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Live Feed Discussion - August 15

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 15

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  • #2
    Good morning everyone!

    Whats with the hats this season? I never see Vancessa without one, and the others seem to favor wearing hats too. Hmm.

    Hope everyone has a great day!


    • #3
      Morning Kitty, and all who follow,

      Austin/Liz/Julia have effectively destroyed their game yesterday. They have publically turned on Vanessa, telling the whole house, let’s get her out of the house next week. I still don’t know who their ideal target is, but right now, with days to go before PoV ceremony, that decision could easily be reversed.

      Austwin’s have drunk the cool-aide, and believe they are “cool” with the other side of the house, and with the target firmly planted on Vanessa, they will be able to skate by the next eviction cycle (F8). They seriously considered backdooring Vanessa this week, but thankfully Austin recognizes that he has to let someone else do it. However, Meg has the twins number, and some well placed pushing could easily get that decision reversed, again.

      Best case scenario for Vaustwin, and Vanessa, is for her or Steve to win the PoV, and keep noms the same. Then Steve will swing into battle, and attempt to get Becky evicted, which is likely to be the preferred boot, at least for Vanessa and Steve. Becky should be the preferred boot because, Jmac has ties to Steve that will keep Steve off the block. Vanessa should prefer it since with Steve safe, she will have to go up with a Vaustwin, allowing her to illuminate the self interest of Meg and James and Steve to remove a bonded Trio threat before F7.
      If Jmac is the boot, Becky, IMO is more likely to buy into the group of 3 vs 3 argument, putting Steve up against Vanessa, where she has almost no leverage, since the Vaustwins have abandoned her. What will work against her is that she probably won’t know that, and will push for a Steve, Vanessa nom, thinking the Vaustwins would save her over Steve (which is actually the correct move, for them, since Steve has options to work with James/Meg, but I don’t expect Vaustwins will recognize that.).
      If either Becky or Jmac get off the block, they are settling into nomming Meg as the pawn. This will break the deal with TBM, giving James or Meg a ready excuse to put one of them up as a pawn against Vanessa.

      PoV today determines who will be available for the boot. Then the slow campaign to determine who goes up. If Vanessa was better able to see herself within the house, she would know, the best game plan is no game. Tell Vaustwin there are no good choices for them between Meg and Steve, but that she will support and help them anyway she can. Then only talk game with Steve, who will keep her confidences, and give her an outlet for her hyperactive mind. Otherwise, take a page from the pawn playbook, and lay low until nomination ceremony. Once noms are locked, go back to Vanessa the Terrible, manipulating and terrorizing the house.

      Meg and James have recovered remarkably from a near fatal blow this week. They have Becky and half of Jmac, a third of Steve, as well as the Austwins (which is not much, since they will easily flip against them if Vanessa gains power).

      I fully expect Austin at the end of the week to preach throwing the HoH to allow Vanessa to be booted. And that will be their fatal error, giving James and Meg a real chance to win HoH again. Next week, that will be Vanessa’s actual greatest risk, since with only one of the other odds players available to vote, she will be voted out, despite the strategic folly of allowing the Vaustwins to regain power, and control the board completely.


      • Blogzie
        Blogzie commented
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        The biggest threat to Vanessa's game has always been Vanessa. Mostly due to her complete lack of self-awareness. The only person she has ever had to worry about is herself.

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        I don't think I am believe her social game was either that bad or good. She had two bad HoH's, being trapped into the Jeff boot, by Austin/Clay/Shelli, when she should have absolutely let Audrey go the 3rd week, having already been targeted by Audrey twice. Her second HoH, in hindsight, should have let Austin go, which might have allowed her to pivot with Shelli and Clay to James and Meg, who were not that tight with Jackie, but Becky and Jmac were already targeting her. Jmac from her telling someone else something he told her in week 2. That is when he decided she needed to go, and he has been gunning for her since.

        But that is hindsight. Her reasoning on the Jason boot was absolutely correct. They had no idea BoB was ending that cycle, and keeping a chastened Austin, would have worked still. There was around a 5 percent chance both HoH's would have been from Jackie, Meg and James. And they would have continued to control the board.
        Last edited by KeninVA; 08-15-2015, 09:25 AM. Reason: Added the last para.

