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Live Feed Discussion - June 26

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  • Live Feed Discussion - June 26

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  • #2
    Morning everyone. First day in and I already wasn't able to watch the feeds so thanks for all the great updates.
    I just peeked in on the sleeping beauties and I (think) I see James sleeping in a have not chair. Anyone know why the HOH is sleeping in there?
    Also ... does anyone find it curious that they chose a dentist theme for the room when they have a dentist in the house?


    • breakingwave
      breakingwave commented
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      He is definitely trying to fit in with a group and wants to watch them all close up.

    • joebourg62
      joebourg62 commented
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      James has been dethroned. Jason is the sole HOH now. Seems to me that James might really be a HN.

  • #3
    I think he's sleeping in the HN room to talk block the others?


    • #4
      Good morning everyone! I must admit I'm disapointed Steve is on the block because I like the superfans to make it to jury at least and even though he doesn't seem to be the target, we all know what happens to pawns.

      I always said if I'm ever on big brother, getting past the first week will be the hardest for me. I don't give off the best first impression because my indifferent attitude and playful sarcasm can come off as if I don't like the person I'm talking to or my sarcasm can be taken seriously to where I come off as rude or weird. I'm also awkward in certain situations. So I try not to judge anyone too harshly the first week because I feel like you all would hate me the first week but I do agree this bunch seems like they'll be entertaining.


      • BettyBoo
        BettyBoo commented
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        I like sarcasm & think it's hilarious when the Sheldons don't get it-grin.

    • #5
      A semi interesting night, many groups have splintered into their alliances not sure how effective they will be. Seems like they have a target for the week, but a lot of time until Thursday. This years cast is going to make me miss last year's group really bad. They have shades of BB 14 all through them, some haters, some backstabbers, some switching loyalties as they go along willing to say whatever the person wants to hear. The blonde Poker Queen Vanessa played her hand way too soon and too hard, she cried for about 2 hours about how she couldn't take it and that no amount of money is worth her feeling this sad. I almost believed her until she began describing herself as being totally honest and good hearted and unable to be unkind and then I knew you don't live in a Poker mansion if all of that is true so it seems she was trying to convince others that she didn't want the money and could never be a good HOH to put anyone up. She over sold it and after about more than an hour a posse was about to form to run her sad little butt out of town so people who really wanted to play were there. I think that DaVonne probably not spelled right, Im still trying to get them in my head must know her as she is very hard hitting and said straight to her so it sounds like you want to go home and the blonde had to do some fast stepping to let that die but it didn't and people went away making fun of her and talking about her not being right to be there for the right reasons. DaVonne lady told the transgender lady she hated hated the blonde poker player and wants her gone. There are a lot of similar feelings about a lot of others in this group and so I think it going to be a Mean Season. We will have to wait and see. The Steve guy, and some others have the potential to be decent people but there are vultures about and waiting for the kill.


      • #6
        Looks like there's a lot of bumper car moves to me so far. I don't get the feeds, so not sure who lead drivers are. I'm rooting for Steve since he seems sweet & want to be able to like Austin. I hope the door soon hits the rears of Jace, Jason & Dr. J. If Vanessa is that miserable already, she should volunteer to leave on Thursday.

        I don't get the weekly twist. If they keep bringing in fresh meat, don't they just become chum for the sharks? There must be more to it then my numb brain can get.

        Question on live feeds - are there more cameras or still just the usual 4 in 2 rooms? How much fish time (NONOBADFISH-giggle)? Still can't decide rather to sign up.

        Have a great day in the US of A & WOW are things rapidly changing in our country this week-Confederate flags down & rainbow flags up.


        • #7
          Anyone see the #HaveNotRoom .. It looks like a dentist office .. How funny is that!!!!


          • #8
            Morning! It's interesting to see how things are starting up. Reading the updates from last night, I see that the hamsters are having the same reaction to Jace as I did... Wonder if they will follow on sending him home first? I only hope Steve stays - he seems really sweet.

            since I'm in Canada and can't see the life feeds I really hope we get enough posters to keep them going! Thanks in advance!!!


            • #9
              am watching flashbacks now. Vanessa surprised me by being so emotional. she was upset by the way everyone was treating Steve. that makes me sad and it makes me like her more.


              • #10
                From flashbacks last night 11:46 p.m. BBT, i didn't see if anyone posted this in the live feed updates or not...Audrey found a note addressed to HOH in the HOH room and opened and read james - you have to make a big decision and pick 2 people to be in an alliance with America. did anyone else see this??


                • Norry02
                  Norry02 commented
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                  She was making that up. The note really said that he had to immediately pick the HNs

                • jennapuppy
                  jennapuppy commented
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                  This is the first I'm hearing of this. Interesting. That would force him to choose her, otherwise she blabs to everyone.

                • jennapuppy
                  jennapuppy commented
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                  Thanks for clearing that up Norry.

              • #11
                I was shocked at Vanessa, as a poker player you would think she would be able to handle stress. The only one I could see being so emotional would be Da'Vonne due to leaving her infant daughter.

                I am disappointed that they are already being mean to Steve. He seems like a nice guy. Also, Aubrey seems to be rubbing me the wrong way.


                • #12
                  Did not watch any feeds last night. Guess I am getting old. Feeds did not come on till 11:00 my time. Decided I would take a nap and did not wake up. I did a quick flash back from last night. Jace and Austin turned me off. I hate that they are being mean to Steve. It looks like he is having a hard time fitting in. When they were doing the shout outs, everyone went on and on. When Steve started, Jace went to the next person before Steve even got started.

                  Thanks to everyone that did watch last night.


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                    Hey guys,

                    We need help to test some changes that are being implemented to resolve the post/page loading problems that we experienced last night.

                    We would like to test this thread to with as many people as possible at one time, posting on it, to see how the posts/pages load.

                    Simply post any message you wish and then post again ( as we would if we were watching a Live Show ) and having a discussion.

                    We could set a time that we could all get together to be online and post...

                    Let's say around 4 PM ET for the BBU Posting Party??

                    Here's the link to the thread I'm talking about that we would be posting on

                    Any help is much appreciated!


                    • #14
                      Sample post, sample post, sample post...


                      • #15
                        Jace is a bit annoying. I want to like Austin and Veronica. Is her sadness a trick to make her seem less of a threat and to make people underestimate her?


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