far as he is concerned IMO.


          • adeets3945
            adeets3945 commented
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            This has been a very exciting and entertaining season, but I would have enjoyed it more if I had a favorite. Instead, I have a non-favorites list of who I don't want to win---and all the houseguests are on it. I guess if Shelley and Vanessa are both evicted, I would say James has played the best game. Why does everyone rally around Steve and Johnny Mac? I can't see that either has really played the game. The real game play has been among so few people. I don't care who goes tonight. They are both so mean and lie so easily, but they get caught in their lies. With that said, I guess I'll quietly say, "Go James!" I wouldn't have lasted three days in that house.

          • Dog Lover
            Dog Lover commented
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            So many things I agree with here I could probably type for an hour....Let me see if I can keep it to a minimum (Big chance)

            My apologies for repeating this AGAIN but I am up TO HERE with Shelli being mad at Austin because he fought to stay in the house. Shelli keeps talking about that week like Austin was the devil himself for trying to stay in the house. Why hasn't anyone called her out on that..AUSTIN !!!

            I do not EVER want to hear the words 'I am not that scary' for as long as I live. Personally I think she loves to say that as a reminder to everyone that the entire house is sooooo afraid of her.

            Do you think she will feel one tinge of guilt when she watches the show and gets to see how hard Vanessa worked to keep her in the game.

            I can feel my blood pressure beginning to boil so I am going to hush now.

        • #14
          I have to say that I have been enjoying BB a lot more than the past couple of years. Last year, I pretty much quit watching much around this time. However, I think they realized this year that they don't need a lot of twists during the game to make it interesting. All they have to do is cast a diverse group of people and let them actually play the game.

          With all that being said, I think that this week is an interesting week. I don't really have any favorites in the house so I am not personally invested in who goes home and who stays in the game. However, I do think that the HG have already forgot that whoever leaves this week still has a chance to come back into the game. I would be keeping that in the back of my mind when considering who should go home. They keep saying that they are scared of Shelli because she can win competitions ... which could be a reason to keep her because someone is coming back into the house. And if you are somehow evicted within the next couple of weeks, who are you going to have to possibly compete against to come back into the house? I would be keeping that in mind as well. Secondly, it is a toss up between Shelli and Vanessa as they have both won two HOH competitions, so their overall reasoning is a bit flawed.

          Then, let's talk about the Goblins (James, Jackie and Meg) and their complete lack of understanding of what is happening in the house. I think that they have been sleeping too much and not really paying attention to everything that is going on in the house. If they had, the Jason blindside might not have been such a blindside. They mentioned last night that they did not think that Vanessa was as close to the Austwins that Shelli is trying to make them believe. Shelli basically came out and told them that Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa are really close and that without Vanessa, Austin and the twins wouldn't know what to do in the game. Shelli is actually correct in that reasoning and Austin and the twins said that among themselves earlier this week when they thought Vanessa was going to be evicted.

          In my opinion they are going after the wrong people in the first place. Why go after Johnny Mac and Steve who seem to be alone in the game? Why not nominate and try to evict Liz? If you evict Liz then you break up TWO very tight two-some groups and one very tight three-some group. When you remove Liz you break up Austin/Liz and Liz/Julia. Julia doesn't like Austin so while she may not nominate him if she won HOH, she isn't going to go out of her way to protect him either. Liz is the glue holding the three of them together. I would work on eliminating the definite twosomes. They said that was why they were splitting up Shelly and Clay, right? So why are you targeting Shelli now when she doesn't have a TIGHT, unbreakable bond with anyone else in the house? Why not go after Liz who is insulated by her relationship with Austin and her twin sister, Julia?

          So it looks as if Shelli will be evicted tonight in the first part of the double-eviction. Steve has said that he is planning to throw the first HOH competition tonight. It will be very interesting to see who the second person is out of the house tonight. I think Vanessa may end up lasting another week or so in the house. If Vanessa and the Austwins remain intact in the house after this double eviction and going into next week the Goblins are in A LOT of trouble in that house.

          I truly believe that Shelli's only shot at staying in the house tonight would be if she exposed the Sixth Sense alliance but I am not sure that she is willing to do that. If she could prove to the Goblins that Vanessa, Austin and the twins have been working together very closely for WEEKS, she could possibly save herself in the game. But I don't see her blowing up the alliance, even though that is her best shot. Then again, perhaps she is trying to preserve her relationship with them somewhat just in case she has the chance to come back into the house.

          It should be an interesting week in the BB house this week. I think with the number of HG left and one returning, we should have at least 2 double eviction weeks ... if not three. I really like double eviction weeks because it speeds things up quite a bit in the house and shakes things up. My biggest pet peeve with BB is that they tend to follow the same pattern/schedule each year so the HG can kind of predict when things are happening. They will not be surprised by the DE as they are expecting it to happen. I wish that BB would shake things up each year so that the HG couldn't predict when something is about to happen. Now that would make things interesting in the house.


          • cutencuddly
            cutencuddly commented
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            *They keep saying that they are scared of Shelli because she can win competitions ... which could be a reason to keep her because someone is coming back into the house. *

            Better to not be evicted than to plan on who you might have to compete against if you are evicted.

          • BettyBoo
            BettyBoo commented
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            Giggle that was Vanessa' s argument last week to keep Shelli. She's a bigger target.

          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
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            And it looks like her being a bigger target worked, at least for Vanessa. As for people coming back, Jocasta almost won the return comp last year. I don't think you can look at any evicted player and assume they are going to come back into the game. And if any evicted HG came back, especially if they were good, I would scoop them up, and try to make a run to the end with them. I just think from a jury standpoint, someone who get a few weeks off, and then came back in, is not a deserving winner, over someone who ran the whole race.

        • #15
          Good morning everyone!

          I totally agree and also wish BB would shake things up so the HG's can't predict the comps. There are so many great comps on other BB shows, I just don't know why they recycle so much.
          Also, I don't ever want the BOB again.

          Lots of scheming and lying and crying the last several weeks!


          • amj0715
            amj0715 commented
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            I loathe the BOB twist and can't believe they brought it back because it was "America's favorite." I don't know who they polled in "America" but I didn't hear one good thing about it last year or this year!

            And I would really like for them to shake up the schedule to leave the HG trying to figure out what is going to happen next each week. That would be fabulous and I think it would make it more interesting inside the house and for viewers.

          • BettyBoo
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            Alison turned to her flunkies and said, 'America liked Bob, right?' She meant Bob Barker, but they thought she meant BOB. Took them five weeks to realize the mistake since Alison doesn't actually watch the show.

          • KittyBoodles
            KittyBoodles commented
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            Bettyboo, , that's funny!

            Cause we all know the (one) fanis AG herself.

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