    • #4
      The Mind Boggles...

      Sometimes it's the little things in the game that fascinate me the most.

      Yesterday afternoon I watched the twins whine and cheese party in the HOH. When I wasn't busy sticking pins in my eyes and ears, I heard Julia tell Liz that if one of them wins the $500,000.00 they had to split it. Even if it's just the $50,000.00, they still need to split the money. Liz absolutely agreed. Saying something like they have both done their part, etc.

      What I found so shocking is the fact that they are just now discussing this on Day 58.


      I would have thought they would have discussed and agreed to this before entering the house. Knowing that they would be playing as a pair and that it would take both of them working hard to get past the first five evictions to stay in the house. I realize that after that point they would be playing individual games but even so, they are still a pair.

      So up until now, have they both been thinking that one of them might win and not share the money. Really?

      People never fail to amaze me.


      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        It's not that odd that they think that about the money. They went into the house essentially as a partnership, playing the same person for the first five weeks. What IS funny is that they said it out loud, because you aren't supposed to say you'll share winnings, are you? I thought BB said you can't do that.

      • KeninVA
        KeninVA commented
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        The producers make the rules. I suspect in their case, in the unique circumstance of their games, they don't really care. It would be an unreasonable expectation that they would not split the money if one of them got into the Final 2. I expect they would also pool the stipend of the evicted sister to split a total of 63K between both (gross) for second place, but I am sure the calculations of the split would be performed on the after tax amounts.

      • aprilshowers
        aprilshowers commented
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        I would think with them being sisters that it would be hard to enforce the no sharing rule. I mean how can you tell family that they can not give the other one a 'gift'

    • #5
      Additional comments about smearing Vanessa.

      The BOB that Vanessa did not tell Liz about is because Julia was fully aware of the plan, when she was nominated. She never told Liz, and then BB kept her out of the house for a week. Vanessa, in her I don't talk ethic, expected Julia to tell Liz that she was up, that she would be safe. Had James/Liz remained on the block, Jackie fully intended to put Austin up, and in the event Noms were frozen, Clay/Shelli/Vanessa controlled 6 votes in themselves, Jmac/Becky and Steve (at that point in the game.). Julia is told the plan at 4:25 A.M. July 24th.

      Vanessa has offered up Steve as a pawn in discussions both within her alliance (being in a group with SS, which was the core group, and as part of Freaks and Geeks.) The alliance setup she and Vaustwins have been playing in, made the 4 of them, the actual core of both groups.

      The Jmac DE deal outing he claims, never happened. The discussion he is referring too is at Aug 5, 1148 A.M. Jmac is lying both to Vanessa, and to everyone else. Vanessa's reaction is because she is being called delusional by Jmac, and after 57 days in the prison, I am sure she is wondering what he is talking about.

      Vanessa not joining in the golf game last night, as evidence that she does not participate with the group, was arranged by TPTB, pulling her in to DR for almost an hour. The game was ending when she came out. She is aware enough to stay socially engaged, even if the sports games are not her favorite thing, but to tag her as anti-social is a stretch, and to point to last night as evidence, is ludicrous, since TPTB were keeping her in DR (which I am sure they wanted). They are going to paint her as the poor unsuspecting heroine in the next week or two. Austin and the twins will get the villain edit, with potentially a some tarring of Meg.

      What I find most interesting is that Austin, who lies a lot (like denying he threw the PoV, after admitting he did) actually seems to believe that no one is lying to him.

      As a tactic, working to paint a target on Vanessa is O.K., but his better play, IMO, would have been to continue the drag Vanessa started against Becky, working to break down the trust between Becky and James/Meg. James, while an odds player, is also vengeful about betrayal, and had they worked even a little to keep that flame burning on low, Becky and Steve would have been James/Meg's primary targets going into the F8 gate next week. Meg/James so far, don't appear smart enough to realize the significance of the F7 HoH, with a bonded Trio. Vanessa knows, and hinted at it to Steve, in the prelude to the Jmac/Vanessa/Steve trio alliance, but has never said it out loud, since it would paint an unnecessary target on her allies, when she does not need to. But I am sure she must be reserving this for insurance is she was to go on the block against one of them.

      He should have put a drag on Vanessa, by pointing out all the deals she has, and wonder aloud, can she actually keep them, but to destroy her game credibility so completely this early seems both disloyal (a trait I don't like), and foolhardy from a game standpoint.
      Last edited by KeninVA; 08-15-2015, 06:47 AM. Reason: Added one additional comment.


      • #6
        Watching Austin talking to the camera' at 2:45 in HoH. There is so much wrong with his view of the game, and his thinking that they can put James up, as the replacement nominee, if Becky wins herself off the block, and then skate into week 8. Austin seriously believes that they are tight with TBM, and that James will take one for the team, and trust that he knows Becky is closer to TBM than to Jmac, that Jmac and Becky don't talk, and that because James/Meg like them, that they won't recognize the danger of them getting past week 8, especially with Vanessa on the block against one of them. While he is trying to construct deals all across the house, which he accuses her off, she really only has an active alliance with them. And a forced deal with Meg and James (which she shouldn't have done, but it's done).

        If James is up against Jmac, potential evict votes: Steve, Julia (keeping it secret, and as payback for Liz voting to keep Jeff), Vanessa, and Becky.

        If James is up against Becky: Potential evict votes: Jmac. So, in this scenario, other then blowing his deal with James, James would stay.

        If Meg got put up, the house would vote out either Jmac or Becky in a landslide with Becky getting a Jmac vote to stay, and Jmac getting a Steve vote to stay.

        How Austin lands on James as the right replacement is beyond me.


        • #7
          Good morning all- Ken I think you and I are the only two that still like Vanessa. I understand why Liz and Austin are so upset with her. If I was playing with her, I would be also. I had forgotten that she had told Julia and Julia was suppose to tell her. Liz was suppose to go straight to Vanessa to find out what was going on. Liz went straight to Austin.

          I have not watched the flashback where John thinks he heard about the 8 deal, I will try to watch today.

          I really do not see how Vanessa can make it to the F2. Austin and Liz are going to replace her with Johnny. We shall see.

          I think Austin and the twins are helping their game short term but killing it long term. They like James and Meg and want to go to the end with them. Yesterday I watched James and Meg talking about breaking the deal next week to put them up. This next HOH is very important. I have no idea what will happend, but I know one thing, this season is very unpredictable.


          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
            Editing a comment
            Austin and the twins are foolish, in how they view the game. The twins think Jmac can be swayed by a hot girl, Austin thinks because he likes James, James is not focused on the money. And in the event James gets booted as the ''pawn'' there is not going to be much love for all his deals. And Vanessa, while maybe going on the block, won't go up alone, and I think Steve is not going to actually turn on her, like some people think. Austin and the twins dumped a ton of her game on him, but I suspect he is going to ask her about it, when the noms are locked. She has never actually betrayed him, even if she used his floater status as a shield. But, she told him, he was viewed as a floater weeks ago.

          • PumpkinPie
            PumpkinPie commented
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            Luanne, I am still on the Vanessa train. I have wanted her to win since Week 1. (though I also liked Austin way back then, as well.) I don't like 100% of Vanessa, but I like 90% of her. I think I would become manic locked in the house with liars and schemers, too. She is a brilliant woman who has tried to make logic out of a house filled with many non-logical people. I feel for her.

          • Myragirl
            Myragirl commented
            Editing a comment
            I am still on the "headed to wreckage" Vanessa train. There are a few of us here, but then this is me every season. I'm never with the majority. Vanessa has played a really flawed game and is likely not getting to F2, but she is still my favorite, and that won't change. I completely understand her concept of deals and I still think she and JMac are the most loyal in the game this season.

            While Julia was informed on the plan to backdoor Austin, Julia specifically asked Vanessa to tell Liz. She was worried that Liz's instinct would be to confront Austin which would blow up the plan. Isuspect that Julia didn't tell Liz because Liz would not have believed her, and they have a history where boyfriends coming between them. Vanessa had told Shelli to be there with her when she talked to Liz. Unfortunately, Liz got sidetracked by Austin, then Vanessa and Shelli decided not to tell Liz under after BoB.

            Best laid plans weren't so best laid after all, and then they decided not to tell Liz because Liz was freaking out. I think one of the reasons they were very upfront with Liz was that Liz was really defending Austin which they didn't expect. Austin also lied about some of the specifics, blaming Jason for twisting his words. I remember thinking when Julia gets back she will be mad that they didn't tell Liz even if the plan failed. Julia wanted Austin/Liz broken up.

            While Vanessa did throw Steve up as a replacement, she did it with his consent, to throw people off (remember Audrey was suspicious of her and Steve working together), and she did it while simultaneously protecting him. Austin on the other hand, let Judas throw a vote for Audrey, then blamed it on Steve to set Steve up for eviction, knowing that most people in the house didn't trust Steve. He should be the last person giving Steve info on Vanessa's loyalty. He has done everything since week 3 to not deserve Vanessa's loyalty.

        • #8
          Austin and the twins wont nom Van bc she will blow up their game. What if everyone except Van fess up everything they know about Van, BD her and when she starts telling everyone all the secrets, they all ready know, Van has absolutely nothing to tell, and boot her out


          • KeninVA
            KeninVA commented
            Editing a comment
            If you are James and Meg, with Vanessa and Becky on the block, and in campaigning Vanessa shines a bright light that next week, the Trio, if they get HoH, will control the board, making it possible for them to evict anyone they want, if you make them mad. Additionally, since she has been playing with them for the entire game, them backdooring her is worse disloyalty than even Becky. James and Meg will know they can't be trusted, they can keep Jmac and Becky, and then get either Liz or Austin out in week 8.

            They don't actually have any dirt on Vanessa. Becky and Jmac are lying, and I am sure James will know the truth of it, since what Jmac is saying doesn't actually make any logical sense. So, Boot Vanessa, and the house will get rid of Austin or Liz (probably Liz, when Vanessa is done pointing out who wins comps and who does not). Then the game becomes more ping pong with Jmac, Becky, Steve, James changing loyalties every time a new HoH is crowned. It becomes unpredictable, but you have to throw strategy out the window, since it is a a purely tactical environment, and then James and Meg become a big target as an unbreakable twosome.

            I don't know that Austwins won't be stupid, but their downfall won't be their game secrets, though that will come out, but their place in the game at F8, with Vanessa shining a bright flashlight on them for the following week. Her advantage, she actually sees the board, very clearly.

        • #9
          This morning things don't look all to grim for JMac and 2BM. Depending on POV today, could be the turning point for Vanessa this week. Should either JMac or Becky win it, Vanessa will go into full meltdown about if she's the back door plan. She needs to keep her mouth shut and her paranoia to a minimum. But she won't/can't and will go to Austin and Liz immediately. Constant questioning could lead to her possible Renom. If this should happen the Austwins will be in far greater trouble than they are now. With James, Meg, Becky and JMac on one side and the Austwins on the other. Steve will probably go with JMac on the 2BM side to target the Austwins. Then he will flip back to who ever is left of the Austwins to target James. Steve at this point in the game seems to be in the best spot to choose where he wants to side with. He has effectively placed him self with both side with out cutting silly deals and has created personal relationships with remaining house guests.

          Should one of 2BM be the renom that will give James and Meg more reason to put Liz next to Vanessa next week if they happen to win HOH. They're already talking about it and that will push them into first position. It will have given them the perfect reason and the Austwins will not be able to counter that. They have and will continue pushing Vanessa out for next week like big ole dummies, Because in reality she would help them more than the 2BM or Steve are willing to. Austin being the most vocal about it and should Vanessa win HOH next week I guarantee all but JMac, Becky or Liz will rat him out. He's too confident in their position within the house.

          I don't really have one person I want to win but I have some I don't want to win it.
          Vanessa, SHE has killed her game. Her deal making, drama, one sided vision and lack of real social skills has put her in my least favorite house guest this year. She could've been great. I'm disappointed she's not.
          Austin, he sure is a big man to be such a sissy. A super fan like McCrae who got involved with a girl and threw away the game. I never have cared for the showmance types. It's a game worth 500k and so many people forget that point til it's too late to take it back. Just like McCrae he had a great chance at the prize money had he not been so engrossed in the female sex. Disappointing in the super fan.
          Liz and Julia, They both think that they can flirt with the guys and go to the end. Liz started relationships with Jace, Jeff and Austin. Her only real relationship with a female is her twin and maybe Vanessa up until last week. They both bash the other house guests. Whoever they're mad at, at that moment is who they hate or say really ugly things about. Within 24 hours they loved Becky then hated her. Also the same with JMac. Last week it was James they hated now they love him. They appear flip floppy but I just find them mean and fake.
          Becky the know it all Big Brother Recruit. She's in this category because she just can't shut up. She talks over people. Last week with her HOH was the first time I noticed it. While the 3BM and her were talking she always interrupted other people and had to lead the conversation. If they have had a good idea she would never hear it because she was talking more than listening. Hush already there might be something to learn that you don't already know.
          The rest at this point can win lose or draw and I'm ok with it.


          • #10
            I guess for me, the only one I don't want to win is Jmac, and if the twins, Vanessa, and Shelli in jury, I suspect Steve, if he is there with Jmac would likely get the win.

            ETA: and Becky.


            • #11
              I can't believe these words are coming out of my mouth. As much as I dislike Vanessa, I do believe she has played the best game so far. I won't get on her train because she has been too unlikeable and downright mean. My choice for the winner would be James. He has played a good, consistent game and is still liked by most people. I'm worried about the POV today because I don't want him as a replacement nom. Other than those two, I don't think anyone is deserving of the money. If James does get evicted, I'll just hope he gets to re-enter the house later. I also just can't understand why the players have let Austen and the twins get this far. A three-person alliance like them will destroy everyone's chances.


              • Livzee
                Livzee commented
                Editing a comment
                She plays the game as those the other players are mechanical parts. It may be good game, but it's so lacking in humanity - that is I guess what other great players have done, but with her it is transparent. So good game, but I would not like to meet her in real life.

            • #12
              And just think, we have the buy back to look forward to. This season could be the season when they come back with enough currency to make an end run as long as they have the ability to win comps. It should at least muddy the waters enough to get a shot at the Austwins.


              • #13
                Finally something to chuckle about watching last night's BBAD. POP ran a fake commercial for a hair straightener showing Austin using one. Speaker said look what it did for this sasquatch with a perm. Had me giggling big time. Then back to the inmates thinking they're amusing. So sick of the twins sea gull squeals.

                I knoooooooooow.


                • #14
                  I think that the HG keep forgetting that someone is coming back. I haven't heard them talk about that much during this weeks NOM and who to get out. I don't have the live feeds so maybe they are and its just not getting out on the updates. Has anyone heard Austwins discuss it or JMac?


                  • KeninVA
                    KeninVA commented
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                    Vanessa did say getting Becky out now, prevents her from linking back up with James/Meg, making a solid foursome again.

                  • Livzee
                    Livzee commented
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                    But why isn't someone saying , get Vanessa out now bc we don't want both Shelli and Vanessa in here?

                  • *Pasha*
                    *Pasha* commented
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                    My thoughts exactly, @ Livzee!

                • #15
                  Vanesa is playing a great. Back against the wall and 2 other people leave. She can still play hoh next week. Sitting pretty for for now.

                  Johnny Macs downfall is does he have enough true allies?


                  • BBhead
                    BBhead commented
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                    If Jmac or Becky win veto, I expect to see Vanessa's paranoia and her trying to force her agenda go through the roof, and Liz/Austen throw her up because they just can't take it anymore.

                  • bbchs123
                    bbchs123 commented
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                    I am rooting for jmac and James. Best players so far imo.

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